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Plot of Deathmate

As I mentioned, almost no one on the world wide web has a complete summary of Deathmate. Having acquired all six issues, I will do a summary. Despite the creators saying that all the issues (except the prologue and the epilogue) can be read in any order, the series has to be read in a specific order for it to make sense. The order is prologue first, issue red, issue yellow, issue blue and epilogue last. Issue black (having a different setting and poor writing) is the only issue that can be read like the creators said.
The real comic is silver not white
In the Valiant Comics universe, Gayle, Doctor Solar's girlfriend, was suicidal. She convinced a reluctant Solar to absorb her life force thus killing her. Naturally, he was upset by this series of events. He and Void (from the Image Comics universe) were sucked into "unreality". A future version of Solar tried to find the past version of himself, but found Void instead. They made out. Because their energy powers are incompatible, they merged their universes into a single dying one. Geoff, a Geomancer, had visions of the universe merging. The new version of the Berzerkers attempted to capture him for "the company". However, the Prophet (who remembers the original universes) saved him and ran off with Geoff.
Issue Red
The scan makes it look maroon
Shaft (the leader of Youngblood) was informed of a terrorist attack on a power plant. He assembled his team, which consisted of the rock-man Badrock, the gun-wielding Bloodshot, the cyborg Diehard, the gymnast Vogue and the oddly-named Dutch. They then murdered the terrorists. The Geomancer-less Prophet watched this, but was knocked out by an unseen man. When he woke up, he questioned by the rebel group Knightsabre. They explained Toyo Harada is the tyrannical and genocidal leader of New York City. After earning their trust, Prophet joined them. Knightsabre attacked a parade (which had many high-ranking officials). Most of Youngblood (who worked for Harada and defended the officials) and Knightsabre was killed in the resulting battle. Prophet mourned the dead.
Issue Yellow
Finally a scan with the right color
Issue Yellow is an anthology. The first story takes place in 3000 AD. The brothers Ivar (the skinny one) and Adam (the fat one) avoided chaos on the street. They discovered that the timeline is collapsing (shown by the city disappearing). They used a time portal to go Ancient Rome. Lord Emp (who speaks English despite everyone else speaking Latin) told them they needed to find the Geomancer of this era. The second story takes place in modern day. Zealot was sent by Heydrich to kill Toyo Harada. Darkque was revealed to be controlling Heydrich to kill Harada. Zealot met her old flame Ninjak, who was working for Harada. After seemingly defeating Ninjak, Zealot fell into a trap set by Ninjak (who faked being wounded). In the next story, Heydrich sent H.A.R.D.C.A.T.S. (a combination of H.A.R.D. Corps and Wild C.A.T.S.) to kill Harada. However, the team decided to save Zealot instead. They were ambushed by Haradda's troops. Several H.A.R.D.C.A.T.S. members were killed. Softcore (who gave the members their powers) was killed by Heydrich for punishment for the team's lack of cooperation. The team got out with Zealot (who somehow got out of the trap by herself). Chahosky (a thought-dead member) killed Heydrich. In the last story, Darkque tried to learn about the crisis. There was a diversion to a character called "Shadow". Darkque resurrected the dead Doctor Solar villain Doctor Eclipse to serve him.
Issue Blue
The scan makes it look navy blue
Like Yellow, Blue is an anthology. Magnus the Robot Fighter fought Battlestone, who killed his father. Geoff reappeared to tell them how they are all doomed. This turned out be a vision. In the next story, Cyberforce stopped an assassination attempt. Geoff convinced them to get to Harada's base so he can warn him about the coming apocalypse. When they got there, Secret Weapons fought them. Harada (who is somehow aware of the plot) attempted to warn Solar about what he is going to do, but Solar didn't believe Harada until Geoff confirmed it. In the last story, Doctor Solar contacted Supreme. As they decide to go stop the future Solar, Darkque and Eclipse appeared. Fearing they lack enough brute force, they allowed the villains to help them.
Issue Black
At least it looks black
This issue was by far the most confusing. It has a different setting than the others. This issue takes place in another dystopia (although it is very similar to the other one). This one is ruled by the blue-skinned Mother May I (pronounced "mother may-eye") and the Council (who are secretly under her control via a machine that harnesses Union's powers). Gen 13 were revealed to rebels fighting Mother May I. Ripclaw defected from May's side to Gen 13. He convinced an older Voodoo to join the team. Warblade (a Gen 13 member) was mind controlled by Mother to betray Gen 13. When he was freed, Warblade destroyed the machine controlling the Council thus freeing Union. Union flied away.
The actual comic is silver
Darkque, the past Doctor Solar, Supreme and Doctor Eclipse entered unreality to stop the future Doctor Solar. Union arrived as well. They tried to stop the future Solar, who assumed they are villains. He absorbed the past Solar. It turned out Darkque wanted the merging of realities to happen in the hope of becoming a "supreme being". Doctor Eclipse (under Darkque's control) killed Supreme. Union attacked future Solar thus freeing the past one. Future Solar and Void kissed. Somehow, Union acted as a shell that protected the two realities and the past Solar thus everything went back to normal.

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