Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Other Two-Faces

Harvey Dent / Harvey Kent is one of the most famous Batman villains. However, he isn't the only Batman villain to take the name of Two-Face. So, here are the other bearers of the name.
Why are these women wearing  German WWI army helmets?
After Harvey's sanity and face was restored, his butler posed as Two-Face. He wore makeup to fake the scared half of his face. He attempted to make it seem like Harvey became Two-Face again. However, he was discovered by the Dynamic Duo.
Paul Sloane
Third time is the charm.
Paul was an actor. He was going to play Harvey in a biography about Two-Face. However, a set accident made him deformed like the original Two-Face. Paul went insane and thought he actually was Dent. Even when Sloane regained more of his original personality, he remained a criminal. It was established he was the Two-Face on Pre-Crisis Earth 2. He mainly appeared in Golden Age stories. Post-Crisis, Harvey Dent intentionally scarred Paul, but Paul ended up healed. Post-Zero Hour, Paul Sloan (note the missing "e") was the criminal the Charlatan, who was driven insane by Scarecrow, and obsessed with killing his employers and Batman. This version has no connection to Two-Face.
George Blake
A villain takes inspiration from Charlie Chaplin
The fourth Two-Face was another impostor. He wore make-up like Wilkins. However, he wears on the side opposite to that of Sloane's scars. Bats and Robin stopped him.
Harvey Apollo
Apollo reading
This version only appeared in Batman Sunday comic strip. The actor Harvey Apollo was scarred by acid when he was in court and testifying against a mob member. He unintentionally hung himself after slipping his silver dollar coin at the end of the story arc.
Two-Face-Two on the right and I have no idea who the guy left is suppose to be
Batman issue 700 revealed Terry McGinnis (the Batman from Batman Beyond) existed in the main continuity. 2-Face-2, a man born with a second face, attempted to disfigure an elderly Carter Nichols and an infant Terry a la the Joker. However, he was stopped by Robin V (Damian Wayne). After being knocked on the head by a machine, 2's good side took over.

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