Monday, November 18, 2013

Rex the Wonder Dog

Rex fighting a T-Rex
Yes, this is real.
Rex was a member of the K-9 Army Dog Training Corps. He had many adventurers during World War II and later acquired human communication. His litter mate Pooch was a member of the Losers. Rex became a World War II and Vietnam war vetran and earned himself a Medal of Valor. He was adopted by the Dennis family. With war comics being phased out, he had more general and random adventurers often with Danny Dennis (one of his owners). He had a variety of jobs such as forest rangers and stuntman. Later, he had more fantastical adventures such as going to other dimension. During an adventure with Detective Chimp, he drank a fountain of youth. This gave him vigor and youth. He went to the moon with Danny. Rex helped Chimp during Day of Vegeance. Later, his power to talk with humans became less effective. He helped stop a take over of Gorilla City.
Powers and Abilities
He has the ability to talk to humans. He is a skilled leader. The fountain of youth gave him eternal life. Due to being injected with a special serum, he has superdog speed, strength, stamina and intelligence.

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