Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vault of Obscurity

I like to talk about obscure characters. However, some have too little history to have a post on them. As such, this will be anthology of these characters.
Purple Purposeless
Purple explaining his credo
Esteban Rojas was a solider sent to Vietnam. He was exposed to Agent Orange gas. This marked the point his life went down the tube. As such, Esteban decided to a "sub-hero", a hero that resist the urge to help people, and took the name "Purple Purposeless". He met Doom Patrol member Shyleeen Lao at a hospital. Staying true to his modus operandi, he did nothing.
Red, White and Blue
(Left to Right) Red, White and Blue
"Red" Dugan, "Whitey" Smith and "Blooey" Blue were three friends that served in one of the three branches of the military. I have no idea why they have these nicknames since they don't wear clothes that match the nicknames or have hair colors that do so (only Red does). Red joined Army Intelligence. Whitey joined the Army. Blooey joined the Navy. Despite this, they often went to adventures with each other. They were helped by Agent Doris West. Red, White and Blue haven't appeared after the World War 2-era.
Captain Universe
The Super Marvel
Jim Logan was a researcher for the United Nations Interplanetary Division. Through his research, he gained his abilities. When he says "Galap", he becomes the super strong Captain Universe. He later appeared as a member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's Seven Stars team.

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