Sunday, March 28, 2010


Barry Allen and Jay Garrick Flash
He (or they) are the fastest man (or men) alive.
Jay Garrick
Jay Garrick was a college student who inhaled "heavy water" vapors. This gave him superhuman speed. Donning a red t-shirt with a lighting bolt on it and a metal helmet with wings (like that of Hermes), he became the Flash! He manage to keep his alter ego a secret by continually vibrating so fast all photos of him would be blurred. He was a founding member of the Justice Society of America. He became part of the modern continuity.
Barry Allen
He read comics about Jay (Barry and Jay existed in different parallel realities). He became a became a slow cop. One day, he was caring a case of chemicals and was struck by lightning. The chemicals split all over him giving him super speed. He donned a costume loosely based on that of Jay Garrick. He became founding member of the Justice League of America (loosely based on the Justice Society). He died in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.
Wally West
Barry's nephew, he was carrying a case of chemicals and was struck by lightning (like Barry), giving him the same powers. He became Barry's sidekick: Kid Flash. He was a founding member of the Teen Titans. When Barry died, Wally took the mantle of the scarlet speeder.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just'a Lotta Animals

The Just'a Lotta Animals was a comic-with-in-a-comic created by Roger Rodney Rabbit (the alter ego of Captain Carrot) that spoofed classic Justice League story lines. It turned out the characters were real! Apparently on Earth-C Minus (as opposed to Roger's reality, Earth-C), the Just'a Lotta is a "real" team. The main members of the team were:

  • Super-Squirrel- He has Chiptonian (Kryptonian) powers include super strength, flight and super vision, but is weakened by chiptonite (kryptonite). He has crush for Wonder Wabbit. He is somewhat self-aggrandizing. He is a parody of Superman. He has two enemies: Lex Lemur (Lex Luthor) and Brainy-Yak (Brainiac (?)).
  • Batmouse- He has gadgets to fight crime and a sidekick: Boyd the Robin Wonder (Robin). He is a parody of Batman. His arch-enemy is the Porker (Joker).
  • Wonder Wabbit- She from Parrot-Eyes Island (Paradise Island), as such she has Animal-Zon (Amazon) powers and tools: super strength, invulnerable bracelets, a see-through plane and lasso of truth. She is a parody of Wonder Woman.
  • Green Lambkin- He has a power ring giving him the same powers of his human counterpart (Green Lantern), but has a 24-hour charge limit and the color yellow is immune to his ring. He serves the Goat-Guardians of Uh-Oh (Oa). He is a parody of the Silver Age Green Lantern. He has a foe called Hector Hamhock (Hector Hammond).
  • Crash- He is a super fast turtle. He was inspired for heroism by reading comics of the Terrific Whatzit. He is a parody of Silver Age the Flash. He battles Weather Weasel (Weather Wizard).
  • Aquaduck- He is a duck that presumably has the powers of Aquaman (who he parodies).

The team has some less-developed members:

  • Green Sparrow- Sparrow version of Green Arrow.
  • Stacked Canary- Anthropomorphic Canary version of Black Canary.
  • Hawkmoose- Moose version of Hawkman.
  • Martian Anteater- Anteater from Mars. He is an anteater version of Martian Manhunter.
  • Item- Elephant version of Silver Age Atom.
  • Elong-Gator- Alligator version of Elongated Man.
  • Firestork- Stork version of Firestorm.
  • Zap-Panda- Panda version of Zatanna.
  • Rat-Tornado- Rat version of Red Tornado.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Comic Code Authority

Most people think of censorship as being done by outside forces. However, the Comic Code Authority was created by the comic book companies themselves.  In 1954, a book called Seduction of the Innocent blamed comic books for Juvenile Delinquency. Soon, the public turned against comic books. So the comic publishers formed the Comic Code of Authority. However, the code basically destroyed horror comics temporarily. Here were the rules in a nut shell:
  • No Vampires, werewolves, ghouls and zombies
  • Excessive violence was banned.
  • No nudity at all
  • "Horror" and "Terror" couldn't be in a comic title, "Crime" could be used to an extremely limited extent.
  • No sexual art
  • No liquor, tobacco, knives, fireworks or products of "questionable nature" ads
  • No drugs at all
If they followed the code, the cover would of the Comic Code Authority "stamp" (seen here). Despite these rules, they approved a comic featuring the most racist comic book character in history: Egg Fu (he is a racist amalgam of every offensive Asian stereotype and egg fu). However despite the fact most comics followed the code some did not, most notably the Underground Comix (which had nothing to do with the naming of this site) and Mad (due to it's magazine format). In 1971, Stan Lee wrote an anti-drug Spider-Man story, but the code disapproved of it, so he did without the code. This lead to minor revisions to the comic code most notably the unbanning of vampires, werewolves, ghouls, but not zombies. So, they were referred to as "zuvembies". By the 21st century, the comic code dropped in power and Archie and DC comics became the only major comic companies to use the code.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Impossible Man

