Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Behold, one of the laziest superhero names in existence.
Agent X was hired to kill Fight-Man. He shot Fight Man (who was sleeping) with a sniper rifle. However when he went to check the body, it wasn't there. After failing to shoot Fight-Man, Fight-Man tied up Agent X. He revealed he was a major superhero that isn't allowed to be near minors (due to getting fourteen sidekicks killed). After fighting his deranged and super-powered wife, he attempted to arrest Agent X, but his pants ripped and a building fell on him. Fight-Man swore to get revenge on Agent X.
Fight-Man wants to die, but his Superman-like powers (especially his invulnerability) prevents him from doing so. He has ton of superhuman memorabilia. He is highly moral. He refused to kill people, but is willing to have Agent X attempt to kill him. He is unwilling to hit women.
He has the basic Superman powers. He can fly at fast speeds. He seems to have limitless invulnerability. He has superhuman strength.

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