Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Batmen of All Nations

Here they are in their sterotypical glory
The legend of Batman had spread across the world and inspired new heroes. Batman decided to meet these new heroes. John Mayhem (a philanthropist) assembled group of these individuals along with Superman, Batman and Robin. Among the new heroes were Knight and Squire (from England), the Musketeer (France), the Gaucho (Argentina), Man of Bats and Little Raven (who are Native Americans), Legionary (Italy), Wingman (Sweden), the Ranger and Scout (Australia). The team's name also changed to the International Club of Heroes and later to Club of Heroes. However due to the members fighting each other, the team disbanded.
How they looked in their recent storyline
In Batman #667-669, we see what happened the members of the team:
  • The Musketeer killed a man and ended up in an asylum. After his release, he wrote an autobiography about his adventures. He sold the rights to a movie.
  • Man-Of-Bats and Little Raven (who changed his name to Red Raven) had their relationship strained. However, they joined Batman Inc. and protect a South Dakota Indian reservation.
  • Squire (due to Knight's death) fell into depression. However, Squire became the new Knight. He was nearly killed, but was saved by Man-of-Bats.
  • El Gaucho became a solo hero in Argentina. He was wounded when attempted to stop the traitor Wingman. He joined Batman Inc. 
  • Wingman changed his costume, which makes it look more like Batman's. However, he refused to admit that he worked with Batman. He killed the Ranger. John Mayhem killed him.
  • The Legionary became an out-of-shaped. He loved to reminisce about his past. He was stabbed by John Mayhem twenty-three times.
  • The Ranger became increasingly villainous and changed his name to "Dark Ranger". Wingman killed him.
  • The Knight was killed when Spring-Heeled Jack forced him to shallow an explosive. 
In the story, the group's members were brought back together and met together on John Mayhew's Caribbean resort. They were confronted by Doctor Hurt (working for the villain group Black Glove), who wounded or killed the members. Noticing his fighting style was similar to their old enemies, the heroes suspected there was a "Club of Villains". Batman discovered the "Dark Ranger" is Wingman (who stole the Ranger's identity) and Mayhem is a sadastic member of the villains Black Glove along with Wingman. Mayhem assembled the heroes a part of a bet to see if his forces of evil could defeat the Batmen's forces of good. Gaucho and Batman defeated Mayhem. However, El Sombrero, Gaucho's archenemy, "killed" John himself. El Sombrero turned out to be really John faking his death. However because John bet that he would win and lost, Black Glove had him killed.

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