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King Hyperion
Hyperion is a Marvel Comic character based on Superman. However, Hyperion is an example of a captain ersatz (a TvTrope term for a character meant to be an obvious stand-in for another) having their character radically change within their history. By way, "Earth-[insert number]" refers to an alternate reality with Earth-616 being the "main" Marvel universe.
Squadron Sinister (Earth-616)
The Squadron Sinister was a group of villains based on the Justice League. As such, Hyperion was the Superman stand-in. The team was assembled by the Grandmaster to fight the Avengers as part of a bet with Kang. Later, they appeared in the Defenders comics, where the Hulk beat up Hyperion. He had a relationship with the warrior Thundra. He was summoned by Master Menace and told he is clone. He impersonated the good version of Hyperion, but was killed by the original. A resurrected evil Hyperion was a member of the Legion of the Unliving. A new Hyperion joined the Grandmaster's second Squadron Sinister. However, they were forced to flee when they were losing against the Thunderbolts.
Squadron Supreme (Earth-712)
In reality Earth-712, there was a heroic version of the Squadron Sinister called "the Squadron Supreme". This version had the alter ego of the journalist Mark Milton. He encountered the Avengers and Defenders. The Squadron took over the American government. A battle with the evil Hyperion blinded him. After a battle with the Redeemers (where his friend Nighthawk died), Hyperion relinquished control over America. The team was exiled to the "main" Marvel Universe. Hyperion regain his sight. After aiding the Avengers, the team returned to their universe. With the aid of the Exiles, the Squadron Supreme took down the corrupt government that took over America when they were gone.
Supreme Power (Earth-31916)
The Squadron Supreme had an mature-audience reboot. Now, Mark Milton is an alien who sent to Earth as a child. He was raised by the US government and fed propaganda. As an adult, he became a secret agent. However, the government had him go public to draw attention away from their other secret super-agent Joe Ledger. He teamed up Blur and Nighthawk to defeat Michael Redstone (a superhuman serial killer). Hyperion became delusion upon discovering he was lied to. As such, he rebelled. When the government attempted to blackmail him, he crashed into the South Pole causing a 10.5 earthquake.
There was a follow-up miniseries called Supreme Power: Hyperion. The government quickly formed a superhero team to retrieve Hyperion. However, the battle sent the fighters to what appeared to be an alternate universe. In this "universe", the team formed a dystopia that controlled the entire world. However, Emil Burbank discovered that this was actually the future, but told no one. As a result of these event, Hyperion began to rethink his values.
King Hyperion (Earth-4023)
In the Exiles comic series, a new version of Hyperion appeared. This version lyingly claimed he was a good guy. He attempted to kill the Thunderbolts, but was savagely beaten by Man Thing, Moonstone and Juggernaut (he was weakened by Argonite).
Zombie Hyperion (Earth-616)
A zombie Hyperion appeared as a member of a zombie version of the Squadrom Supreme. He was a clone of the original that didn't know he was one or how he got in the lab he was being grown in. As such, he went on rampage out of confusion. He died from Mad Cow disease (due to eating diseased cows).
Marvel NOW! (Earth-616)
In Avengers volume 5, a version of Hyperion appeared. Here, he is a survivor of a dying world. He was raised as Marcus Milton and taught morals by "Father". He was captured by A.I.M. until the Avengers freed him.
All Hyperions had similar powers. These powers were similar to Superman's. They have super strength, durability, flight, speed and stamina. In addition to his enhanced senses, he can see all of the electromagnetic spectrum. He use heat vision-like "atomic vision". However, exposure to argonite radiation will weaken his powers and vitality.
The Earth-712 version also had cosmic energy. This gave him longevity and regenerative powers.  He also was skilled journalist.
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