Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Turtle

Slow... and... steady... wins... the... race.
Turtle I
The Turtle (in the foreground)
He was an enemy of Jay Garrick the Golden Age Flash. He was a slowing moving and talking criminal that used his slowness to deal with the Flash's super speed. His plan revolved around the Flash having trouble slowing down. However, the Flash still captured him. Later, he donned a costume modelled after turtles. Recently, he allied himself with Turtle Man and was seemly killed.
Turtle II / Turtle Man
Turtle Man
Turtle Man / The Turtle was the first villain Barry Allen (the second Flash) fought. Like his predecessor, he attempted to use slowness againist his super fast nemesis and had slow speech and movements. He attempted to rob a bank, but was foiled by the Flash. After having been released from prision, Turtle Man inherieted tons of money. He used this money to create a turtle shell costume and advanced techology to use for his crimes. He changed his alias "the Turtle". Despite not needing money, he still committed crime out of boredom. He allied himself with the Turtle. However, he was hurt by a lab accident and seemly crippled.
Powers and Abilities
Both of the Turtle used slowness in their schemes and terrible hand-to-hand combat skills. The first Turtle was a decent strategist. The second one was a skilled inventor. The second Turtle wore a device that projected a bulletproof force field. He wore a body armor as part of his costume. It could expand to cover his head. His suit contained jets that he can fire as projectiles. He had a ray gun that makes people slow and a laser that slow people's perceptions.

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