Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Overman (Animal Man)

For every main comic book universe, there is usually tons of alternate universes. One exmaple of an alternate version of character is Overman, an insane version of Superman.
This version of Superman lived in a darker and edgier reality. He was his world's first superhero. He had the same powers as Superman. Every other superhero were created from his cells. The Justice League of this world was working for the government. Overman went insane upon discovering he had a STD that was killing him. He went on rampage and killed the other heroes. This reality was among the realities destroyed in Crisis on Infinite Earth. Psycho-Pirate attempted to remake people destroyed in the Crisis. Pirate attempted to not recreate Overman, but he failed. Overman carried around a giant bomb (with "Purification Day" printed on it) and went to the Arkham Asylum. Because he is insane, other remade heroes, such as Bizarro, Ultraman and Streaky, attempted stop him. However, Animal Man managed to stop him by trapped Overman in a shrinking comic book panel thus killing Overman.

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