Monday, September 16, 2013

3-D Man

No 3D glasses required to read this post.
Chuck and Hal Chandler
The original
Chuck and Hal were brothers. Chuck was a test pilot. One day, he was captured the Skrulls (shapeshifting aliens). After escaping, he accidentally blew up the ship and was exposed to alien radiation. Chuck seemly died. However, Hal (Chuck's crippled brother) discovered by wearing the glasses he wore at the event he would summon Chuck as the superhero 3-D Man. 3-D Man fought Skrulls and the villain Cold Warrior.
For some reason, Hal decided to stopped summoning Chuck thus leaving him trapped int another dimension. Hal married Peggy Clark and had two characters. Bruce Banner once stole the glasses and summoned Hal when he feared the Hulk would emerge. 3-D Man was among the heroes summoned by the Grandmaster.
Delroy Garrett Jr.
The sequel
It turned out 3-D Man's powers came from one of the three "fragments of light". The power of one of the fragments was transferred to Chuck. Chuck found another one. Johathan Tremont attempted to assemble all three of them and attacked Chuck. He gave part of the power to Delroy Garrett Jr., a disgraced ex-athlete. Delroy (upon discovering the truth) turned on John. He returned Chuck to his human state and retained the powers. He was sent to the Initiative superhero training Camp Hammond and official took the name "3-D Man". Upon gaining Hal's glasses, he gained all the powers of the original 3-D Man. He helped during the Secret Invasion. Despite the glasses being destroyed, he somehow retained his powers.
Hal could summon 3-D Man while concentrating and wearing the special glasses. When 3-D Man was active, Hal would be comatosed. 3-D Man could only exist in our world for three hours. When not summoned, he existed in the second dimension.
3-D Man's mind is a synthesis of Chuck and Hal's consciounnesses. 3-D Man wore an alter NASA flight suit that was bonded to his skin. 3-D Man has three times the pyshical abilities and senses of a normal "extremely ... fit" (Wikipedia) human. He also had the ability to sense Skrulls. Delroy gained these powers, but didn't need to be summoned.
Chuck was a talented foorball player and expert pilot. Hal is a skilled scientific researcher. However, he needed glasses and crutches (the latter due to poliomyelitis).

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