Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two Face

Harvey Kent a.k.a Harvey Dent was a friend of Batman. But one day he accused Sal Maroni, a crime lord, for murder. It was proved that he did it when Maroni's "lucky" two headed coin was found on the crime scene with Maroni's fingerprint on it. In rage Maroni threw Sulfuric acid at the left half of Harvey's face, scaring it. His horrible look caused him to go insane and scar one face on his coin. He flipped it to chose between a life of crime or good doing. Sadly, a life of crime won.
So he decided to decide everything on the flip of a coin. Thus one of the strangest and unpredicable ciminals, now calling himslef Two-Face was born.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top 5 Infamous Batman Foes

You all know the Joker and the Penguin. But some of Batman's foes, like Zebra Man, one has ever heard of! So I plan on telling you about Batman's top 5 infamous foes.
5. Ten eyed Man
Philip Reardon was a warehouse guard. But one night a group of thieves knocked him out and planted a bomb. Batman came to stop them. Phillip (now awake) mistaked Batman for one of them and battled him. The bomb when off and blinded Philip. Dr. Engstrom (a eye doctor) reconnected his optic nerves to the end of his fingers (allowing him to see through them and giving him 360° vision). He blamed Batman for what happened and decided to get his revenge on him as the Ten Eyed Man.
4.Zebra Man I
Jake Baker was a high-tech scientist, who machinery gave him Black and white strips (made more visible by a glowing aura) and the power to magnetize anything. He went on a crime spree,before Batman and Robin defeated him.
3. Crazy Quilt
He was a painter for no appertain reason was a thief. When he was double crossed by his own lackeys, he was blinded by a gunshot wound during his arrest. In a volunteered procedure, a helmet was fused to his head, this caused him to see again,but he saw color blindingly vivid and disorienting. Now his helmet act as his eyes and can hypnotize people and project lethal lasers and blinding lights. During his life of crime he has run into Batman.
2.Spellbinder (Berbert Billings)
He was a pop art forger, that decided to be a criminal. So he built illusion-creating and hypnotic weapons and hired henchmen. Despite his luck in his first 2 robberies, he got busted by Batman.
1. The Terrible Trio
Three bored rich inventors wanted not to be bored, so they became Fox, Shark and Vulture (named after the cartoon animal mask they wore with their suits): the Terrible Trio. Their most recurring foe is Batman and Robin.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Legion of Super-Heroes

In the 30th century 3 super power alien teenagers: Lighting Boy [ Garth Ranzz] (able to control electricity), the telepathic Saturn Girl [Imra Ardeen] and Cosmic Boy [Rokk Krinn] (has magnetism manipulation) were members of a superhero team "The Legion of Super-Heroes". They time-travel to test Superboy (has Superman's powers), who they passed and grant membership. They later got new members: the shape shifting Chameleon Boy, Invisible Boy (able to stay undetected by anything), Colossal Boy (able to grow into a giant), Star Boy (able to make the mass or gravity of an object heavier), Brainiac 5 (has 12th Level Intelligence), Triplicate Girl (able to clone herself twice), Shrinking Violet (shrinks), Sun Boy (control heat and flies), Bouncing Boy (has inflatable body, unaffected by electricity while bouncing and resistance to getting hurt), Phantom Girl (Intangibility and flies), Ultra Boy (has Superman like powers) and Super Girl (has Superman's powers). They built a rocket-ship-club-house. They tested heroes with weird, dangerous and seemly useless power (all failed) who would 5 of which became the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Their arch-enemies were the Fatal Five (who has helped them). After along time they let the karate master Karate Kid [Val Armorr], the illusion-creating Princess Projectra, Ferro Lad [Andrew Nolan](able to turn into Iron), Nemesis Kid (get powers to beat a single enemy), mind controlling Universo (he got kicked off the team) and his Green Lantern son Rond Vidar. Bouncing Boy married Luornu Durgo. Later the dark-controlling Shadow Lass after a super long time. In 2006 they got their own television show.
Legion of Super Heroes (TV series) episodes 1

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scarlet Skier

The Scarlet Skier a.k.a Dren Keeg (a parody of the Silver Surfer) was the herald of a cosmic called Mr. Nebula (a parody of Galactus), but he didn't want to. Using his Cosmic Skies and Cosmic Armor that grants air in the vacuum of space, super strength, and super endurance tried to escape him several times, but fails. He finally escape only to be trapped in a L.E.G.I.O.N jail by the idiot Green Lantern G'nort, causing them to be archenemies. He manages to get free and tries to get revenge on G'nort (at the Justice League New York base at the time) and tracks him down, but in the process destroys the skies (his only mode of transportation). After being defeated, G'nort stops him from killing himself. G'nort tried to fix the Skier's skies, but only causing them to exploded. He later befriends G'nort and becomes a member of the Justice League of Antarctica.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dead Pool

Wade Winston Wilson was the son of a mentally ill mother and army general, who cause him to be a teenage delinquent. After being kicked out of the army, he became a mercenary. Eventually, he got a deadly form of cancer. So he joined a government program called "The Weapon X Project". He gained regenerative healing, that cured the cancer, but was considered a failure and was put under the "care" of Doctor Killebrew, who made them play his "game" Dead pool, where inmate bet on how long person will last though painful and deadly genetic experiments his did to them. By some miracle Wade survived and escape. He returned to being a mercenary and took the name Dead Pool. This time he had many encounters with mutants including the X-men, the shape shifting Copycat, the telepathic / telekinetic Cable and Siren (who has the Banshee's powers), who he had a crush on. Dead Pool is one of the few Marvel characters that knows he's in a comic.
X-men Ultimate Guide

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Iron Man

Tony Stark was a rich inventor who had the good life. Until one day, a Chinese crime lord kidnapped him, however in the process, Tony got shot in the heart. So he built a rechargeable chest plate that kept him alive. With the help of another kidnapped scientist, he built a bulky grey Iron Man suit (later he spray painted it gold). Iron Man (Tony) escaped, but the other scientist died. Later, he went though some fashion changes. His foes include the Crimson Dynamo and the Titanium Man ( Russian versions of himself), the super flexible Scarecrow (not to be confused with the Batman foe), the Mandarin (has alien rings each with a different power), the psonic M.O.D.O.K a.k.a M.O.D.O.C (who is basically a giant head with limbs), Grey Gargoyle (what ever touches his right hand turns to stone), the monstrous Fin Fang Foom, Blacklash and Blizzard (has water and ice manipulation).
Tales of Suspense issue #39, 46, 50, 51 and 69