Thursday, July 30, 2009

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin from Lego: Batman the Video Game
Bruce Wayne's parents were killed by a mugger. So Bruce while growing up learned fighting styles and became at the peak of human psychical perfection to become a dark avenger. When a bat went into Bruce's window, he thought it was an omen so he became a "bat": Batman! Unlike most heroes, he uses gadgets (based off of real science) instead of powers. Dick Grayson (Robin) became Batman sidekick, when his patents fell to their death during a trapeze act sabotage by protection-extortionists. He has fought bizarre foes as the Mad Hatter, the Joker, the Penguin, Bane, Catwoman, Man-Bat and Clayface, since 1939. Later Robin left Batman and became Nightwing. He has gone though changes. In fact Bat-Mite said on "Batman: the Brave and the Bold" to a fan questioning the tone of the show:
"Batman's rich history allows him to be interpreted in a multitude of ways. To be sure, this is a lighter incarnation, but it's certainly no less valid and true to the character's roots as the tortured avenger crying out for mommy and daddy. Beside those mutant bunnies look really scary!"

Batman: the Brave and the Bold episode #19

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Legion of Superhero (t.v show)

I decided to do something different: instead of basing this blog on comic characters, this is about a comic-based television show! The Legion of Superhero show was a comedy / action show, created by Kids WB!, featuring the Legion of Superheroes. Please note, that season 2 takes places 2 years after season 1. The core members of the show were:
  • Brainiac 5 (Adam Wylie)- He is the best character on the show, in my option. He is portrayed as having little emotion, but not being heartless at the same time. In the show Brainiac 5 is an android able to transform his body. He is also the youngest and the smartest, thanks to his 12th level intelligence. His design is based off of his descent Brainiac (Corey Burton). However unlike Brainiac, he idolizes Superman. Episode 4 implies "normal" Coluans (?), Brainiac 5's race, have a hive mind and disapprove of his desire to be more "human".

  • Superman (Yuri Lowenthal)- He is really Superboy, but due legal issues the show had to call him Superman. He is very similar to his "Smallvile" television-self: he's just mastering his powers and this is "before" he moved to Metropolis.

  • Lighting Lad (Andy Milder)- He is the hot shot-leader, until Bouncing Boy becomes leader in episode 11. When he creates lighting his scar glows. He acts like a jerk alot. He lost his arm to Imperiex (Phil Morris) and got it replace with a robotic one. He has a relationship with Saturn Girl.

  • Saturn Girl (Kari Wahlgren)- She is a tough girl, unlike her early comic-self. She has seemly unlimited telepathy.

  • Bouncing Boy (Michael Cornacchia)- He acts like the "Bones" to Brainiac 5's "Spock". In this verison he turns into a ball instead of just more round. He is very good pilot and became leader in the 11th episode, although this doesn't appear to be the case for season 2. In episode 4, it's revealed he's seen alot of horror movies.

  • Triplet Girl (Kari Wahlgren)- She is able to turn herself into 3 semi-separate-mind bodies. While she is one person her dress and hair has purple, white and orange in it, but when they separate they each get 1 of these colors for her dress and hair. She shows affection for Bouncing Boy, a nod to their comic marriage. In season 2, she become the Duo Damsel, after Imperiex murder her "white-self". But she regained her white-self at the end of Season 2.

  • Timber Wolf (Shawn Harrison)- Thanks to his father (?*), he is a human-wolf ceature with enhanced speed, agility, senses and strength. Although he acts like a tough guy, it's revealed he likes to bake. He seems to have feeling for Phantom Girl (see Phantom Girl) and vise versa.

  • Phantom Girl (Heather Hogan)- James Tucker, the show's animator, says she is "a princess who is kind of spoiled, but ultimately very devoted to being in the Legion. She has a somewhat sarcastic attitude to cover the fact that she really gets a kick out of finally being with other kids like herself." Like her comic counterpart, she can fly and become temporally intangible. When she goes though machines, unlike her comic counterpart, they breakdown. She seems to have feelings for Timber Wolf.

