Saturday, August 24, 2013

Buck Wild

Buck is in the foreground
Buck Wild was a hero that helped people, but accepted money for his efforts, and talked like a character from a blaxploitation film. It was explained his brain was frozen since 1972 until modern day hence his outdated speaking mannerism. When Icon (an alien superhero who looks like an African American) returned to his home planet, Buck took Icon's place (along with Icon's costume) with Rocket (Icon's sidekick) using her abilities to make it seem like he could fly. However, Buck was killed when he stopped Icon's enemy Oblivion. During his funeral, several of his enemies make eulogies. These revealed Buck also was Buck Goliath, Jim Crow (the writer is of African-descent) and Buck Lightning at various point at time. Kingfish (based on Kingpin) used the "Ruby Begonia" gem to bring Buck back to life. However, Buck later removed the gem allowing him to die.
Powers and Abilities
In his first appearance, Buck Wild had "tungsten hard skin" and "belief defyin' strength". According to the eulogies, he had various powers over time. As Buck Goliath, he could grow to giant sizes thanks to a serum. As Jim Crow, he had a winged costume that allowed him to fly. As Buck Lightning, he had the ability to generate energy bolts via a wrist apparatus. When he was brought from the dead, Buck could create green smoke, make the sounds of drum tolls and can create a ghost-esque duplicate that can possess people.
Buck Wild is parody of various black superheroes. In his first appearance, Buck is a parody of Luke Cage to the point he talks in jive talk and has an afro, yellow unbuttoned shirt and a gold headband (which Luke also has). He also had similar powers.
The alternate identities he took are parodies of other black superheroes. Buck Goliath is based on Black Goliath. Jim Crow is a parody of Falcon. Buck Lightning is based on Black Lightning. When Buck comes back from the dead, he is a parody of Brother Voodoo.

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