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Vanguard is an alien superhero from Megaton. Vanguard is an alien that has to guard the Earth. However, this is viewed as a boring job with little chance of anything will happen. His sidekick is the hovering one-eyed, sarastic robot Wally and several shapeshifting andriods.
In Megaton, Vanguard has started watching Earth prior to the series. He has a relationship with  Roxanne Wells. Cosmo VII (a robot made in the USSR) attacked Vanguard causing him to go Earth and eventually led to him being confronted by the Special Operations Strikeforce and Mighty Man.
Vanguard got a self-titled miniseries. This takes place in the past. Vanguard fought Supreme and was arrested. He was freed by Wally and a shape shifting robot Lurch. Lurch, due to a glitch, became rebellious and attacked Savage Dragon. Vanguard was teleported to his space station. However, it turn an overweight sciencist into a villain called Modem that can control electronics and robots. Vanguard stopped Lurch and meet Roxanne Wells for the first time. Later, he teleported Modem's molecules across space. Vanguard defeated the time traveller Berseker.
Later after the series, Vanguard helped Savage Dragon and the Freak Force time from time.
Vanguard had got another series Vanguard: Strange Visitors. Vanguard battles Amok, a giant alien. Amok was slave on Vanguard's homeworld. Amok went on a rampage until one Vanguard's robot lobotomized him.
Vanguard has super strength.  However, he has technology that gives him more powers. His boots allow him to fly. His helmet allows him to understand and speak any language.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Kryptonite has been become one of the most iconic elements of the Superman mythos. Kryptonite is the radioactive remains of Krypton and the only thing that can kill Superman or other Kryptonians.
As I mentioned before, an unpublished story "The K-Metal from Krypton" had a precedessor called "K-Metal" that removes Superman's powers. Kryptonite was created for the Superman radio serials to let Superman's voice actor rest. In 1949, kryptonite was incorpated into the comics. At first, kryptonite was rare. However, it became more common. At first, all kryptonite was green or (more rarely) red and had the same effect. In fact, Superman only figures out the origin of kryptonite after encountering red kryptonite. Later, the writers introduced the idea of different colors having different effects.
In John Byrne's reboot, the only kryptonite that was on Earth was green kryptonite that came in a fist-sized meteor. However, Mister Mxyzptlk and Ra's al Ghul both created artifical red kryptonite. Later, a meteor shower increased the amount of kryptonite on Earth.
In another reboot, it was common until Superman threw almost all kryptonite (save a small chunk he gave to Batman) into the sun thus destroying it. However, in the "New Krypton" storyline, villains and Sam Lane (Lois Lane's father) somehow got their hands on kryptonite.
Kryptonite has different effects depending on color.
  • Green- This is the most commonly used form of kryptonite. It can kill Kryptonians exposed to it. However, if the kryptonite is removed, the Kryptonians are okay. In some version, it can cause cancer in humans. 
  • Red- Originally, red kryptonite had the same effects as green kryptonite. Later, it had random effects on Kryptonians. Post-Crisis, Ra's al Ghul created a version that caused Superman's powers to increase to level beyond his control.
  • Gold- Pre-Crisis, gold kryptonite permanentaly removed Kryptonians' powers. Post-Crisis, the effect lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Blue- This form hurts Bizarro, but help Kryptonians.
  • Black- This has been shown to spilt the personaility of a Kryptonian into two beings. 
  • White- This kills all plant life with 25 yards regardlesss of if it is Kryptonian or not.  
  • Silver- This causes Kryptonians to act like hyperactive kids and see everything as chibi. 
  • Orange- This gives normal animals superpowers for 24 hours. 
  • Jewel- This enchances the pyshic powers of people in the Phantom Zone.
  • Anti-Kryptonite- This has the effect of green kryptonite, but on non-Kryptonians.  
  • X-Kryptonite- This gives Earth-based life forms Kryptonian powers. It is the source of Streaky the Supercat's powers. 
