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Cosmic Custodian

The Cosmic Custodians are several character created for public domain by Micheal P. (who is also called "Yzz"). He also created two alternate realities for these characters to live in. Earth-A was actually fleshed out unlike Earth-I. Both settings are also public domain.
The two versions that Micheal P. created
This version is extremely similar to Green Lantern. The Cosmic Custodians are an intergalatic police force. The powers band are created by the unseen characters called "Keepers of the Cosmos".
The first Earth Cosmic Custodian was pre-World War I Irish-immigrant Jeremy O'Brien, who worked as a farmhand. He got the power band from a miniature star that turned into the bands when he volunteered to become a titan (superhero). He started his carrier in 1914 thus becoming the second titan. He helped stop World War One and accidentally prevent the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Despite this, World War II (called the "Second Great War") still happened for some reason. He died in the war. Four unseen people also became the Cosmic Custodian at one point or another. The current Cosmic Custodian (the sixth) is David O'Brien, Jeremy's descendant. David has glowing blue eyes.
The Cosmic Custodians use power bands. The power bands gives the use life support, energy projection, flight and super durability. David (unlike the rest of the Custodians) can make simple energy constructs.
The robot version
This version is an alien robot. The aliens created the machine to protect the solar system (which they saw as their property). The Custodian laid dormant for thousands (if not millions) of years. What happened to these aliens in not explained. The CC was turned on by alien raiders. He decided to stop any alien invasion, but is unsure what to do with the "aliens" already in the solar system.
This version had a different set powers than his Earth-A counterparts. He has high-level invulnerability and super strength. He is super smart. CC can fly faster than light.
Micheal P. wants people to credit him for his creations. However, I found two different citations. For the Earth-A version, you have to insert:
"Earth-A, Athena (Earth-A) , Cosmic Custodian, and Scarlet Stalker (Earth-A) were created by Michael P. and are available for use by anyone, with only one condition: This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Earth-A, Athena, Cosmic Custodian, and Scarlet Stalker, in order that others may use these properties as they wish. All rights reversed."
However, the Earth-I has a different citation:
"Cosmic Custodian was created by Michael P. and is available for use by anyone, with only one condition: This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Cosmic Custodian in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed."

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The plot revolved around a white-haired homeless man that dresses like Uncle Sam. He constantly had visions of American injustices (such as taking Native American lands, lynch mobs and the Civil War) while wandering around aimlessly. He eventually remembered he is Uncle Sam. He met other national personification, who give him advice, such as the Russian Bear and Britannia. He confronted and ultimately stood up to a self-satisfied and evil version of our hero. He regained his sense of his past and purpose.
Relationship to DC Comics Uncle Sam
He is stated to be Uncle Sam. It is unclear if he is the DC Comics version of the character possessing a homeless man or not. The comic shows things that support both angels.
There is evidence to support this. He sees visions of things the DC Comics version of the character would be aware of. In one of the vision, we see a Revolutionary soldier named "Sam". The DC Comics Uncle Sam was the spirit of a dead soldier Sam, who happens to manifest in the form of the national personification of America at the time.
There is evidence to disprove this. If he was a spirit possessing a bum's body, how come the spirit didn't simply take him over? The DC Comics version of Uncle Sam never interacted with other living symbols of other countries. Aside from the visions, "Sam" never displays any super powers.
U.S. issue 1

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Plot of Deathmate

As I mentioned, almost no one on the world wide web has a complete summary of Deathmate. Having acquired all six issues, I will do a summary. Despite the creators saying that all the issues (except the prologue and the epilogue) can be read in any order, the series has to be read in a specific order for it to make sense. The order is prologue first, issue red, issue yellow, issue blue and epilogue last. Issue black (having a different setting and poor writing) is the only issue that can be read like the creators said.
The real comic is silver not white
In the Valiant Comics universe, Gayle, Doctor Solar's girlfriend, was suicidal. She convinced a reluctant Solar to absorb her life force thus killing her. Naturally, he was upset by this series of events. He and Void (from the Image Comics universe) were sucked into "unreality". A future version of Solar tried to find the past version of himself, but found Void instead. They made out. Because their energy powers are incompatible, they merged their universes into a single dying one. Geoff, a Geomancer, had visions of the universe merging. The new version of the Berzerkers attempted to capture him for "the company". However, the Prophet (who remembers the original universes) saved him and ran off with Geoff.
Issue Red
The scan makes it look maroon
Shaft (the leader of Youngblood) was informed of a terrorist attack on a power plant. He assembled his team, which consisted of the rock-man Badrock, the gun-wielding Bloodshot, the cyborg Diehard, the gymnast Vogue and the oddly-named Dutch. They then murdered the terrorists. The Geomancer-less Prophet watched this, but was knocked out by an unseen man. When he woke up, he questioned by the rebel group Knightsabre. They explained Toyo Harada is the tyrannical and genocidal leader of New York City. After earning their trust, Prophet joined them. Knightsabre attacked a parade (which had many high-ranking officials). Most of Youngblood (who worked for Harada and defended the officials) and Knightsabre was killed in the resulting battle. Prophet mourned the dead.
Issue Yellow
Finally a scan with the right color
Issue Yellow is an anthology. The first story takes place in 3000 AD. The brothers Ivar (the skinny one) and Adam (the fat one) avoided chaos on the street. They discovered that the timeline is collapsing (shown by the city disappearing). They used a time portal to go Ancient Rome. Lord Emp (who speaks English despite everyone else speaking Latin) told them they needed to find the Geomancer of this era. The second story takes place in modern day. Zealot was sent by Heydrich to kill Toyo Harada. Darkque was revealed to be controlling Heydrich to kill Harada. Zealot met her old flame Ninjak, who was working for Harada. After seemingly defeating Ninjak, Zealot fell into a trap set by Ninjak (who faked being wounded). In the next story, Heydrich sent H.A.R.D.C.A.T.S. (a combination of H.A.R.D. Corps and Wild C.A.T.S.) to kill Harada. However, the team decided to save Zealot instead. They were ambushed by Haradda's troops. Several H.A.R.D.C.A.T.S. members were killed. Softcore (who gave the members their powers) was killed by Heydrich for punishment for the team's lack of cooperation. The team got out with Zealot (who somehow got out of the trap by herself). Chahosky (a thought-dead member) killed Heydrich. In the last story, Darkque tried to learn about the crisis. There was a diversion to a character called "Shadow". Darkque resurrected the dead Doctor Solar villain Doctor Eclipse to serve him.
Issue Blue
The scan makes it look navy blue
Like Yellow, Blue is an anthology. Magnus the Robot Fighter fought Battlestone, who killed his father. Geoff reappeared to tell them how they are all doomed. This turned out be a vision. In the next story, Cyberforce stopped an assassination attempt. Geoff convinced them to get to Harada's base so he can warn him about the coming apocalypse. When they got there, Secret Weapons fought them. Harada (who is somehow aware of the plot) attempted to warn Solar about what he is going to do, but Solar didn't believe Harada until Geoff confirmed it. In the last story, Doctor Solar contacted Supreme. As they decide to go stop the future Solar, Darkque and Eclipse appeared. Fearing they lack enough brute force, they allowed the villains to help them.
Issue Black
At least it looks black
This issue was by far the most confusing. It has a different setting than the others. This issue takes place in another dystopia (although it is very similar to the other one). This one is ruled by the blue-skinned Mother May I (pronounced "mother may-eye") and the Council (who are secretly under her control via a machine that harnesses Union's powers). Gen 13 were revealed to rebels fighting Mother May I. Ripclaw defected from May's side to Gen 13. He convinced an older Voodoo to join the team. Warblade (a Gen 13 member) was mind controlled by Mother to betray Gen 13. When he was freed, Warblade destroyed the machine controlling the Council thus freeing Union. Union flied away.
The actual comic is silver
Darkque, the past Doctor Solar, Supreme and Doctor Eclipse entered unreality to stop the future Doctor Solar. Union arrived as well. They tried to stop the future Solar, who assumed they are villains. He absorbed the past Solar. It turned out Darkque wanted the merging of realities to happen in the hope of becoming a "supreme being". Doctor Eclipse (under Darkque's control) killed Supreme. Union attacked future Solar thus freeing the past one. Future Solar and Void kissed. Somehow, Union acted as a shell that protected the two realities and the past Solar thus everything went back to normal.