He claims his race evolved to have self-molecular control to deal with the dangerous monsters on Poppup. They possibly had a collective consciousness. But, he got bored and dicided to leave Poppup. The Impossible came to Earth from Poppup and caused chaos and destruction. However, he did so because he was a prankster and not a "real" villain. The Fantastic Four stopped him by ignoring him to the point he got bored and left.
Impy convinces Galactus to eat Poppup and not Earth. He causes chaos at Marvel Comics, until they'll give him his own series. Later, he helped the F.F. (who were trapped in the Negative Zone); impersonates the U.S. president; the Invisible Woman from falling to her death; and gains fascination of movies. He battled Klaw and Molecule Man, then visited Hollywood.
After seeing the Thing with Alicia Masters, he becomes lonely and asexually creates the Impossible Woman. Then to recreate their race, they create a group of Impossible Kids! They cause various forms of chaos involving Marvel heroes and villains. Impossible Man, later, battled Warlock and tried to get the rights to make biography of Rick Jones (the Hulk's sidekick).
He tried to convince the Silver Surfer to get a sense of humor. Later, he caused more mischief on Earth; encountered Daredevil; starts a bar fight; and invites various super villains to Rick Jones' wedding. He battled Mr. Mxyzptlk in a Marvel-DC crossover.
Impy returns to Earth disguised as the Silver Surfer and has the F.F. help the Poppupians (who turned out to survived) get a new home planet.
Powers and Abilities
Impy can rearrange his molecules into any form: he can shapeshift and turn his body into any substance. He can also teleport, although he usually turns into a space ship. These abilities, when used, are followed by a "Pop" sound. He also has the ability to reproduce asexually. He has encyclopedic knowledge of Earth's pop culture.

Monday, March 8, 2010


This is my 100th post! So, I'm doing an extra-long post on Kinnikuman.
Kinnikuman is a very childish character: he complains when he doesn't get his way, pouts when someone gets more attention than he does and acts lazy. In the early part of the series, he would refuse to fight monsters unless he got something in return. However despite what one would assume, he has a very noble heart and fights better when he learns how shameful and dishonorable his enemies are. He has turned several villains into heroes.
By eating garlic, KM grows 30-feet and gains proportional strength and endurance, however he actually heals slower than "normal" people. He, also, is clumsy by nature, hence people fear him more than whoever he is fighting.
He has an extreme love of gyūdon (a Japanese rice dish) and women.
Kinnikuman was the son of Mayumi and Sayuri Kinniku (king and queen of the Planet Kinniku). They went to Earth for a vacation, but due to a slight mix up, Kinnikuman ended up being left on Earth, while a pig was taken back to Kinniku. Kinnikuman decided to raise himself. He lived in a one-room house, that he built. He tried to be a superhero, but due to his clumsiness, he failed. He settled on being the president of the Gyūdon Lover's Club.
Monster Extermination Days (Ch. 1-25)
Alexander Meat came to Earth to return KM to get his rightful place as prince (which the pig took). He actually failed to defeat the pig, but the pig's owner took him back to Earth. Due to his shameful defeat, KM couldn't become king, until he proved he was a hero. Meat trained him to do so. Back on Earth, KM faced (and sometimes defeated) various enemies, while befriending a money-driven Choujin (superhuman) Terryman and his wife.
20th Choujin Olympics (28-51)
Kinnikuman competed in the Choujin Olympics (due to Ultraman not wanting to compete). Despite being sabotaged, Kinnikuman got to the final round of the Choujin Olympics. He won (mainly due to his opponent, Robin Mask, breaking his back with his own move).
American Tour (52-79)
After winning the Choujin Olympics, Kinnikuman went on an American Tour. In Hawaii, he lost his title, but won it back. The Choujin League got KM to fight Robin Mask in a rematch. They tried (and failed) to sabotage KM.
Bibinba and Planet Rakka (80-89)
While Kinnikuman was visiting the planet Kinniku, Bibinba was sent to kill Kinnikuman, but became loyal to him after he medically help her. But, she proved to be a pain and later joined a team that was "subbing" for Kinnikuman, but she was sent to Rakka to stop space pirates.
21st Choujin Olympics (90-121)
Kinnikuman won this Choujin Olympics by defeating Warsman (pupil of Robin Mask).
Seven Deadly Devil Choujins Arc. (122-159)
The Devil Choujins (evil Choujin, who not only wrestle their enemies, but also tried to kill them), led by Buffaloman, challenged KM. With the aid of his friends (some of which died!), KM defeated the Devil Choujins. Touched by KM's kindness, Buffaloman vowed to be KM's friend, if he surived punishment for his sins.
The Golden Mask (106-208)
After a while on Planet Kinnikuman, the Devil Knights (evil Choujins) stole the Golden Mask. Kinnikuman tried to get it. He defeated Sneagator, but died (due to poisoning) and was brought back to life by Wolfman (who lost his in the process). He defeated Planetman. The rest of the knights took over Warsman's (who was in a coma) body. With the aid of Geronimo, Kinnikuman was able defeat them. Then, he battled (and defeated) Akuma Shogun, the leader. Kinnikuman merged the Golden Mask and his Silver Mask to make the "Perfect Mask".
Dream Choujin Arc. (209-273)
During a tag team tournament, two of the Devil Knights are brought back to life and then stole the the good Choujin's "friendship power" (including KM). But, Terryman saved the day.
Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne (274-387)
Kinnikuman had proven himself worthy of the Kinniku Throne. There was problem: there were five impostors to the throne he needed to defeat: Mariposa, Big Body, Zebra, Soldier and Super Phoniex. Kinnikuman defeated them all and became king.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mystery Science Covers 3000: Action Comic # 1

