Friday, August 16, 2013

Captain Carnage

Fan art guessing what Captain Carnage looked like
Captain Carnage may be one of the most obscure characters I've talked about. Captain Carnage was only briefly mentioned in Watchmen "Chapter I".
Captain Carnage was an unnamed person who dressed up like a super villain to get beaten up. Captain Carnage is heavily implied to get a sick pleasure when beaten. He faked a robbery at a jewelry store. Silk Spectre II (not realizing what was going on) started to hitting him. Upon hearing his odd breathing, she thought he had asthma. Carnage attempted to do the same thing with Nite Owl II. However, Nite Owl actually heard about him prior and knew his shtick. As such, Nite-Owl II simply walked away while Carnage was shouting "Punish Me!" (The bold was part of the original text). Later, he attempt to get Rorschach to beat him up. Unfortunately since Rorschach went insane prior to this, he threw Carnage into an elevator shaft and CC presumably fell to his death.
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