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Stone Men of Saturn

The Kornans in their debut issue
Kronans (a.k.a. the Stone Men of Saturn) were the first villains Marvel Comics' Thor fought.
The Kronans live in a military dictatorship. They attempt to conquer new worlds and expand their empire. However, they have little success in doing so. They attempted to conqueror 3000 BCE Earth, but was stopped by Gilgamesh and a time-displaced Captain America. They moved to Saturn hence why they are called "Stone Men of Saturn". They attempted to invade Earth again, but was stopped by Donald Blake / Thor (who had just discovered Mjolnir). They fled since they didn't know if all humans were as powerful as Thor or not. After crashing on an asteroid, they entered suspended animation. When they awoke, they attempted to steal the Star-Jammer (a spaceship piloted by Thor), but lost and the asteroid was destroyed. Another Kronan crew was stranded. After repairing their ship (with help of the Kree), the Stone Men were caught in a space warp and were separated. Kronans were among the aliens attempting to get rights for Rick Jones' biography (in the hope of learning about how he used the Destiny Force), but found the book useless. We met a Kronan Starblasters member named "Zardok". Some Kronans helped the New Immortals led a fight against the High Evolutionary. However, Thor and Godpack defeated them. On Sakaar, the Red King used "obedience disks" (which cause pain) to make the Kronans his slaves. He forced them into gladiatorial combat. The Hulk and the Warbound freed them.
Physical Traits
The Stone Men are silicon-based aliens. They are extremely resistant to heat and cold. The Kronans eat rocks and lack other biological needs (such as sunlight, oxygen and water). In Earth-like environments, they can live for centuries and lift roughly 100 tons. Stone Men can enter suspended animation during which they have limited senses about their environment. They can only be killed if shattered or grounded into dust.

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Les Heroes de Paris

Clockwise: Le Vent (top left), Fantome, Docteur Q,
Adamantine, Comte, Bleue, Cowboy and Anaïs
I mentioned Marvel had the Squadron Supreme, a Justice League homage. Les Heroes de Paris (although "Les Héros de Paris" is correct French) is also a Justice League stand-in.
The team's origin and history before contacting the Thing is unknown. The Thing (who was went to France due to the events of Civil War) was asked by the team to help them fight the villain I'Empereur du Monde Souterrian and his army of rock men. The Thing, nostalgic for "the good old days", agreed. During the battle, I'Emperur revealed he was villain to impress his ex-girlfriend. After defeating him, they got him back with his girlfriend (since he didn't caused any real damage). Impressed by I'Emperur's devotion, she married him. Later, the Thing and Anaïs looked for a Hydra base. They captured the terrorists and had the French Police take them into custody.
  • Docteur Q- He was a weapon designer, but decided to use his abilities and weapons to help peace. He uses a suit of power armor. If he is supposed to be based on a DC character, I have no clue who it is supposed to be. He is similar to Iron Man.
  • Adamantine (Superman)- He is the leader of the team. His alter ego is a street vendor. He destroyed the machine I'Empereur was using. He has poorly-defined powers, but seems have super strength, flight and invulnerability. He is also skilled at disguise.
  • Anaïs (Catwoman with elements of Wonder Woman)- She is the exiled queen of a Sahara civilzation of cats. She helped the Thing (who she has a crush on) defeat some HYDRA terrorists. She controls cats.
  • La Lumière Bleue (Green Lantern)- He has a (Blue) "Light of Truth", which gives the power to fly and "[reveal] all secret".
  • Comte de Nuit (Batman)- He is caped crime fighter. His father was murdered by thieves thus inspiring Comte to become a hero.
  • Detective Fantôme (Spectre)- He is an undead spirit. He became a superhero to earn his way into Heaven. He has intangibility.
  • Le Vent (Flash)- He is "the fastest man in... Europe". He has super speed, but cannot slow down (due to a magic curse).
  • Le Cowboy (Vigilante?)- He is a skilled shootist that doesn't speak alot.

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The cover character is a Red Basher
Destroy!! was a comic book created by Scott McCloud. It is an affectionate parody of superhero while being a mostly plotless 32 page fight scene.
Red Basher was wrecking Manhattan, but Captain Maximum attempted to calm him and make peace. However, Red Basher just yelled "DESTROY!!" and then attacked him. This led to a nearly 32 pages-long fight scene. Captain Maximum at first attempted to stop him. But as the battle escalated out of control, he lowered his expectations until he convinced Red Basher to just shut up.
32 pages of the comic is just one almost meaningless fight. Why did Scott McCloud a comic like this? After hearing people saying Super Boxer "nothing but senseless violence from beginning to end", he thought it sounded interesting only to discover it had "distractions" such as characterization and plot.  He decided to make Destory!! to get it right.

