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Titular Character
Vext is a six-issue miniseries. The plot revolves around the deity Vext being exiled to Earth. After the series ended, the series was reprinted in Italian Lobo comics as back-up feature.
Vext is the "mishap and misfortune" deity for the Jejune Realm. Because of his title, he (uncontrollably) causes bad luck. He unintentionally caused the sinking of the Titanic and the Fall of Man. Due to a mess up in the celestial bureaucracy, Vext was sent to a randomly chosen realm: Earth. He was given some funds, but almost no training to adapt to Earth life.
On Earth, Vext is not allowed affect humanity's path thus he cannot become a superhero or take over humanity. Vext rents apartment room 4-A. His neighbor, Colleen McBride, attempts to help Vext adjust (although she doesn't know he is a god for most of the series). Vext also has to deal with the error-proned DMV. In a rare moment of luck, Vext accidentally ate an army of microorganisms and killed them due to his alien body thus saving many people.
Throughout the series, there is a running subpolt. This invovles an adventurers and his assistants. They are murderous jerks that are attempting to gain power by exploiting minor deities. They spent a good chunk of their time dealing the "God of Inappropriate Flatulence".
Jejune Relam Gods
The Jejune Realm Gods are deities with unusual domains (such as deja vu and loose pocket change). The gods were revealed in Vext issues 1 and 4; and DCU Heroes Secret Files and Origins issue 1. In Vext issue 1, we met Aaron Caldwell (who becomes the god of ill-timed farts in issue 5), uninvited guest god Bargyn, Blazon (god of "inappropriate exhibitionism"), insincere apology god Placatius, endless procrastination god Moxcatyl, Shrike M'ota (god of vigor-less shrews), Yammar (deity of needless nagging) and windbag god Tedyum. In issue 4, we see Garb'l Arb'l (god of endless "social fuctions"), loose pocket change god J-Angla, and Rypta Gud'n (who was the original ill-timed fart god, but gave up his job in Vext issue 5 and became mortal). In DCU Heroes Secret Files and Origins issue 1, we meet prom night pimple deity Erupt'n, deja vu god Ekko, Vext himself and Textacl (gods of husands whose wives cheated on them).

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