Sunday, August 4, 2013

Condiment King

Harley Quinn wasn't the only villain from Batman: The Animated Series to enter the comics. Condiment King was one.
Batman: The Animated Series
Cartoon version of the King
Condiment King was created as a homage / parody of the campy '60s Batman villains. Most notably, his speech was peppered with puns involving in his theme. Some examples were "I knew you'd ketchup sooner or later" and "How I relished this meeting". It turned out he was a comedian brainwashed by the Joker.
Non-Jokerized Condiment King from the comics
He latered appeared in Batgirl: Year One. He battled (and lost to) Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. The Joker (thinking he was dying) temporally "jokerized" the Condiment King. Black Canary, Ted Kord and Time Drake (thinking he was loser) fought CK, but the Condiment King sent the heroes into anaphylactic shocks. After using milk to stop the shocks, Ted stopped and captured Condiment King.
Afterwards, he was stopped by Batman and Tim. He allied himself with General Immortus and other second-string villains. However, Human Flame killed him.
Condiment King's weapons shoot out condiments. However, in the comics, he puts special herbs (that Poison Ivy told him about) in it. This causes people to suffer from anaphylactic shock if hit by the condiments.

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