  • Chameleon Boy (Alexander Polinsky)- He is the only core member that only appears in the second season. He has high-scale shapeshifting, allowing him to transform into almost anything and gain the thing's strength in the process. His father, R. J. Brande (Lex Lang), is rich and funds the Legion.

  • Comsic Boy (Will Wheaton)- He is the former leader of the legion, becomes leader agin in season 2. He his magentic power are the same as his comic conterpart. He seems to dislike Lighting Lad. He first appears in episode #8.
The piture above show what the core legionares look like from season 1. The show was cancel, before they could air the 3rd season, due to the Kids WB! time slot was taken over by 4Kids. If it wasn't cancel the 3rd season would have taken 3 years after the 2sd. How many years could they skip?!

Legion of Super Heroes episodes Episode #1, 4, 6 and 9

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


He is an evil monstrosity from another dimension, that wants to take over the world. So he became the arch-enemy of the Mighty Agrippa, the Roman god of the Aqueduct (a Thor parody). He joined the Phalanx of Doom with the Red Scare (a rental Russian villain and one of the Ticks original enemies), Roach (a lady with a tough personality and roach abilities), Fuzzy Person (a humanoid beast covered in fur who can inflate itself), The Underwaterer (a Sub-Mariner parody), Toy de Force (toy-themed mad scientist), Praying Mantis (chubby martial artist girl, who is said to eats men), Lumber Jane (Chainsaw Vigilante's female counterpart) and Candyman (a Mysterio parody). But he was kicked out, for eating Toy de Force! The Tick and his unnamed superhero team got in Tharkkorzog's dimension to learn: there he's tiny. Thrakkorzog makes an army of gelatinous Tick clone, that the heroes defeat by stepping on them. In December 2002, he is seen in The Tick Big Xmas Trilogy in the Tick's pageant as Ebenezer Scrooge.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Tick

The Tick was a frequently obtuse, high-spirited, and prone to quipping odd, and legally insane weirdo with nigh-invulnerability, oxygen independency, superhuman strenght and "Drama Power" (his powers get more powerful with when situations get dangerous enough) in a mad house. But he decided (and) escape because he was bored. So he became the hero of the city nearby the mad house: the City (don't ask)! The original Tick comic series ran for 13 issues and here are the summary of the story arches: 1-2: The Tick became the City's hero, but there was already another hero: Caped Wonder (had Superman's power). The Tick made the Caped Wonder's life horrible, by mistake. (Warning: spoiler) So the Caped Wonder knocked him out. 3-5: The Tick teamed up with a martial-expert named Oedipus to stop evil ninjas from getting the Thorn of Oblivion. Note: The Tick also teamed up with Paul the Samurai (expert sword fighter) and Arthur (has a moth-flight suit). 6: Running Guy (is faster than 10 fast men) hired the Red Scare to battle him, to boost his rep. But the Tick messes this up. Note: In this issue Arthur become the Tick's sidekick 7: A chair-faced crime lord named Chairface Chippendale tried to write his name on the moon. 8-12: The Tick and Arthur went to New York to find some "real crime", but on the way the Tick had to battle Barry Hubris for his superhero name. Because he won the name, the Tick got all of Barry's crime fighting gear and cave. So Barry got his enemies the Evileers: the Fuzzy Person (could inflate itself [gender unknown]), Mr. Tragedy (was smarter then any of the other members and a failed actor), Multiple Santa (could create copies of himself and wore a Santa suit), the Terror (the really old leader) and Tuun-La, Not of this World (an alien that had strong pincers, an armored muumuu and flight), all pictured, to battle the Tick.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lantern Corps. Part 3

(If you haven't read Lantern Corps. part 1-2 d0 so before reading this.)

  • The Blue Lantern Corps.- Two Guardians of the Universe where kicked out for embracing other emotions, so they went to the sacred garden of Odym and formed a hope-based corp. In my opinion they're kind of like a cult. The Blue Lanterns' creation of solid constructs is mostly used to soothe it's targets' hope. Some Corp. member have being have to de-age dying suns. Their weakness is without a nearby Green Lantern, they have limited space travel.

