Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Four

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Here is group of characters that are based on the Fantastic Four. However, the Four (unlike Fantastic Four) are the main villains of Planetary.
They were part of Artemis, a secret 1961 moon launch. However, "a rift in the fabric of the universe" teleported to another planet. This planet's inhabitants were powergul and paranoid about the Earth due its super humans. Dowling promised to suppress super humans on Earth in exchanged for super powers. The inhabitants agreed and told to spend up to 50 years to prepare the Earth to be destroyed. When this will happen, they would be allowed to travel against Multiverse. When they got back to Earth, they began their scheme by using various methods to suppress humanity's advancement. They have fought Planetary, who posed a threat to their fan. When the deadline was coming up, Randall kidnapped Planetary member Elijah Snow and blocked his memory. However, Snow was saved by Planetary. When his memory returned, Snow re-tasked Planetary for the sole purpose of fighting (and eventually destroy) the Four.
  • Jacob Greene- He was turned into a grotesque monster. As such, he had to cut himself from the humanity. He was stranded into deep space by Elijah Snow. He is super strong and invulnerable. 
  • Kim Süskind- She is a Nazi sciencist's daughter. She has force field creation and invisibility. She is seen as the most dangerous members. Snow killed her. 
  • Randall Dowling- He was amoral sciencist even before he gained his powers. He has telepathic abilities that allows to "leave a piece of his consciousness" in the minds of people within 100 ft of him. He was killed by Snow. 
  • Willaim Leather- He has enegry manipulation and can fly. Despite doing all the clean-up work, he is resentful of Randall and was planning to turned on him. He was tortured by Snow for infomation and is currently going through thearpy.

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