Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mort "Manny" Monkton

I often talk about superheroes and supervillains on this blog. However, I don't have often talk about the little guy. So, that's why I doing a post on Mort Monkton. However, this is a rare occasion where I couldn't find an image of my subject.
Mort got in the comic book industry in the 60s and worker for the comic company Rampart. He did comics on Astro City superheroes such as the Experimentals and Silver Agent. However in the 70s, he was fired for playing fast and loose with the facts. As such, he decided to form his own comic company, Bulldog Comics, and became its editor. Bulldog Comics became popular and made comics about Jack-In-the-Box, Crackerjack, Nightgale, MPH and other heroes. Mort had a tendency of making his comics more marketable by altering details of the events. Not everybody was happy with these changes. As such, Mort has been threatened several times. He was hospitalized by Glowworm, who attacked Mort for saying he was a racist (Glowworm is actually African American). In the hospital, Mort decided to have his comics be about cosmic-level superheroes that wouldn't care about they write. However later, Mort and the Bulldog Comic building disappeared from existence. It is heavily implied a cosmic being did it.
Mort tends to be dishonest and selfish to the point of claiming Crackerjack's merchandise isn't selling as good it really is. However, he can be kind and helpful. When confronted by angered people, Mort often tries to talk his away out of the situation. He is prone to mood swings. For example, he acts calm and relax when talking one of his writers after being rude to Nightgale, who threw him into a wall.
Mort has no superpowers. However, he is described as a good-talker. He is also able to remain calm in extreme situations (such as being threatened by superhumans).
Astro City "Local Heroes" TPB

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