  • The Indigo Tribe- I am sorry, but not much is known about the Indigo tribe. This is what is known. They use staff (instead of rings). Their emotion is compassion. They wear Indian like clothing and paint on their bodies and speak an unknown language. Their leader is a pale alien named Indigo (kind of obvious). Although the staffs seem to absorb "Sinestero light" the real power of the ring are unknown.

  • The Black Lantern Corp. (Warning: this has information that maybe be found creepy and disgusting)- What happens when you die? Ask these guys: the Black Lantern Corp. is completely undead (expect for Black Hand). The Anti-Monitor discovered the corporation's home world was inside a giant Lantern Battery, when was thrown into it by Superboy-Prime. The ring awaken the dead as zombies and bonds to them, making them Black Lantern Corporation members. The rings are fueled by killing people and removing their hearts (EW!). The zombies don't always behave like they did as living being. They can read the emotion of the living as auras in different colors (violet = love, red = rage, ect.).


Blackest Night issue 0

Lantern Corps. Part 2

(If you haven't read Lantern Corps. part 1 d0 so before reading this.)

  • The Red Lantern Corp.- The Manhunters robots (the early space police) had a "program glitch" causing them to kill all but 5 beings in Space Sector 666, before they were stopped. These survivors formed the Red Lantern corp. to get revenge! The Corp. emotion is anger. Their rings can create solid light like all the lantern rings, but they can also fire rage energy (to corrupt their enemies). This power is manifested as rage-energized blood. Their weaknesses are due to them almost always being mad, they can't think straight and blue lantern lights can extinguish the Corp.'s flame. Note: If you join this Corp. they remove your blood and replace it with plasma!

  • The Agent Orange- A long time ago (a millennia), a group of thieves discover an Orange Lantern flame (Lantern flames fuel the rings) of greed, in the Vega system. They fought over it, until the Manhunters found them all, but because they had a mysterious box, with the fear entity Parallax in it, the Guardians of the Universe offered that the two of the thieves Larfleeze and Blooch, if they didn't take the flame out of the Vega system, the Guardian wouldn't interfere with it and only they could have any access to it, they could trade the box for the flame. Soon after they did the other thieves tried to steal the flame, but Larfleeze killed them all! Of course, being a thief he broke this deal and used the flame for evil reasons. Like all the other Lanterns, Larfleeze can create solid, but he creates a Orange Lantern avatars of who ever he killed, literally "stealing their identities". The only weaknesses of the Orange Flame are it can't drain the power of a Blue Lantern ring and it has an addictive side effect. Note: Larfleeze is the only real Orange Lantern.

  • The Sinestro (yellow) Corp.- Power corrupts. Just ask Hal Jordon: his mentor Sinestro was of the greatest Green Lantern every, but he soon thought he was above the law. As punishment, he was sent to the Antimatter Universe. But he discovered yellow lantern lights of fear where being mined on a planet called Qward. After escaping the Antimatter, he created a twisted version of Green Lantern Corp. full of the most sadistic, psychopathic and horrific beings alive! Like the Green one, the Sinestro ring can create solid objects in form of what the user imagines (unlike the Green one, it can be very demented!), however the emotion for this Corp. is fear. The weakness for a Sinestro ring is that their powers can be greatly disrupted by the presence of Blue Lanterns.


Blackest Night issue 0

Lantern Corpations part 1

Who ever said the Green Lantern was the only one? There are 7 other corps. (all of them have the 24 hour charge limit and create solid light) each with a different color of the rainbow (expect for black) and emotion. Artist Ethan Van Sciver descird the creation of this as:
" We found the idea of the seven different colors and what they meant, and then we tried to see what each of the different corps would represent and what kind of people they were.
I always call it a religion. I think of these different colors as religions. And I use that word with Geoff, and I'm not sure that he agrees. But the way I think of it is that they all sort of focus around one sort of human drive. Not even an emotion. I know it's called the emotional spectrum, but I tend to use the word 'drive,' because willpower isn't as much an emotion as a human drive. You have the willpower to get something done."


