Friday, August 21, 2009


Rex Mason was an Indiana Jones-type guy. One day his girlfriend Sapphire's father Simon told Rex to find the Orb of Ra with Java (Simon started to question Rex's loyalties). Rex found it, but Java (who was in love with Sapphire) K.O him with the orb and trapped him inside. But a meteor that the orb was made out of, turn him into a freakish meta-human able to turn into any part of his body into any element found in the human body. He turned into gas and escaped. Simon discover that Metamorpho (named that by Sapphire) was weaken by the Orb of Ra. This comic series is a good place to learn about the elements. Metamorpho has become the "Ben Grimm" of the D.C. universe.
Showcase: Metamorpho

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