Sunday, November 17, 2013

Doom Force

The Team
Doom Force was an one-shot comic made by Grant Morrison. It was a parody of Nineties Antiheroes that were popular at the time especially X-Force.
They fought invading robot only to discover that the Head sent them to test them. The Head thought that their nemesis Count Anton Zero (who, at one point, controlled the Omega Helix) will come back. The team went off to investigate a giant head that appeared in Nevada. Meanwhile, Anton and Una (his sister) were controlling a giant underground city (which the giant head is just part of). One of his "Pale Riders" warned him the incoming Doom Force. Zero had his Pale Rider to fight them. Crying Boy and Spinner headed went toward the head while the others distracted the Pale Riders. CB and Spinner reached the head and entered the city. Una (who can control the city) captured them. Count Zero greeted the heroes and explained his plan to destroy "the sickness of humanity" and the city would act as the antibody. He said he was going to destroy all major cities in America starting with Crying Boy's hometown LA. Flux and Scratch defeated Pale Riders, but Shasta was useless. The head revealed a body (the rest of the city) under it. Shasta turned into mountain, which Scratched used to get on the top of the creature. The other members attempted to help him.  As this happen, Zero, Crying Boy and Spinner contented to talk. However, Flux and Scratch freed the heroes. The villains attempted to escape with nuclear warhead, but Shasta sacrificed himself to stop them. After finding the dead Shasta, they don't care about his death and decided to get a bite to eat.
  • The Head / Niles Caulder- Niles Caulder is now a chopped head in a chunk of ice. The ice was contained in a giant drinking glass that has an umbrella. 
  • Dorothy Spinner- She is the leader of the team. Unlike her modern-day counterpart, she can control her power, which she uses to create a version of her victim's worst nightmare. 
  • The Scratch / Possibly Morgan Morgan- He can dismantle anything into its most basic components. He may or may not be a hero attempted to redeem himself for killing someone. 
  • Crying Boy / Kenneth Most- He absorbed a cheap painting's bad luck powers. This allowed to cause misfortune wherever he goes.
  • Shasta the Living Mountain- He had the ability to turned into a mountain with ski-lifts and trees. As such, he tended to be useless.
  • Flux / Danii Melvin- She was the step-daughter of an Aboriginal Witchdoctor. The doctor taught her shapeshifting.

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