Thursday, September 5, 2013


Clockwise: Dusk (bottom left), Hornet, Prodigy and Ricochet 
During a storyline called "Identity Crisis", Spider-Man (who had a million-dollar bounty on his head) adopted four other super identity. After the storyline, Spider-Man discarded the costumes. Black Marvel, a Golden Age superhero, gained the suits. He gave four youths the costume and made them into superheroes. They made brief cameo in Contest of Champions II and New Warriors. The team discovered Black Marvel made a Faustian deal with Mephisto for the costumes. The team broke away from, but later came back to free his soul. They disbanded after Black Marvel died. A couple of the members appeared in Runaways. A brainwashed Wolverine killed Hornet. Prodigy sided with Captain America in the Marvel Civil War, but was imprisoned. Prodigy attempted to reunite the team.
  • Dusk- Cassie St. Commons was the daughter of rich parents. Dusk has the ability to teleport, manipulate shadows and the ability to sense her teammates' whereabouts. While Hornet had feeling for her, she had feelings for Johnny Gallo.
  • Hornet- Eddie McDonough was an Empire State University freshman with cerebral palsy. His suit gives the ability to fly at high speeds, super strength and counteract his cerebral palsy. He has wrist blasters that fire knock out darts and lasers. He was killed by Wolverine.
  • Prodigy- Ritchie Gilmore was the team leader and a wrestler. His costume gave him super strength, jumping and durable. Despite losing his power at the end of the series, he has them later on. He begrudgingly join the Initiative. He became a motivational speaker.
  • Ricochet- Johnny Gallo was a mutant. He had super agility, reflexes and has the ability to sense danger. He uses throwing disks (which later became "gimmick" disks with special abilities). He has a dead mom and an uncaring dad. He joined a "teenage superhero recovery group" called "Excelsior".

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