Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fighting American (Awesome Comics)

Issue 2
I decided to elaborate on a previous post. I mentioned in my "Fighting American" post that Awesome Comics did a revamp of the character. So, lets look at their version of the character.
John Flagg took place in a government experiment. This made him super fit and slowed his aging. He became the greatest weapon for America in the Cold War: the Fighting American. He had a sidekick, Speedyboy. However, he retired when Speedboy died. Years later, the still young Fighting America left retirement when his old enemies (such as Red Menace and Iron Cross) returned. Fighting American got a new sidekick: the 16-year old cyborg girl Super Prototype Intelligent Cyborg Entity (who is often referred to her acronym S.P.I.C.E.). He met other Awesome Comics characters such as Supreme, Diehard and Thor.
Publication History
Originally, this comic was going to be about Agent America, a Captain America-stand in. However, Rob Liefield (the creator) made him too similar to Captain America and Marvel threatened to sue him. However, he bought the right to the Fighting America (who was already similar to the Cap) and used him instead. Then, he combined Fighting America with elements of Agent America. A judge said Rob could use Fighting American (not Agent America) so long as he changed the costume some more and that Fighting American never threw his shield. Rob seemed to completely ignore the satirical elements of the original character.

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