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History of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Part 2

This is that follow up I talked about.
Late 20th Century
After World War II, Allan and Mina disappeared while in America. The reason was because the Big Brother government took over Britain. With this and Orlando's disappearance, MI5 formed a surrogate team. This team was largely unsuccessful and failed the only mission they were went to do together. They disbanded. Members were:
  • William Samson Jr. (from Wizard and Hotspur), who is the son of a coachman from Volume II
  • The inventor Professor James Gray (from The Beano), who invented a submersing device
  • The giant robot Iron Warrior (from Thrill Comics and New Funnies)
  • Peter Brady (from The Invisible Man television series)
  • Miss Jane Warralson (from stories by W.E. Johns)
The government tried to hide the existence of the League by saying they were just stories.
After the collapse of the government from 1984, Mina and Allan (the only surviving member) stole the Black Dossier, which contain details of the League's history, from British Intelligence. Britain sent three spies to retrieve the Dossier. Mina and Allan entered into the Blazing World and were united with Oralndo, Prospero, Fanny Hill and various other members. Jimmy killed Drummond. Members of the spies were:
  • "Jimmy", who is a thinly-veiled James Bond
  • Miss Night / Emma Peel (from The Avengers television show)
  • Detective and adventurer Uncle Hugo / Bulldog Drummond (from a series of novels that started with Bulldog Drummond)
There was a 1964 British superhero team version of the team called "The Seven Star League". In 1969, their membership was revealed. Oddly, unlike the other incarnations, none of the characters are from the decade the league was formed. Instead, the heroes are mostly characters from the 40s and 50s. Members were:
  • The interplanetary hero Captain Universe
  • Martian explorer Mars Man, who wanted to understand the lifestyles and civilization of Earth people
  • Mina Murray using the alias Vull the Invisible (a character from The Ranger)
  • Zom of the Zodiac (from Big Win Comics), whose magic that allows victims fight criminals
  • Satin Astro (from the Whizzer Comics story "Burt Steele and Satin Astro in the Year 3000 AD")
  • Electro Girl (from Whizzer ComicsSuper-Duper Comics and G-Boy Comics)
  • Super speedster Captain Zenith (from Captain Zenith Comics)
Orlando, Allan Quatermain and Wilhelma Murray investigated the activities of Oliver Haddo (from The Magician). After meeting him on the astral and taking a drug, Mina was nearly insane and thrown in an ambulance and took away. Haddo entered the body of a young Tom Riddle. Allan became a drug addict and Orlando joined the British army.
21st Century
When 2009 rolled around, the League was defunct. However, Orlando (after being discharged from the army) was tasked to stop the Antichrist. He is reunited with Mina and Allan (who is now a homeless junkie). However, Allan refused to join them. Jack Nemo, the descendant of Captain Nemo, was acting as a terrorist in the Middle East. The League fought Antichrist (who turned out be a shallow parody of Harry Potter being manipulated by Haddo / Voldemort) with Allan being killed by the Antichrist and Mary ultimately killing him. Members were:
  • Mental patient Miss Wilhemina Murray
  • A junkie Allan Quatermain Jr. 
  • Now-female Orlando
  • The magically powered Mary Poppins (from the novel series of the same name)

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