Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Captain Airstrip-One

The Captain Britain Corps are a superhero team of alternate counterparts of the same person. They are recurring characters from the Captain Britain comic series. I wanted to talk about a minor member of the team.
Captain Airstrip-One (a.k.a. George Smith) was among the alternate reality counterparts of Captain Britain that attended Merlin's funeral. He met with the main Marvel universe Captain Britain and greeted him with "CapBrit! Doubleplusgood usmeet!". He congratulated him for stopping the "multiversal threat" of Mad Jim Jaspers. Captain AO was seen at a trial for a Captain Britain accused of breaking the moral code of the Corp.
Later, we saw Captain Airstrip-One in his own reality. On standard patrol, he punished a couple for being slow to get out of bed and tortured a boy for watching an illegal music video. He watched a parade (which was to celebrate video game rations increasing) at Victory Square. He met Thought Police member O'Brien (who was feeling philosophical), who told him "The purpose of power is power! How could it be otherwise? Imagine a boot stamping into a human forever!" Thinking this was an order, he imagined a literal boot stomping on a face. Captain Airstrip-One may been among the members of the Captain Britain killed by the Warpies and Mastermind.
Captain Airstrip-One has superhuman strength equal to the "main" Captain Britian. He can fly. He has also has superhuman-level senses.
References to Nineteen Eighty-Four
Captain Airstrip-One's reality is clearly modeled after George Owell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. He speaks Newspeak, a simplified form of English that the proles speak. O'Brien is a villain from the book and his speech to the Captain is paraphrased from the book. The face of Big Brother is seen. In the novel, Britain is named "Airstrip-One" (hence the character's name).

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