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Sonic the Hedgehog (promotional comic)

The cover art
This American comic attempted to give an explanation of the hit game Sonic the Hedgehog.
After avoiding Doctor Robotnik's robots and death traps (Robotnik being the main villain of the game), Sonic meets up with several rebels. The rebels say they should find Doctor Kintobor to help them. Sonic revealed Kintobor is Robotnik. Sonic tells them the origin of Robotnik.
Sonic was a brown hedgehog that befriended the benevolent Doctor Kintobor. Sonic ran on one of Kintobor's treadmills, but ran too fast. This caused an explosion that (due to "the cobalt effect") turned him blue. Kintobor attempted to use the Chaos Emeralds (which he harnessed by the "Retro Orbital Chaos Compressor") to remove all evil from their world. However, Sonic spilled a soda and egg on the machine turn Kintobor into the evil, egg-shaped Robotnik.
After explaining this, Sonic leaves to fight Robotnik. He reenacts the event of his game. In the end, Robotnik escapes via his hovercraft.
As mentioned before, the comic was supposed to explain the plot of Sonic. However, the comic (even at the time) isn't an "official" part of the Sonic mythos. As such, the Japanese explanation is treated as the "true" origin as oppose to this.
References: (which has a summary of the plot and scans of the comic)

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Overman (Animal Man)

For every main comic book universe, there is usually tons of alternate universes. One exmaple of an alternate version of character is Overman, an insane version of Superman.
This version of Superman lived in a darker and edgier reality. He was his world's first superhero. He had the same powers as Superman. Every other superhero were created from his cells. The Justice League of this world was working for the government. Overman went insane upon discovering he had a STD that was killing him. He went on rampage and killed the other heroes. This reality was among the realities destroyed in Crisis on Infinite Earth. Psycho-Pirate attempted to remake people destroyed in the Crisis. Pirate attempted to not recreate Overman, but he failed. Overman carried around a giant bomb (with "Purification Day" printed on it) and went to the Arkham Asylum. Because he is insane, other remade heroes, such as Bizarro, Ultraman and Streaky, attempted stop him. However, Animal Man managed to stop him by trapped Overman in a shrinking comic book panel thus killing Overman.

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Fighting American (Awesome Comics)

Issue 2
I decided to elaborate on a previous post. I mentioned in my "Fighting American" post that Awesome Comics did a revamp of the character. So, lets look at their version of the character.
John Flagg took place in a government experiment. This made him super fit and slowed his aging. He became the greatest weapon for America in the Cold War: the Fighting American. He had a sidekick, Speedyboy. However, he retired when Speedboy died. Years later, the still young Fighting America left retirement when his old enemies (such as Red Menace and Iron Cross) returned. Fighting American got a new sidekick: the 16-year old cyborg girl Super Prototype Intelligent Cyborg Entity (who is often referred to her acronym S.P.I.C.E.). He met other Awesome Comics characters such as Supreme, Diehard and Thor.
Publication History
Originally, this comic was going to be about Agent America, a Captain America-stand in. However, Rob Liefield (the creator) made him too similar to Captain America and Marvel threatened to sue him. However, he bought the right to the Fighting America (who was already similar to the Cap) and used him instead. Then, he combined Fighting America with elements of Agent America. A judge said Rob could use Fighting American (not Agent America) so long as he changed the costume some more and that Fighting American never threw his shield. Rob seemed to completely ignore the satirical elements of the original character.

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Rex the Wonder Dog

Rex fighting a T-Rex
Yes, this is real.
Rex was a member of the K-9 Army Dog Training Corps. He had many adventurers during World War II and later acquired human communication. His litter mate Pooch was a member of the Losers. Rex became a World War II and Vietnam war vetran and earned himself a Medal of Valor. He was adopted by the Dennis family. With war comics being phased out, he had more general and random adventurers often with Danny Dennis (one of his owners). He had a variety of jobs such as forest rangers and stuntman. Later, he had more fantastical adventures such as going to other dimension. During an adventure with Detective Chimp, he drank a fountain of youth. This gave him vigor and youth. He went to the moon with Danny. Rex helped Chimp during Day of Vegeance. Later, his power to talk with humans became less effective. He helped stop a take over of Gorilla City.
Powers and Abilities
He has the ability to talk to humans. He is a skilled leader. The fountain of youth gave him eternal life. Due to being injected with a special serum, he has superdog speed, strength, stamina and intelligence.

Impostor Mad Hatter

He looks nothing like the Lewis Carroll character.
I mentioned there was a second Mad Hatter. He is more about him.
The real Mad Hatter villain made one appearance prior this impostor. The impostor was a thief with a hat collection. He was obsessed with completing his collection, which often led him to steal headgear. He attempted to steal Batman's cowl for his collection. After several failed tries, he sprayed the cowl with a toxic and radioactive substance thus forcing the cowl off. He stole the cowl, but Batman and Robin tracked it via a Geiger counter. He claimed he went straight, but this was revealed to be a lie. The real Mad Hatter returned and said he killed the impostor. This is revealed to be a lie and the impostor returned. He was seen in Arkham Asylum despite not being insane and was making paper hat. His moniker was retroactively changed to "Hatman".
Powers and Abilities
Like most Batman villains, he has no powers. He used various weapons he hid in his hats. He is also suppose to be sane, but is seen the Arkham Asylum.

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Doom Force

The Team
Doom Force was an one-shot comic made by Grant Morrison. It was a parody of Nineties Antiheroes that were popular at the time especially X-Force.
They fought invading robot only to discover that the Head sent them to test them. The Head thought that their nemesis Count Anton Zero (who, at one point, controlled the Omega Helix) will come back. The team went off to investigate a giant head that appeared in Nevada. Meanwhile, Anton and Una (his sister) were controlling a giant underground city (which the giant head is just part of). One of his "Pale Riders" warned him the incoming Doom Force. Zero had his Pale Rider to fight them. Crying Boy and Spinner headed went toward the head while the others distracted the Pale Riders. CB and Spinner reached the head and entered the city. Una (who can control the city) captured them. Count Zero greeted the heroes and explained his plan to destroy "the sickness of humanity" and the city would act as the antibody. He said he was going to destroy all major cities in America starting with Crying Boy's hometown LA. Flux and Scratch defeated Pale Riders, but Shasta was useless. The head revealed a body (the rest of the city) under it. Shasta turned into mountain, which Scratched used to get on the top of the creature. The other members attempted to help him.  As this happen, Zero, Crying Boy and Spinner contented to talk. However, Flux and Scratch freed the heroes. The villains attempted to escape with nuclear warhead, but Shasta sacrificed himself to stop them. After finding the dead Shasta, they don't care about his death and decided to get a bite to eat.
  • The Head / Niles Caulder- Niles Caulder is now a chopped head in a chunk of ice. The ice was contained in a giant drinking glass that has an umbrella. 
  • Dorothy Spinner- She is the leader of the team. Unlike her modern-day counterpart, she can control her power, which she uses to create a version of her victim's worst nightmare. 
  • The Scratch / Possibly Morgan Morgan- He can dismantle anything into its most basic components. He may or may not be a hero attempted to redeem himself for killing someone. 
  • Crying Boy / Kenneth Most- He absorbed a cheap painting's bad luck powers. This allowed to cause misfortune wherever he goes.
  • Shasta the Living Mountain- He had the ability to turned into a mountain with ski-lifts and trees. As such, he tended to be useless.
  • Flux / Danii Melvin- She was the step-daughter of an Aboriginal Witchdoctor. The doctor taught her shapeshifting.

