Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ace Hart

During the Golden Age of Comics, America wasn't the only one making superheroes. The Brits took a shot at it. So, I am here to talk about one of Golden Age British superheroes.
Ace Hart developed serum allowed him to "harness atomic energy to his own body" thus gain superpowers. He became a superhero using his lab as his base and a device that could sense danger. He allied himself Jessie King, who also gained powers from the serum. Later, he joined the Department of Space Defense and worked with a partner, Val Venture.
Ace is super strong. He is also fly at superhuman speeds. He is invulnerable, which allows him to travel into space unprotected. He has the power generate "atomic heat rays". Among his rarely-used abilities are using an atomic-ray gun and hypnosis.

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