Friday, November 15, 2013


Jason Hart was a high school student with a strong sense of wrong and right. One day, he learned his cousin, Ted, had become a drug addict. He got Ted to talk to his family, but Ted didn't listen. Because Ted was comic book fan, Jason dressed up as a superhero and called himself "Protector" in hopes he would listen to a superhero. The Protector, who had been trained to hand-to-hand combat, ended up fighting drug dealers to save Ted. This led Jason to become a honorary member of the Teen Titans. Nightwing trained him to a superhero. He appeared in a Teen Titans anti-drug PSA comics, DC Who's Who Update '87 and Titans Secret Files #2
Relation to Robin
Protector was originally a character from a Teen Titans anti-drug PSA. Robin was suppose to be in the comic, but couldn't be used due to Keebler sponsoring the comic (due to Robin being to licensed to Keebler's rival Nabisco). As such, Protector was created to replaced Robin.

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