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Critic Corner: Gladstone's School For World Conquerors

An Issue Cover That Would Serve As The TPB Cover
On our last two outings of the Critic Corner, I was negative. So, I decided to review something I liked.
What's the plot? In this world, superhero and villains battles are stage like pro-wrestling. The zealous Kid Nefarious, intangible shape shifter Ghost Girl, the super genius alien Martian Jones, Ghost's best friend Mummy Girl (who has loose bandages that she can manipulate like Doc Ock does his tentacles) and the troublemaker Skull Brothers are among the next generation of villains. However, they don't know that battles are faked.
What's the good? It has a good superhero and cartoony style similar to the Teen Titans cartoon. The plot is compelling. The characters are creative. The premise (while it has been used) is good for story telling engine. The battle at end of issue 6 was good.
What's the bad? Despite the title, Gladstone's School For World Conquerors isn't a huge part of the plot and is only prominent in the first two issues. Kid Nefarious, Ghost Girl and Mummy Girl have vaguely defined powers.
Despite the flaws, I found Gladstone's School For World Conquerors entertaining. I give it 4 out of 5. If Gladstone's School For World Conqueror 2 ever gets off the ground, I would probably buy it.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Jason Hart was a high school student with a strong sense of wrong and right. One day, he learned his cousin, Ted, had become a drug addict. He got Ted to talk to his family, but Ted didn't listen. Because Ted was comic book fan, Jason dressed up as a superhero and called himself "Protector" in hopes he would listen to a superhero. The Protector, who had been trained to hand-to-hand combat, ended up fighting drug dealers to save Ted. This led Jason to become a honorary member of the Teen Titans. Nightwing trained him to a superhero. He appeared in a Teen Titans anti-drug PSA comics, DC Who's Who Update '87 and Titans Secret Files #2
Relation to Robin
Protector was originally a character from a Teen Titans anti-drug PSA. Robin was suppose to be in the comic, but couldn't be used due to Keebler sponsoring the comic (due to Robin being to licensed to Keebler's rival Nabisco). As such, Protector was created to replaced Robin.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Other Two-Faces

Harvey Dent / Harvey Kent is one of the most famous Batman villains. However, he isn't the only Batman villain to take the name of Two-Face. So, here are the other bearers of the name.
Why are these women wearing  German WWI army helmets?
After Harvey's sanity and face was restored, his butler posed as Two-Face. He wore makeup to fake the scared half of his face. He attempted to make it seem like Harvey became Two-Face again. However, he was discovered by the Dynamic Duo.
Paul Sloane
Third time is the charm.
Paul was an actor. He was going to play Harvey in a biography about Two-Face. However, a set accident made him deformed like the original Two-Face. Paul went insane and thought he actually was Dent. Even when Sloane regained more of his original personality, he remained a criminal. It was established he was the Two-Face on Pre-Crisis Earth 2. He mainly appeared in Golden Age stories. Post-Crisis, Harvey Dent intentionally scarred Paul, but Paul ended up healed. Post-Zero Hour, Paul Sloan (note the missing "e") was the criminal the Charlatan, who was driven insane by Scarecrow, and obsessed with killing his employers and Batman. This version has no connection to Two-Face.
George Blake
A villain takes inspiration from Charlie Chaplin
The fourth Two-Face was another impostor. He wore make-up like Wilkins. However, he wears on the side opposite to that of Sloane's scars. Bats and Robin stopped him.
Harvey Apollo
Apollo reading
This version only appeared in Batman Sunday comic strip. The actor Harvey Apollo was scarred by acid when he was in court and testifying against a mob member. He unintentionally hung himself after slipping his silver dollar coin at the end of the story arc.
Two-Face-Two on the right and I have no idea who the guy left is suppose to be
Batman issue 700 revealed Terry McGinnis (the Batman from Batman Beyond) existed in the main continuity. 2-Face-2, a man born with a second face, attempted to disfigure an elderly Carter Nichols and an infant Terry a la the Joker. However, he was stopped by Robin V (Damian Wayne). After being knocked on the head by a machine, 2's good side took over.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

History of the Doom Patrol Part 4

Volume Three
Robotman; (reflected) Fever, Kid Slick, Freak and Fast Foward
It was revealed that Dorothy Spinner had a mental break down and unintentionally killed the rest of the team. She became comatosed and unknowingly created a "imaginary" Robotman. This Robotman created a new version of the team. The fake Robotman faded from existence upon discovering the truth of its existence. The other members found the real Robotman, who joined the team after he got a new body. Beast Boy, Doctor Light, Metamorpho and Elongated Man formed their own unofficial version of the team.
  • Fast Foward / Ted Bruder- He could see 30 seconds into the future. He was nicknamed "Negative Man" due to being pemmistic.
  • Fever / Shyleen Yao- She could create intense heat that lasts for short distances.
  • Kid Slick / Vic Darge- He was stuck inside fictionless force field aura.
  • Freak / Ava- She had prehensile hair that she can increase the size of.
  • "Imaginary" Robotman
  • Robotman / Cliff Steele

Volume 4
From Teen Titans volume 3 issue 35
Following Infinite Crisis, all the previous Doom Patrols were erased from continuity. This team debuted in a JLA comic and then got their own series. It was written and drawn by John Byrne and inked by Doug Hazlewood. This proved short-lived.
During Infinite Crisis, Superboy-Prime's ripples in time caused the Doom Patrol's previous contitunity returned. In the reprint version of the comic, several more former Doom Patrol members can be seen. The Chief was manipulating the team. However, Elasti-Girl, Beast Boy and Mento forced the Chief to give up leadership and Mento took the role.
  • Bumblebee / Karen Beecher-Duncan- She could shrink. She had super strength, flight and the ability to fire sonic blasts via her suit
  • Faith- She is former JLA member. She had telepathy and telekinesis. She could create an aura of cofidence. 
  • Grunt- He was an implusive four-armed ape.
  • Vox / Malcom Duncan- Longtime Teen Titans member, he had an artifical voice box  and lungs that he could use to make portals.
  • Vortex- Can't find any info on him
  • The Chief / Niles Caulder- He seemed to have been manipulating the members and claimed he wanted to return them to normal.
  • Elasti-Girl / Rita Farr
  • Negative Man / Larry Trainor
  • Robotman / Cliff Steele
  • Beast Boy / Garfield Logan
  • Mento / Steve Dayton- He became mentally unstable during Infinite Crisis.
Volume 5
Clockwise: Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and Robotman
At the 2007 New York Comic Con, it was revealed Keith Giffen was going to write a new Doom Patrol comic. The artist was Matt Clark. It was canceled in 2011.
They used Oolong Island. Rocky Davis (a member of Challengers of the Unknown) was supported the team. Ambush Bug joined in issue 9.
  • Elasti-Woman / Rita Farr- She had changed her codename from "Elasti-Girl" to "Elasti-Woman". The team shrink claimed Rita was "mothering" teammate Bumblebee. 
  • Negative Man / Larry Trainor
  • Robotman / Cliff Steele
  • Ambush Bug / Irwin Schwab- He was an insane member that can teleport. He knew that he is in a comic book.
  • Grunt
  • Mento / Steve Dayton
  • Bumblebee / Karen Beecher-Duncan- She had permentally shrunk to eight-inches tall.
  • Vox
The DC Comics Encyclopedia

