Thursday, September 26, 2013

Captain Klep

His chin makes Bruce Campbell jealous.
Superheroes are common in American culture. However, Captain Klep is a British superhero parody. He orginally appeared in the comic Torando, but the strip was moved to 2000 AD. In each comic, he had one-page comic strips.
Captain Klep was born on the planet Klepton. However, he was raised on Earth in the town of Hicksville. He later moved to Miniopolis. After signing up with the Department of Heroes, he became a pofessional superhero and gained the alter ego of Clark Clep. However, his clumsiness and stupidity constantly interfere with his work. He fought the criminals the Beak and Jack Daw. He later appeared in the comic Dash Decent and met the main character (due to the comic being made by the same people).
Klep is described as being "faster than a mirco-wave oven, stronger than self-raising flour, able to cut time to a quarter". His ineptness tends to interfere him using these powers.

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