Me and the bots are back to do what no man or machine has done before: Mock the cover of the very first appearance of SUPERMAN! Here's my reaction to Action Comics issue 1:

So if Superman is the good guy, why he is recklessly endangering innocent people?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mad Magazine

It's abursb! It's insane! It's Mad!
The First Issue of Mad
Debuting in August 1952 (although the cover incorrectly says otherwise), Mad (commonly called Mad Magazine) was a satire comic created by EC Comics. Harvey Kurtzman wrote most of Mad. The artists included Wally Wood, Will Elder, Jack Davis, John Severin and even Harvey himself. However, Wood, Elder and Davis were the main artist for the first 23 issues. To try to keep Harvey as the editor, Mad gained a magazine format in issue 24, but he left anyway. Despite Harvey leaving, now, due to it's magazine format, Mad no longer needed to obey the Comic Code of Authority. Al Feldistein became the new editor and brought new staff members: Don Martin, Frank Jacobs and Mort Drucker, and later Antonio Prohias and David Berg. Feldistein retired in 1984 and Nick Meglin and John Ficarra replaced him. They both edited it for the next two decades. Nick retired and Ficarra took over. Gaines sold his company to Kinney Parking Company and Warner Brothers co. Gaines became a staff member of KPC and ran Mad. Later, Time Warner started to publish Mad, after Gaines' death.
In the early days of the comic, their were no real ads, but parodies. Eventually, real ads would be added.
Alfred E. Neumen
He is the mascot of Mad. He possesses misaligned eyes and gaped teeth. A recurring gag is that his face would replace that of the person being parodied on the cover.
Due the success of Mad, there has been many "Mad Copycats". The three longest-lasting were Cracked, Sick and Crazy. Other short-lived series (which lasted at eight issues at best) included Nuts!, Get Lost, Whack, Riot, Flip, Eh!, From Here to Insanity and Madhouse. However, DC Comic's Panic and Marvel's Not Brand Echh (also Mad knock offs) were slightly more successful. Harvey Kurtzberg made several similar comic series (Humbug, Help!, Trump, National Lampoon, Spy and The Onion), but had a more distinct approach and didn't directly mimicked Mad.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mickey Money

Mickey Money is world's richest rodent. normalman met this "funny animal" mouse in an alternate reality ruled by anthropomorphic animals. Mickey claims he got his money from selling oil and "saving every penny" he had (although it's been implied might have he stole some it). Because of his great money, a Robin Hood-type team called the Web tries to rob him. When he met normalman, he decided to destroy a beautiful mountain to get a diamond. However, his bunny butler turned out to be a member of the Web. While posing, he nearly crashed the plane they were in. In argument, the bunny claimed that the Web were trying to help the starving people and Mickey would pay the slave wages, if they decided to work for him. Mickey and the rabbit sicked their goons on each other. normalman went back to his reality, before it was seen who won. However when Lavrem was destroyed by the Dark Fluffy, in a single panel, you can see Mickey mopping a floor (implying the Web won).

The Complete normalman