Monday, November 11, 2013

History of the Doom Patrol Part 3: Volume 2

Pre-Grant Morrison
Scott (left), Karma, Celsius, Lodesone, Tempest, Larry (not member) Negative Women and Robot Man
The series was relaunched after the time-altering event Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Doom Patrol's history was largely intact. However, the original members didn't die, but were not active heroes. In his version, the writer changed hands several times.
This version had all of the members of the previous one, but also introduced new members. Introduced new members were Lodestone, Karma and Scott Fischer. Lodestone and Karma didn't actually care about being superheroes and joined the team for other reasons. Because Grant Morrison was going to take over, the writer, Paul Kupperberg, got rid of the Patrol members Grant didn't want: Scott Fischer was killed the gene-bomb from Invasion, Celsius was killed by an explosion during the same event, Karma continue to run away from the law, the Negative Spirit left its host, Lodestone was comatosed and Tempest became the physician of the team. He also established future members Dorothy Spinner, Danny the Street and Crazy Jane. Members of this version include:
  • Lodestone / Rhea Joanes- She had the ability to control the electromagnetic spectrum and enhanced her physical abilities. She got these power from an electromagnetic blast. She joined for a sense of security. She was comatose by end of the run.
  • Scott Fischer- He was the only new member that actually wanted be a hero. He tended to be naive. His hands generated a burning aura that forced him to wear gloves. He was the only person killed by the gene-bomb. 
  • Karma / Wayne Hawkins- He could generate bad luck. He was forced to leave when he was hunted by the law for crimes he committed. He later joined the Suicide Squad.
  • Celsius / Arani Desai
  • Negative Woman / Valentina Vostok
  • Robotman / Cliff Steele
  • Tempest / Joshua
Grant Morrison
Clockwise: Rebis (top), the Chief, Crazy Jane, Robotman and Dorothy Spinner
Grant Morrison took over the series. Whereas other writers focused more on the superhero ascept of the comic, Grant Morrison decided to focus on the strange and weird tone. As such, he incorporated surrealism, elements of dadaism, cut-up techniques and influences from Jorge Luis Borge, William S. Burrought, Heinrich Hoffmann and Brion Gysin. He also parodied and homaged Swamp Thing: A Murder of Crows (in issue 31 and 32), Charles Atlas (via the character Flex Mentallo, who was originally supposed to be the actual character), the Jack Kirby and Stan Lee-era Fantastic Four (in issue 53), X-Force (in an one-shot comic Doom Force) and the Punisher (see below).
Niles assembled a new Doom Patrol to combat the villainous Scissorsmen. This team fought villains that were even odd for this series such as the godlike being Red Jack (who needed pain to survive), a Punisher-parody Beard Hunter (who kills people with facial hair) and the reason and order-hating Brotherhood of Dada. In the last storyline, it turned out the Chief caused the accidents that created the original Doom Patrol and (after murdering Tempest) unleashed nanobots to cause a catastrophe to make the world even weirder. However, the Candlemaker, one of Dorothy's creations, decapitated him. Members of this version included:
  • Rebis- Larry's Negative Spirit turned out to be alive and combined Larry and a Tempest's wife into a new body. Rebis was the resulting creation. Rebis was a hermaphrodite that has Larry's powers, flight and powers that appear on and off.
  • The Chief- He was leader. Unlike the original version of the character, he was portrayed as cold and detached. He is later revealed to be evil and was decapitated by one of Doroth's creaions.
  • Crazy Jane- She suffered from multiple personality disorder. Due to being exposed to the gene-bomb, each of her personalities has a different set of powers.
  • Robotman / Cliff Steele- He has rejoined the team. He gained a new body at one point, but lost it and was forced to reuse his old one.
  • Dorothy Spinner- She is a little girl that had a deformed face. She was emotionally vulnerable. She has the ability make her imaginary beings real. However, they gain independent thought upon being created. 
  • Danny the Street- He was a living street named after Danny La Rue ("La Rue" is French for "The Street"). 
  • Tempest / Joshua- While he still had his powers, he was now the team physician.
Post-Grant Morrison
I couldn't find a group shot.
Grant Morrison left of the series with the sixty third issue. As such, Rachel Pollack became the writer. Dorothy Spinner became a more prominent member. The run had themes of bisexuality, transgenderism, identity, humanity and the generation gap.
The Chief was frozen. Realizing what he did, the Chief (who kept himself alive via nanonites) wanted to atone for his sins. He, Dorothy Spinner and Robotman formed the new Doom Patrol. Their base was the haunted house Violet Valley's Rainbow Estates. Three new members joined: George and Marion / the Bandage People (ex-members of the Builders, who are similar to the Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E.) and Inner Child. Kate Godwin / Coagula later joined thus becoming one of the few transgender superheroes.
Their villains included the animal spirits Fox and Crow (who hated Dorothy), the weirdness-hating government agents Builders, the fetus-in-a-bubble Master Cleaner (who "cleans" the world by replacing everything with stolen items) and Rabbi of Darkness and his False Healers (a team of Hassidic healers). Cliff's brain was becoming completely robotic but Dorothy's imaginary friends "repaired" him. The Chief died trying while trying to enter the Tree of Life / Sephirot. Members were:
  • The Bandage People- Marion and George were members of Builders. Their bodies were stolen and their minds were transfered to bodies made out of bandages. They could manipulate and extend their bandages. 
  • Coagula / Kate Godwin- Having slept with Rebis, she gained the ability to coagulate liquids and disslove solids by touching these sustances. She is most notable for being one of the few transgender superheroes. She was originally the male Clark Godwin. 
    • The Chief- His head was frozen in order to preserve it. Nanobots altered his head so he could survive without a body. He decided to become a Doom Patrol member to atone for his sin.
    • Dorothy Spinner- She was now a more prominent member. She would use her "imaginary" friends to help the team during combat.
    • Inner Child- It was a manifestion of the innocence and purity of the ghosts in the Rainbow Estate.
    • Robotman
    Doom Patrol: Crawling From the Wreckage

