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Top 7 Legion of Super-Heroes Rejects That Shouldn't Have Been Rejects

A recurring motif in the Legion of Super-Heroes comics is having a comedic relief scene where people with bizarre and useless powers and abilities attempt to join the Legion, but fail. However, every now and then there is one of these guys that actually seem useful, but is rejected anyway. So, I made a list of the top seven of these rejects that could have been useful than the writers thought.
7) Storm Boy (from Earth)
Storm Boy being called on his lack of powers
One rule of the Legion is that each member must have one power. This power cannot come from a piece of technology. As such, when Storm Boy used a machine to control the weather, he was rejected.
Why shouldn't he be rejected? He was able to make a machine that controls the weather. The whole rule of "you must have one power" is dumb since heroes like Batman and Green Lantern couldn't be allowed to join despite their usefulness. While SB did lie to them (saying he had actual powers), the Legion never called him on it. Also, Karate Kid was allowed to joined despite having no powers. So, why not Storm Boy?
6) Ron-Karr (from Neptune)
Displaying his powers
Ron's ability is to flatten his body like all Neptunians. His power was rejected for being "not... helpful" enough (according to Saturn Girl). How could this power be useful? He could slide under closed doors. Even if Ron can't move when flatten, another Legionnaire (the term for a LSH member) could push him in. He could flatten his body to avoid projectiles.
5) Color Kid (from Lupra)
He is a colorful fellow.
He has the ability to change the color of anything at will. When he attempted to join the Legion, he was rejected for being useless. However, he could use this ability to make object blend in their surrounding or obscure the controls for weapons being used by the villains.
4) "Camera Boy" (Planet of Origin Unknown)
His sole appearance
Not all of the rejects are given names. So, I just made up the name for this fellow. In Adventure Comics issue 307, a guy, with a cyclopian eye, showed off his ability to project any image he saw like a projector. He was rejected since these images would be useless in court.
However, he could still have been useful. He could act a scout and use his power to show the Legion what is ahead. He could replay "footage" of fight for the Legion to analyze. Also, he could be useful on movie night.
3) Fortress Lad (from Fwang)
That costume is really goofy
He had the ability to transform into a shelter. He could be useful since people can enter his shelter form. As such, they have a base regardless of where ever they go. Also, he could protect his allies from enemy projectile.
2) Legion of Super-Rejects Members
(left to right) Micro Lad, Magno Lad, Esper Lass,
Phantom Lad, Calorie Queen, Chameleon Kid
Calorie Queen (from Bismoll), Esper Lass (from Titan), Chameleon Kid (from Durla), Magno Lad (from Braal), Phantom Lad (from Bgtzl) and Micro Lad (from Imsk) were all rejected for having the same powers as people that were already Legion members. Aside from the fact that rule makes no sense in the context of the LSH universe, Superboy, Supergirl, Mon-El and Ultra-Boy all have overlapping powers and no one complains about that. Also, Calorie Queen's powers aren't the same as Matter-Eater Lad (whose powers hers are similar to) since she becomes super strong when she eats.
1) Polar Boy (from Tharr)
Did we say "REJECTED" enough?
Even accepting all the rules I mentioned, there still is no reason Polar Boy should have been rejected. Due to his planet's tendency of becoming dangerously near the system's sun, Polar Boy has the ability to generate cold. However, he was rejected because his power "might... disable [a Legion member] at a critical moment" (Sun Boy). Polar Boy displayed no trouble controlling his powers and the same logic could be used against Sun Boy's powers.
Superboy issue 212
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