Monday, August 19, 2013

The Aquaman & Friends Action Hour

Aquaman and his assistant Mr. Slippery
The Aquaman and Friends Action Hour (originally "El Show de Aquaman y sus amigos", however Google claims the original title translate to  "The Show of Aquaman and his friends") is a cartoon created by Cartoon Network Latin America. It uses the comic book character Aquaman hence why I am talking about it.
The series focuses on Aquaman hosting a children show. He aided by his sidekick and butt monkey Mr. Slippery (a man in a fish costume). Meanwhile, he is being pestered by the Legion of Doom. The Legion of Doom accidentally spent all of their budget on failed attempts to take over the world and have to rent out sections of their lair to earn income. Each episode is two to five minutes long. According to TvTropes, it has a sense of humor similar to Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law and Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
The creators wanted to use the full cast of the Super Friends show. However in the USA, the Justice League show was being aired and prevented this from happening. They able to use Aquaman since he wasn't a main character on the show. The Aquaman and Friends Action Hour lasted for an entire 7 episodes. While they haven't been broadcasted outside Latin America, the episodes have been dubbed in English. In order to watch them, you'll need to find pirated copies on the World Wide Web.

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