    Sunday, November 10, 2013

    History of Doom Patrol Part 2: Paul Kupperberg Era

    Clockwise: Cliff Steele (left), Vostok, Arani and Joshua
    We're back to the history of the Doom Patrol.
    Paul Kupperberg Era
    Paul Kupperberg was a longtime fan of Doom Patrol. As such, he and artist Joe Staton decided to make the second incarnation of the team. This version of the team appeared in Showcase issue 94.
    It turned out Niles was married to an Indian woman that he hid in the Himalayas to protect her. When Niles died, she inherited his estate. General Immortus attempted to capture Arani for the secret to her immortality. As such, she formed a new Doom Patrol to protect her. The new members included Negative Woman / Valentina Vostok, Robotman (who turned out to have survived) and Tempest / Joshua. They appeared in other comics from time to time. Cliff got a new body and the murders of the original team were caught.
    • Celsius / Arani Desai- She was the leader of the team. She was Niles' wife before he was killed. She was injected with a serum that gave her immortality and control heat and coldness. 
    • Negative Woman / Valentina Vostok- She was a Russian cosmonuat. She got the Negative Spirit, Larry's projection. However unlike Larry, she actually turned into the spirit as oppose to just projecting it.
    • Robotman / Cliff Steele- He was the only survivor of the original team. His torso, head and one arm were still attached and crawled away. Doctor Will Magnus built a new robot body for Robotman.
    • Tempest / Joshua- He was a Vietnam deserter. He had energy blasting. He could use this to fly.

    Saturday, November 9, 2013

    History of Doom Patrol Part 1: Original Team

    Clockwise: Rita (top), Larry, Niles and Cliff
    I have decided to talk about the Doom Patrol since I've talked about characters related them. Like my "History of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", this will be in parts. I will be talking about differing eras of the team's history.
    My Greatest Adventures was an adventure anthology comicbook. However, he was becoming more and more about science fiction. As such, writer Arnold Drake was told to make a superhero team to fit both genres.
    Doctor Niles, a wheelchaired bound sciencist, was bitter because he felt isolated. As such, he gathered Cliff Steele, Rita Farr and Larry Trainor to form a team, the Doom Patrol, that helped the greater good. The Doom Patrol was group of superheroes that the world see as freaks. Before you comment, read the full post. The series had a werid and strange tone. As such, the villains reflected this. They included the shapeshifting Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, General Immortus (who attempts to make himself immortality) and the Brotherhood of Evil (whose members included the brain-in-a-jar Brain, body-elongating Madame Rogue (who has a malleable face), the intelligent ape Monsieur Mallah and one-shot member Mister Morden).
    The comic's sales and popularity waned. As such, Drake decided to end it with a bang. In Doom Patrol issue 121, the Doom Patrol was killed while saving a small fishing town. This was the first time a comic book ended with all of the protagonists dying.
    The original members were:
    • The Chief / Doctor Niles Chaulder- He is the leader of the team. However, he doesn't actually go on adventures and led them from the safety of his base. He was crippled during surgery to remove a bomb Immortus placed in his chest. He was now wheelchair-bound. He tended to be fatherly towards the other members.
    • Robotman / Cliff Steele- He was a daredevil sportsman, but was nearly killed in a car accident. The Chief transplanted his brain from his too damaged body into a robot body. Cliff tends to be rock-headed and hates his monterous appearance. He and Negative Man tended to argue with each other. He has super strength and durability.
    • Elasti-Girl / Rita Farr- She was a movie actor. She was given superpowers from mysterious gas vapors. She became the token female member. As such, she didn't have much of a personaility. She had the ability to increase and decrease his size. 
    • Negative Man / Larry Trainor- He was pilot. He was exposed to radioactive elements in the outer atmosphere. This gave him the power to create a astral projection-like projection of himself made of radiation. However, it could only be maintained for a minute or he would die. He tended to be grouchy and snarky. He tended to fight with Robotman.
    However, new members were introduced later on. The new members were:
    • Mentallo / Steve Dayton- He was a rich playboy. He built a helmet that gave him telekinesis. He only became a superhero in the hopes of getting a date with Elasti-Girl. Despite this, he helped the team multiple times. Steve and Rita got married.
    • Beast Boy / Garfield Logan- He gained green skin and the ability to turn into any animal from being injected with an experimental serum. After it turned out his guardian was trying to murder, he was adopted by Rita and Steve and became a member.
    Similarity to Other Characters
    Compare and Contrast
    Similarities exist between the original Doom Patrol and the X-Men (who appeared later). Both are a team of misfit superheroes led by wheelchair-bound genius. In fact, Arnold Drake said:
    "...I’ve become more and more convinced that [Stan Lee] knowingly stole The X-Men from The Doom Patrol. Over the years I learned that an awful lot of writers and artists were working surreptitiously between [Marvel and DC]. Therefore from when I first brought the idea into [DC editor] Murray Boltinoff’s office, it would’ve been easy for someone to walk over and hear that [I was] working on a story about a bunch of reluctant superheroes who are led by a man in a wheelchair. So over the years I began to feel that Stan had more lead time than I realized. He may well have had four, five or even six months."
    However, the X-Men (despite being released after the Doom Patrol) were written up at the same time as the Doom Patrol. As such, Stan Lee couldn't have known about the Doom Patrol unless he had advanced knoweldge.
    The Doom Patrol was also similar to the Fanastic Four. Both team had public identity-lacking members and a base in a major city's public building. Each had a streching abilities (Rita Farr and Reed Richards), a member that tried to stay out of view (Niles Caulder and Sue Storm) and a brute with a freakish body that he hates (Cliff Steele and Ben Grimm). Negative Man's projection manifested in a form similar to the Human Torch's flaming form.
    Showcase Presents Doom Patrol volume 1

