Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Impossible Man

He claims his race evolved to have self-molecular control to deal with the dangerous monsters on Poppup. They possibly had a collective consciousness. But, he got bored and dicided to leave Poppup. The Impossible came to Earth from Poppup and caused chaos and destruction. However, he did so because he was a prankster and not a "real" villain. The Fantastic Four stopped him by ignoring him to the point he got bored and left.
Impy convinces Galactus to eat Poppup and not Earth. He causes chaos at Marvel Comics, until they'll give him his own series. Later, he helped the F.F. (who were trapped in the Negative Zone); impersonates the U.S. president; the Invisible Woman from falling to her death; and gains fascination of movies. He battled Klaw and Molecule Man, then visited Hollywood.
After seeing the Thing with Alicia Masters, he becomes lonely and asexually creates the Impossible Woman. Then to recreate their race, they create a group of Impossible Kids! They cause various forms of chaos involving Marvel heroes and villains. Impossible Man, later, battled Warlock and tried to get the rights to make biography of Rick Jones (the Hulk's sidekick).
He tried to convince the Silver Surfer to get a sense of humor. Later, he caused more mischief on Earth; encountered Daredevil; starts a bar fight; and invites various super villains to Rick Jones' wedding. He battled Mr. Mxyzptlk in a Marvel-DC crossover.
Impy returns to Earth disguised as the Silver Surfer and has the F.F. help the Poppupians (who turned out to survived) get a new home planet.
Powers and Abilities
Impy can rearrange his molecules into any form: he can shapeshift and turn his body into any substance. He can also teleport, although he usually turns into a space ship. These abilities, when used, are followed by a "Pop" sound. He also has the ability to reproduce asexually. He has encyclopedic knowledge of Earth's pop culture.

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