Friday, November 8, 2013


Clark and Lois
So, you may think I am talking about Superman. I'm not. I'm talking about his main Marvel universe counterpart.
Clark (possibly Ken Clarke) is a friend of Daily Bugle employee Joe Robertson. Clark works for an unrevealed and prominent tabloid company (which has also has a television crew). He has interest in superheroes much to the chargin of his partner, Lois. Unlike the DC Comics Clark Kent, he isn't a superhero.
Clark has mainly been seen in cameos. He was first seen at Phil Sheldon's party. Next, he met the X-Men before the robot Sentinels attacked them. Clark was later seen at a Daily Bugle christmas party and talked to Joe Robertson. Clark gave a press conference about Ryker's prison. Clark watched Henry Pym's trial and said it was the "biggest peacetime treason case sincce the" Rosenbergs. When Thor gained the alter ego of Sigurd Jordson, Clark bumped into him and was able to recognize him. Clark was seen talking about an infamous, "self-taught" guru (the Beyonder). Clark was seen at a A Comedy of Errors play, but it was interrupted by Mojo and the X-Men fought them. Later, he tried to interview with Black Knight, but was interrupted by Thor. Clark and Lois were among the people noticing Captain Britain looking for Meggan. He dropped a X-Men story in favor for the President's inauguration. He watched the Jennifers Walters (aka She-Hulk) storm out of the Daily Bugle. He witnessed the battle between Power Pack and Star Stalker. At a party for Sersi, he was seen dancing with She-Hulk. He saw Rage and compared his speed to a speeding bullet. Clark married Lois. They were trapped in snowstorm, but was saved by two members of the New Warriors. Lois and Clark were seen reading a newspaper while they were outside Brighton and Associates Office. They were attacked by Blackout, but saved by Ghost Rider. Clark wrote a news article about the Force Works-Avengers crossover "The Crossing". When Mjolnir crashed in Oklahoma, he was among the people that attempted to lift it.

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