    Friday, November 8, 2013


    Clark and Lois
    So, you may think I am talking about Superman. I'm not. I'm talking about his main Marvel universe counterpart.
    Clark (possibly Ken Clarke) is a friend of Daily Bugle employee Joe Robertson. Clark works for an unrevealed and prominent tabloid company (which has also has a television crew). He has interest in superheroes much to the chargin of his partner, Lois. Unlike the DC Comics Clark Kent, he isn't a superhero.
    Clark has mainly been seen in cameos. He was first seen at Phil Sheldon's party. Next, he met the X-Men before the robot Sentinels attacked them. Clark was later seen at a Daily Bugle christmas party and talked to Joe Robertson. Clark gave a press conference about Ryker's prison. Clark watched Henry Pym's trial and said it was the "biggest peacetime treason case sincce the" Rosenbergs. When Thor gained the alter ego of Sigurd Jordson, Clark bumped into him and was able to recognize him. Clark was seen talking about an infamous, "self-taught" guru (the Beyonder). Clark was seen at a A Comedy of Errors play, but it was interrupted by Mojo and the X-Men fought them. Later, he tried to interview with Black Knight, but was interrupted by Thor. Clark and Lois were among the people noticing Captain Britain looking for Meggan. He dropped a X-Men story in favor for the President's inauguration. He watched the Jennifers Walters (aka She-Hulk) storm out of the Daily Bugle. He witnessed the battle between Power Pack and Star Stalker. At a party for Sersi, he was seen dancing with She-Hulk. He saw Rage and compared his speed to a speeding bullet. Clark married Lois. They were trapped in snowstorm, but was saved by two members of the New Warriors. Lois and Clark were seen reading a newspaper while they were outside Brighton and Associates Office. They were attacked by Blackout, but saved by Ghost Rider. Clark wrote a news article about the Force Works-Avengers crossover "The Crossing". When Mjolnir crashed in Oklahoma, he was among the people that attempted to lift it.

    Wednesday, November 6, 2013

    The Turtle

    Slow... and... steady... wins... the... race.
    Turtle I
    The Turtle (in the foreground)
    He was an enemy of Jay Garrick the Golden Age Flash. He was a slowing moving and talking criminal that used his slowness to deal with the Flash's super speed. His plan revolved around the Flash having trouble slowing down. However, the Flash still captured him. Later, he donned a costume modelled after turtles. Recently, he allied himself with Turtle Man and was seemly killed.
    Turtle II / Turtle Man
    Turtle Man
    Turtle Man / The Turtle was the first villain Barry Allen (the second Flash) fought. Like his predecessor, he attempted to use slowness againist his super fast nemesis and had slow speech and movements. He attempted to rob a bank, but was foiled by the Flash. After having been released from prision, Turtle Man inherieted tons of money. He used this money to create a turtle shell costume and advanced techology to use for his crimes. He changed his alias "the Turtle". Despite not needing money, he still committed crime out of boredom. He allied himself with the Turtle. However, he was hurt by a lab accident and seemly crippled.
    Powers and Abilities
    Both of the Turtle used slowness in their schemes and terrible hand-to-hand combat skills. The first Turtle was a decent strategist. The second one was a skilled inventor. The second Turtle wore a device that projected a bulletproof force field. He wore a body armor as part of his costume. It could expand to cover his head. His suit contained jets that he can fire as projectiles. He had a ray gun that makes people slow and a laser that slow people's perceptions.

    Tuesday, November 5, 2013


    Solar and Void are in the foreground
    This is an extremely infamous comic crossover. Why? It helped cause the 1996 collapse of the comic book industry.
    I found it impossible to find a summary of the complete series. I all I could find was the basic the premise. So, that's what I'll talk about.
    Void (from Image Comics) and Solar (from Valiant Comics) met each other and became lovers. However, this somehow "begins to unravel the strands of time, creating an Alternate Universe where Image and Valiant characters exist side by side". Somehow, this will also result in the destruction in the new universe.
    There was six main issues of the comic. Three issues were produced by each company. The only two issues that had to be read in order were the Prologue (which had to be read first) and Epilogue (which had to be read last). The remaing issues take place in-between the latter two, but at the same time. As such, the issues don't have numbers, but colors since they were meant for it to be possible to read the middle issues in any order. Valiant produced issue Prologue, Yellow and Blue. Image produced issues Black, Red and Epilogue.
    Problems and Aftermath
    Problems popped almost immediately. The basic premise was weak. Jim Valentino, Erik Larsen and Todd McFarlane, despite making up half the creative force at Image, didn't work on the venture. Al Simmons only had a minor role in working on the comic. The creative crew from each company knew nothing about the other company's characters leading to tons of out-of-character moments. Image's over-the-top style didn't work too well for the comic. While the Valiant's issues were publish on schedule, Image's issue arrived late. Even then, Bob Layton had to fly to LA and refuse to leave Rob's doorstep until he finished his portion of the comic. It took Image over six months (despite what the cover dates) to finish the crossover. Because interest died for crossover in the intervening time, retailers had tons of unsellable comics. This is ultimately juggernauted into the 1996 collapse of the comic industry and contributed to the end of Valiant Comics. So the line, "Their love will end worlds!" (used in the advertising for the crossover), became darkly ironic.

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    Crazy Gang

    I mentioned Captain Britain, a popular UK superhero. I decided to talk about some members of his rogues gallery.
    Clockwise: Jasper (left), Executioner,
    Queen of Hearts, Tweedledope
    Mad Jim Jaspers formed the team on Earth-238 (an alternate reality). They were bank robbers based on Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass characters. Lord Mandragon destroyed this reality to prevent its insanity from infecting other realities. As such, the Crazy Gang were killed as well. Members were:
    • Executioner- He was a silent, dark and tall member. He decapitated people when the Queen told him to. He was defenestrated by Captain Britain, which seemly killed him.
    • Jack of Hearts- Based on the Knave of Hearts, he had super durability and strength. He was smarter than his later counterpart.
    • Tweedledope- Based on Tweedledee and Tweedledum, he poured tea and chuckled whenever Jaspers said something.
    • Conjurors- Not based on any characters from the books, they were two identical men dressed like stage magicians. They used wands, which fire energy bolts.
    • Coco- He is not based on any character. He was the smartest member of the team. He gave several other members orders. He had no powers.
    • Dormouse- He was the pilot the gang's getaway vehicle the Teapot.  
    • Queen of Hearts- She shouted a lot.
    Clockwise: Tweedledope (far left),
    Executioner, Red Queen, Knave and
    In the main Marvel universe, Mad Jim Jasper had a counterpart (simply called "Jim Jasper"). When he wanted friends, Jim Jasper created his own version of the Crazy Gang. However, the Fury, a creation of the Earth-238 Jaspers, killed the Earth-616 Jim. Crazy Gang survived and became the most inept villains in Britain. Slaymaster took over and had them commit crimes such as robbing a mint and museums. He dismissed them when he thought had no further use for them. Arcade used the Crazy Gang to lure CB into a trap. They ended up switching bodies with Excalibur (whom CB was a member of) members, but they fixed this and then defeated them. When an English village disappeared, it turned out they willingly went to the Crazy Gang's Alice in Wonderland-like lair. Members of this version of the team are:
    • Red Queen- Based more on the Queen of Hearts, she is insane and prone to shouting "Orv wiv 'is 'ead" ("Off with his head" with an accent).
    • Knave- He is super strong and durable. However, he has a insecure personality and argues with Jester over the Gang's leadership.
    • Tweedledope- Based on Tweedledee and Tweedledum, he is idiot savant. He loves training rats and is unskilled, but dangerous fighter. 
    • Executioner- He is a mute android. He wears a hood / robe and uses an axe. It blindly follows what the Red Queen tells him to do.
    • Jester- Not based on any Lewis Carroll character, he is an agile fighter. He is the self-proclaimed leader.
    • Feron- He is an Excalibur ex-member. As such, he is not based on Lewis Carrol characters.

