Friday, August 9, 2013


Reign of the Super Trod
Doctor Who had several comic strips. The first of them didn't have the rights to the iconic Doctor Who villains the Daleks. As such, they created Dalek stand-ins called "the Trods".
The Trods are robots with cone-shaped heads. Their bodies somewhat look like cones with the sharp part cut off. They are powered by static electricity. They are led by the Super Trods (who are colored differently).
In 2066, MacTaggart (a human colonist living on the planet Trodos) built the robot Trods to enslave the other colonists. The First Doctor, Gillian and John (upon visiting the planet) deactivated the Trods. Later, someone else reactivated the Trods and used them to capture the Doctor and his allies. However after the man died, the Doctor gained control over the Trods and had them go into a "furnace room" thus destroying them. More Trods appeared later and destroyed Arcalis. The Trods built their own time machine and chased the Second Doctor, who stranded them in prehistoric times. Centuries later, the Doctor went to Trodos and attempted to make peace with the Trods. However, the Daleks (who the comic creator's got the rights to them at the time) attacked and seemly exterminated all the Trods. Later on, a museum had a display on the Trods. Said display implied they have more of a history than what was revealed to us because it claimed they were "[space] warmongers for generations".

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