Friday, July 10, 2009

The Gas Gang

Cosmic rays turned Doc Magnus (see Metal Men) into a cold-hearted robot. He told the Metal Men to NOT save an another ship from the "Comet Ceature". But they did (thank God for independent robots). Magnus locked up the Metal Men after their heroic deed (for his own protection) and tried to turn himself human again. But only ends up making 5 robots that had powers / names based after the gases, they held in them (as opposed to the metals they were made out of). These robots (the Gas Gang) were completely loyal to Doc. They were the following:
  • Oxygen- He was a walking Oxygen tank.

  • Helium- He was a rubber robot able to expand like a balloon.
  • Chloroform- He was a cylinder shaped robot with holes that could emitt chloroform.

  • Carbon Monoxide- He was basically a walking lit Bunsen Burner.

  • Carbon Dioxide- Oddly enough, he looked like an anthropomorphic (giving human traits to non-human things) dry ice crystal.

Unlike the Metal Men (who were the Doc's size), the Gas Gang's size varied from 1/3 to twice Doc's size. He ordered the Gas Gang to attack the Metal Men. Chloroform used it's nitrous oxide to cause the Metal Men to have hysteria fits (causing Mercury to literally break up laughing). But Lead turned into a wall to block it. Oxygen tried to rust them. During a chase, Carbon Monoxide tried to poison them. Carbon Dioxide tried to freeze them. Gold manage to turn into a cage and trap the Gas Gang. He connected himself to high voltage conductors causing the Gas Gang to melt and turn into steam. Somehow the steam turned Doc back to normal.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Bat-Mite and Mister Mxyzptlk

Beings from the fifth dimension have science so advance, we take it for magic! This make the beings not bound by any third dimensional rules / laws, making them essentially omnipotent. Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk are two of them. Here some info about hem:

  1. Bat-Mite: Bat-Mite is Batman's biggest fan and sometimes his biggest headache. He appears in our 3D views as a small child or elf in a Batman costume. He loves to see Batman in action usually causing him to make strange events to see his hero in action. However, he will leave Batman alone, when he figures out he angered his idol.

  2. Mister Mxyzptlk: He appears like a small old man. He came to Metropolis to pulls pranks and take over the world! But settled on tormenting Superman. His only weaknesses are he is gullible and if he says Kltzyxm (his name backwards), he sent back to the fifth dimension for 90 days. He is usually presented as a magic-like trickster. He is name is pronounced "mix-yez-pittle-ik" .

Despite their differences sometimes they teamed up to tormenting Batman and Superman.

Justice League Antarctica

The idiotic Injustice League had the following members:
1. Big Sir- Dufus P. Ratchett had a malformed brain gland allowing him to grow super big, but left him mentally ill and dumb. However, he is a card counter. He was given suit that could allow him to fly and had a powerful energy mace, but vulerable to telepathic sugestions.
2. Cluemaster- He is some guy with Batman-like weapons. His origins are unrevealed.
3.The Clock King- William Tockman's had an ill sister. His doctor told him, he was too! So he tried to rob a bank, in hopes to help his sister's future, but was stopped by Green Arrow. His sister died and in an ironic twist, it turned out William wasn't dying! So he became the Clock King to get his revenge on the Green Arrow!
4. Major Disaster- Paul Booker was a cheap crook, who discover the secret identities of Flash and Green Lantern. He hired criminal scientist to build him weapons allowing him to create "natural" disaster, which they did! The Green Lantern erased Major Disaster memory of who he and the Flash were. Over expose to these weapons gave him the powers to make disasters, without the machines.
5. Mighty Bruce- He was a crook that Major Disaster befriended in prison. He has no known powers.

6. Multi-Man- Duncan Pramble ate something called "Liquid Light". This gave him the power to return from the dead with a new set of power. This caused him to have Bipolar Disorder.
They decide to become a superhero team and invited G'nort (he has a power ring) and Scarlet Skier (see his blog). Thanks to Justice League International's backer Maxwell Lord, they ended up in Antarctia. They sent most of their time battling penguin / piranha hybrids. They only won by causing a earthquake that destroyed their base! They only survived because G'nort's power ring.