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    Critic Corner: Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

    I recently watched Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. I decided to do a review on it.
    What's the plot? The Avengers are killed by Ultron (Tom Kane), who is attempting to take over the world. Tony Stark (Tom Kane) take their children and hide in secret base. Among these children are Captain America and Black Widow's son James Rogers (Noah C. Crawford ), Giant-Man and Wasp's son Henry Pym Jr. (Aidan Drummond), Black Panther's son Azari T'Challa (Dempsey M. Pappion) and Thor's daughter Torunn (Brenna O'Brien). James accidentally activates several of Tony's Iron Avengers robot thus alerting Ultron of their existence. As such, Ultron attempts to kill them.
    What does it do good? The concept is creative. The fight scenes are done well. The designs are decent.
    What's wrong with it?  There is no consistency how superhero genetics work: James (the son of  a superhuman and normal human) has no powers, Azari (whose mother (according to Wikipedia) is supposed to Storm, but this isn't mentioned in the movie, and a non-powered human) has energy powers different from his mom and Torunn has the exact powers as her father. The second generation heroes are idiots. While I know they are teenage and kids, they are constantly doing stupid thus making the people criticizing them look right. The entire plot is caused and sustained by their stupidity. In fact, the real hero isn't the kids, but a character introduced in the third act of the film. Tony isn't much better since saying "online" turns on all the Iron Avengers. Herny Pym Jr. has an annoying voice. Torunn's character arch fells abrupt and unnatural. Despite Tony claiming he has conquered Europe, Ultron almost is never seen with henchmen except some he gets towards the end of the first act (after he conquered Europe). Blatant CGI is used at one point in the movie.
    This wasn't that great of a movie. However, it's not agonizing. This gets a 2 out of 5.

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    Plot of Zenith

    A 2000 AD (the comic Zenith is in) comic book
    I did a post on the main character of the comic Zenith. However, I never explained what the plot is despite me referencing it. So, I am going a summary of the plot. The plot is divided into "Phases".
    Phase I 
    Reluctantly, Zenith joined up with the remaining Cloud 9 members to fight the Many-Angled Ones (Cthulhu-like other-dimensional monsters) member Iok Sotot. While Welsh member Red Dragon was killed, St. John used his psychic powers to defeat Iok. It was revealed the Cloud 9 member only temporarily lost their powers except for St. John, who retained his powers.
    Phase II
    A Richard Branson-stand-in attempted to get the female clones, Blaze and Shockwave, and Zenith to breed a race of super humans that he would use to take over the world. Zenith managed to stand on his own for most of Phase II (although St. John had bailed Zenith out from time to time). Chimera, a being composed of pure thought, transformed himself into a mini-universe.
    Interlude for Phase II and III
    The interlude introduced the reader the concept of alternate universes. It is revealed the "dead" Cloud 9 member were actually living in alternate universes. They were still superheroes except in different universes.
    Phase III
    The Many-Angled Ones (also called "Lloigor") wanted to destroy various alternate universes to form an "Omnihedron" crystal thus allowing to ascend and then take over the multiverse. British comic book superheroes from the 50s to 70s (either the actual characters or stand-ins depending on their copyright status) attempted to fight them by destroying various realities that Lloigor wanted to.  The heroes eventually destroy one of the alternate Earth needed for the process thus stopping the villains. It was declared a pyrrhic victory due to the high body count.
    Phase IV
    The remaining Cloud 9 members transformed into Iok Sotot and Blaze's son. After destroying America in their reality, they used the sun to turn into the Many Angled Ones. St. John used the Chimera universe to imprisoned the Lloigor. St. John became Great Britain prime minister. It is implied he had an agenda when he imprisoned the Lloigor.
    Appearances Outside of Zenith
    Zenith later appeared several other times. On, there is an one-shot story "Prog 2001". It turned out Prime Minister Tony Blair is the mind-controlled puppet of St. John. Zenith doesn't really care.

    Friday, November 1, 2013

    The Fifth Turtles

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles traditionally had four characters. However, there have been fifth members.
    Ninjara (from Archie Comics)
    The only non-turtle
    She is the only fifth member that isn't a turtle. She was a member of Fox People that lived in Japan. She worked for Chien Khan until the Turtles revealed he was evil. As such, she defected to the Turtle's side thus becoming the fifth "Turtle". She had a romantic relationship with Raphael. While she fought with them, she left when her relationship with Raphael caused problems. She went off to live with the humanoid wolf Mokoshan and his Alaskan clan. She had a daughter with him named Moka. Mokoshan was murdered. As such, she went on an investigation to find who killed him.
    Isn't he a handsome fellow?
    He was a criminal from Dimension X and ally of Bellybomb and Krang. The trio escaped to Earth via a waste ship, but was defeated by Turtles. Slash was captured after going on a berserk rage. The Mutanimals discovered Slash wanted to live on a peaceful world unlike his world (which was being stripped mined) and took him to an environmental reservation, where he found peace. He joined the Turtles to avenge the death of the Mutanimals by fighting Mr. Null (their murderer). He drove a ship (with Null in it) into the sun.
    He has invulnerability and super strength. He is skilled at using the weapons of the TMNT members and "Pantera claws". However, he is prone to berserk rages and short-tempered.
    Venus de Milo (from Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutations)
    As she appeared on the show
    Venus de Milo / Mei Pieh Chi was created for the Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutations. She was a "Shinobi" (their word) mutated turtle. She  met them when she was trying to save her master, Chung I, and eventually joined them. As such, she was a main character. She tended be portrayed ignorant of Western culture. She wasn't trained in Ninjutsu and used magic instead. She was disliked by fans for various reason ranging from being an inaccuracy portrayal of Shinobis and to being a deus ex machina at times. A parody of Venus appeared in the twelve issue of the Image comic TMNT series. She was referenced by the series' on and off again slogan "No girl turtle guaranteed".
    Kirby (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV concept art) 
    Concept art
    Despite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Turtles in Time being critically panned, plans for a fourth movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: The Next Mutation (not to be confused with the before-mentioned television series), were on the way. Kevin Eastman (one of the original TMNT creators) drew some concept art. In several of pieces, he drew "Kirby The Fifth Turtle", who was named after Jack Kirby. However, TMNT 4 never made it off the ground. As such, Kirby never had an official appearance.