Monday, November 25, 2013

Les Heroes de Paris

Clockwise: Le Vent (top left), Fantome, Docteur Q,
Adamantine, Comte, Bleue, Cowboy and Anaïs
I mentioned Marvel had the Squadron Supreme, a Justice League homage. Les Heroes de Paris (although "Les Héros de Paris" is correct French) is also a Justice League stand-in.
The team's origin and history before contacting the Thing is unknown. The Thing (who was went to France due to the events of Civil War) was asked by the team to help them fight the villain I'Empereur du Monde Souterrian and his army of rock men. The Thing, nostalgic for "the good old days", agreed. During the battle, I'Emperur revealed he was villain to impress his ex-girlfriend. After defeating him, they got him back with his girlfriend (since he didn't caused any real damage). Impressed by I'Emperur's devotion, she married him. Later, the Thing and Anaïs looked for a Hydra base. They captured the terrorists and had the French Police take them into custody.
  • Docteur Q- He was a weapon designer, but decided to use his abilities and weapons to help peace. He uses a suit of power armor. If he is supposed to be based on a DC character, I have no clue who it is supposed to be. He is similar to Iron Man.
  • Adamantine (Superman)- He is the leader of the team. His alter ego is a street vendor. He destroyed the machine I'Empereur was using. He has poorly-defined powers, but seems have super strength, flight and invulnerability. He is also skilled at disguise.
  • Anaïs (Catwoman with elements of Wonder Woman)- She is the exiled queen of a Sahara civilzation of cats. She helped the Thing (who she has a crush on) defeat some HYDRA terrorists. She controls cats.
  • La Lumière Bleue (Green Lantern)- He has a (Blue) "Light of Truth", which gives the power to fly and "[reveal] all secret".
  • Comte de Nuit (Batman)- He is caped crime fighter. His father was murdered by thieves thus inspiring Comte to become a hero.
  • Detective Fantôme (Spectre)- He is an undead spirit. He became a superhero to earn his way into Heaven. He has intangibility.
  • Le Vent (Flash)- He is "the fastest man in... Europe". He has super speed, but cannot slow down (due to a magic curse).
  • Le Cowboy (Vigilante?)- He is a skilled shootist that doesn't speak alot.

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