Sunday, September 15, 2013

Justice Force

The Turtles, Stainless Steel Steve, Metal Head and Zippy Lad fighting Doctor Dome
Superheroes have become very prevalent. However, sometimes they appear in places you wouldn't expect. One example is the Justice Force, a superhero team from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
The Justice Force first appeared when they aided the turtles and Casey Jones fight their former member Doctor Dome. Years later, Michelangelo was hit by bus and found himself in a flying ambulance. The superhero Raptarr revealed he was being taken to a superhero hospital, Kurtzberg Memorial Hospital. There, Michelangelo met the retired JF member Zippy. Metal Head and Stainless Steel Steve saw the arrival the Ultroms (a race of aliens). Later, the duo interrogated Shadow's boyfriend, Jay, who was following her with a gun. However with the aid of the mind reader Breaunze, they discovered he was innocent. As such, they freed him and removed his memories of the event. The Justice Force members were at Splinter's funereal.
  • Doctor Dome- He left the team due to an argument over Bernice. Years later, he attempted to get revenge on the team. However after being criticized by Bernice's daughter, he was given a second chance and allowed to join again. 
  • Captain Deadbolt- He had the power to make himself completely immobile. However during a John Travolta look-alike contest, he became stuck in this state. He is now kept in Zippy Lad's house. He may or may not be died.
  • Stainless Steel Steve- He was the leader of the team. He had a metal-like saucer placed on his forehead. This allows him to smash through anything and withstand attack to his head.
  • Zippy Lad- He has super speed. He is currently in a wheelchair. However, he can still use his powers despite this. 
  • Battling Bernice- She was the token female member. She died prior to the first appearance of the team.
  • Metal Head- He is a current retired superhero. He has "fluid metal" hair that he can manipulate.
  • Joey Lastic- He has stretchy powers similar to Mister Fantastic and Plastic Man.  
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