Saturday, September 7, 2013

Excelsior / Loners

Excelsior was a teenage superhero support group founded by Mickey Musashi and Phil Urich, the only Green Goblin that was a hero. They recruited a team of several former heroes and met at a Los Angeles church. However, they were interrupted by a mysterious benefactor's phone call. Said benefactor offered them $1,000,000 if they got the Runaways "off the streets" (Marvel Wiki). This led to an issue of the Runaways, where the two teams met. The benefactor turned out to be Rick Jones, who attempted to make them continue to be superheroes. The member they though was Chamber was actually a spy.
Excelsior had its own miniseries. However, the team was renamed "the Loners" and the title of series was Loners as oppose to Excelsior. The team was now about attempting to help heroes addicted to their powers. They do so by having the members refraining each other from using their powers and live normal lives. The members were Lightspeed, Turbo, Spider-Woman, Ricochet, Darkhawk and Green Goblin. Despite the purpose of the team, many members "[fell] off the wagon" (Marvel Wiki) most notably Spider-Woman and Darkhawk. The Loners became a talk-group for adicted-powered people. They helped Darkhawk when he lost control of his armor. Some members have joined the Avengers Academy and become superheroes once more.
The original members were:
  • Darkhawk- Chris Powell gave up being a hero due to his nightmares becoming incredibly intense. He is short-tempered. In his Darkhawk form, he is more so.
  • Green Goblin- Phil Urich is the fourth and only heroic Green Goblin. After losing his equipment, he went to college and founded Excelsior. He later worked Daily Bugle then for the Kingpin as Hobgoblin.
  • Lightspeed- Julie Power was convinced her work with the Power Pack robbed her of her childhood. She moved Califorina at the age of 15. She is currently a teacher's assistant as the Avengers Academy.
  • "Chamber"- The superhero Chamber seemingly joined. It turned out it wasn't Chamber. In reality, "Chamber" was Geoffrey Wilder, a spy for the Runaway enemies the Pride. He left the team after the truth was revealed.
  • Turbo- Michiko "Mickey" Musashi is a ex-member of New Warrior. She helped found Excelsior along with Phil Urich. She has become an investigative journalism.
  • Ricochet- Johnny Gallo is a former member of the Slingers. He is a mutant has had powers similar to Spider-Man. 
Later, several other members joined. Later members were:
  • Namie- She was one of few characters to not have existed prior to the Loner group. However, it was hinted she has some form of ties to the rest of the Marvel Universe. It was reveal that she is a model UJ1-XD Red Ronin cyborg. 
  • Spider-Woman- Mattie Franklin went to L.A. to star over and went to meetings fairly regularly. She left the team. She was captured by Ana Kraven and killed by Sasha Kraven.
  • Hollow / Penance- She was a former member of Generation X.
  • In War of Kings: Darkhawk issue 1, there are three unnamed members. 

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