Thursday, September 19, 2013


Here is another Superman stand-in. Who made this guy? DC Comics.
Chester King was from the planet Zoron. However since the planet was dying, he launched to another planet. In this case, he was sent to the planet Oceania (insert 1984 joke here) and was raised by the Kings, two natives of the planet. When he displayed super powers, he became the superhero Hyper-Boy and eventually Hyper-Man / Hyperman (it's spelt both ways). Superman discovered that Hyper-Man was dying due to being poisoned by Zoronite (his version of kryptonite). As such, Superman sabotaged Hyper-Man's superhero career so Hyper-Man could marry his girlfriend thus live the rest of his days happy.
He has similar powers to Superman's powers. He had super speed and strength, invulnerability, flight, various vision powers, super breath, super hypnotism and super ventriloquism. Zoronite was capable of killing him.

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