Saturday, November 2, 2013

Plot of Zenith

A 2000 AD (the comic Zenith is in) comic book
I did a post on the main character of the comic Zenith. However, I never explained what the plot is despite me referencing it. So, I am going a summary of the plot. The plot is divided into "Phases".
Phase I 
Reluctantly, Zenith joined up with the remaining Cloud 9 members to fight the Many-Angled Ones (Cthulhu-like other-dimensional monsters) member Iok Sotot. While Welsh member Red Dragon was killed, St. John used his psychic powers to defeat Iok. It was revealed the Cloud 9 member only temporarily lost their powers except for St. John, who retained his powers.
Phase II
A Richard Branson-stand-in attempted to get the female clones, Blaze and Shockwave, and Zenith to breed a race of super humans that he would use to take over the world. Zenith managed to stand on his own for most of Phase II (although St. John had bailed Zenith out from time to time). Chimera, a being composed of pure thought, transformed himself into a mini-universe.
Interlude for Phase II and III
The interlude introduced the reader the concept of alternate universes. It is revealed the "dead" Cloud 9 member were actually living in alternate universes. They were still superheroes except in different universes.
Phase III
The Many-Angled Ones (also called "Lloigor") wanted to destroy various alternate universes to form an "Omnihedron" crystal thus allowing to ascend and then take over the multiverse. British comic book superheroes from the 50s to 70s (either the actual characters or stand-ins depending on their copyright status) attempted to fight them by destroying various realities that Lloigor wanted to.  The heroes eventually destroy one of the alternate Earth needed for the process thus stopping the villains. It was declared a pyrrhic victory due to the high body count.
Phase IV
The remaining Cloud 9 members transformed into Iok Sotot and Blaze's son. After destroying America in their reality, they used the sun to turn into the Many Angled Ones. St. John used the Chimera universe to imprisoned the Lloigor. St. John became Great Britain prime minister. It is implied he had an agenda when he imprisoned the Lloigor.
Appearances Outside of Zenith
Zenith later appeared several other times. On, there is an one-shot story "Prog 2001". It turned out Prime Minister Tony Blair is the mind-controlled puppet of St. John. Zenith doesn't really care.

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