Sunday, November 10, 2013

History of Doom Patrol Part 2: Paul Kupperberg Era

Clockwise: Cliff Steele (left), Vostok, Arani and Joshua
We're back to the history of the Doom Patrol.
Paul Kupperberg Era
Paul Kupperberg was a longtime fan of Doom Patrol. As such, he and artist Joe Staton decided to make the second incarnation of the team. This version of the team appeared in Showcase issue 94.
It turned out Niles was married to an Indian woman that he hid in the Himalayas to protect her. When Niles died, she inherited his estate. General Immortus attempted to capture Arani for the secret to her immortality. As such, she formed a new Doom Patrol to protect her. The new members included Negative Woman / Valentina Vostok, Robotman (who turned out to have survived) and Tempest / Joshua. They appeared in other comics from time to time. Cliff got a new body and the murders of the original team were caught.
  • Celsius / Arani Desai- She was the leader of the team. She was Niles' wife before he was killed. She was injected with a serum that gave her immortality and control heat and coldness. 
  • Negative Woman / Valentina Vostok- She was a Russian cosmonuat. She got the Negative Spirit, Larry's projection. However unlike Larry, she actually turned into the spirit as oppose to just projecting it.
  • Robotman / Cliff Steele- He was the only survivor of the original team. His torso, head and one arm were still attached and crawled away. Doctor Will Magnus built a new robot body for Robotman.
  • Tempest / Joshua- He was a Vietnam deserter. He had energy blasting. He could use this to fly.

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