Monday, November 4, 2013

Crazy Gang

I mentioned Captain Britain, a popular UK superhero. I decided to talk about some members of his rogues gallery.
Clockwise: Jasper (left), Executioner,
Queen of Hearts, Tweedledope
Mad Jim Jaspers formed the team on Earth-238 (an alternate reality). They were bank robbers based on Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass characters. Lord Mandragon destroyed this reality to prevent its insanity from infecting other realities. As such, the Crazy Gang were killed as well. Members were:
  • Executioner- He was a silent, dark and tall member. He decapitated people when the Queen told him to. He was defenestrated by Captain Britain, which seemly killed him.
  • Jack of Hearts- Based on the Knave of Hearts, he had super durability and strength. He was smarter than his later counterpart.
  • Tweedledope- Based on Tweedledee and Tweedledum, he poured tea and chuckled whenever Jaspers said something.
  • Conjurors- Not based on any characters from the books, they were two identical men dressed like stage magicians. They used wands, which fire energy bolts.
  • Coco- He is not based on any character. He was the smartest member of the team. He gave several other members orders. He had no powers.
  • Dormouse- He was the pilot the gang's getaway vehicle the Teapot.  
  • Queen of Hearts- She shouted a lot.
Clockwise: Tweedledope (far left),
Executioner, Red Queen, Knave and
In the main Marvel universe, Mad Jim Jasper had a counterpart (simply called "Jim Jasper"). When he wanted friends, Jim Jasper created his own version of the Crazy Gang. However, the Fury, a creation of the Earth-238 Jaspers, killed the Earth-616 Jim. Crazy Gang survived and became the most inept villains in Britain. Slaymaster took over and had them commit crimes such as robbing a mint and museums. He dismissed them when he thought had no further use for them. Arcade used the Crazy Gang to lure CB into a trap. They ended up switching bodies with Excalibur (whom CB was a member of) members, but they fixed this and then defeated them. When an English village disappeared, it turned out they willingly went to the Crazy Gang's Alice in Wonderland-like lair. Members of this version of the team are:
  • Red Queen- Based more on the Queen of Hearts, she is insane and prone to shouting "Orv wiv 'is 'ead" ("Off with his head" with an accent).
  • Knave- He is super strong and durable. However, he has a insecure personality and argues with Jester over the Gang's leadership.
  • Tweedledope- Based on Tweedledee and Tweedledum, he is idiot savant. He loves training rats and is unskilled, but dangerous fighter. 
  • Executioner- He is a mute android. He wears a hood / robe and uses an axe. It blindly follows what the Red Queen tells him to do.
  • Jester- Not based on any Lewis Carroll character, he is an agile fighter. He is the self-proclaimed leader.
  • Feron- He is an Excalibur ex-member. As such, he is not based on Lewis Carrol characters.

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