Friday, September 20, 2013

B'wana Beast

The name "B'wana Beast"does not invoke terror. 
This guy has a bizarre super power.
Mike Maxwell, a ranger, had a helmet and exilir (which he had to repeatedly drink to take effect) that gave him powers. He use these to become the superhero B'wana Beast. His companion was a gorilla named Djuba. They worked out of a headquarters hidden on the top of Mount Killmanjaro.
Mike later appeared in Grant Morrison's Animal Man. He is attempted to rescue Djuba, who some scientists tested a biological weapon on. Despite attempting to kill several innocent people, B'wana was saved by Animal Man. As such, Mike was able to get the head scientist killed. Later, Mike retired and made Dominic Mndawe his successor. However, Mike became corrupted a "destructive force" called "Antagon" and was turned into the supervillain Shining Man. He was killed in the following battle. In the DC reboot's Justice League International, B'wana Beast is alive and was a rejected possible member for the team.
Powers and Abilities
B'wana Beast has above average speed and strength. He also was a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and hunter. He had the power to talk to animals.
However, his most notable power is to merge two animals into a chimera. With great concentration, Mike is able to affect humans with his power. He can control them in this state. He is also able undo the effect at will.
Vertigo Animal Man tradepaperback Volume 1

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