  • Slow Kryptonite- This is a form of green kryptonite altered to hurt humans.
  • Magno-Kryptonite- Created by the villain Nero (insert 2009 Star Trek movie joke here), it acts as a magentic to any substance from Krypton. 
  • Kryptonite-X / Kryptisium- This is a "purified form" of kryptonite. It causes Kryptonians to asborb solar enegry at a faster rate (which can cause their powers to go out of control).
  • Pink- This causes Kryptonians to act like sterotypical gay people. No I am not making this up.
  • Bizarro Red- This is basically red kryptonite for humans.
The chemical structure of kryptonite varies based on the source material. In the Silver And Bronze Age, kryptonite is an element (element 126) that decays into iron. In Superman III, it is stated kryptonite is 27.71% xenon, 24.02% promethium, 18.06% tantalum, 15.08% plutonium, 10.62% dialium, 3.94% mercury and 0.57% of an unknown substance. Lego Batman 2 claims it is made up of Mercury, Dialum, Tantalum, Xenon and Promethium (a fictional DC Comics element completely different from the real life element of the same name.)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? is a Superman story written by acclaimed writer Alan Moore. It is unknown if this was cannon or not before Crisis on Infinite Earth.
Superman #423
The framing device is reporter Tim Crane asking Lois Lane about what happen to Superman. Ten years prior, Terra-Man and Parasite killed each other, most of Superman's enemies disappeared and Brainiac was seemly killed. Bizarro (whose modus operandi is being the "perfect imperfect duplicate" of Superman) went on a murderous rampage (resulting in the destruction of the Bizarro World) and killed himself (since Superman is alive). His last words are "Hello, Superman, hello." Toyman and the Prankster tortured Superman's childhood friend Pete Ross and learn of Superman's alter ego. Then, they killed Pete Ross and unintentionally revealed Superman's identity when trying to kill Clark Kent. Lex Luthor found the remains of Brainiac, which took over Lex Luthor's body when he unintentionally reactivated it. Seeking to kill Superman, Brainiac allied himself with Kryptonite Man I. After duplicates of Metallo attacked the Daily Planet building, Superman had Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Krypto, Perry White, Krypto and Alice (Perry's wife) retreat to Fortress of Solitude. The Legion of Super-Heroes gave Superman a golden trophy of him with a Phantom Zone projector (a device he used to trap / free people in / from the Phantom Zone) with "HIS SUPREME HOUR" written on it. They went back to the future.
Action Comics #583
Brainiac, Kryptonite Man and Legion of Super-Villains attacked the fortress. Brainiac created a force field to stop other heroes from helping Superman. Lana and Jimmy used devices in the fortress to give themselves superpowers. Lana fought Krytonite Man as Jimmy disabled the force field generator. Lex regained a small amount of control of his body and begged Lana to kill him. Lana then snapped his neck thus killing him. The Legion of Super-Villains killed Lana. Brainiac managed to take over Lex's corpse and kill Jimmy Olsen. He noted the force field is somehow still up despite Jimmy destroying the generator. Then, Brainiac launched a nuclear bomb. This bomb finally was able to breach the fortress. Kryptonite Man tried to attack Superman. However, Krypto attacked Kryptonite Man and killed Kryptonite Man to save Superman, but was killed himself. Brainiac turned off due to Lex's body entering rigor mortis. After Superman became enraged upon discovering the LSV killed Lana, they fled to the future. Superman realized one major villain is missing: Mister Mxyzptlk. He figured out Mister Mxyzptlk is the mastermind behind this. Mister Mxyzptlk appears and explained he got bored with being mischievous and decided to be evil (hence why he did this). He turned into a vaguely humanoid, monstrous form and tried to kill Superman. Lois and Superman realized the trophy is really a Phantom Zone projector. Superman used the trophy on Mxyzptlk as Mxyzptlk said his name backwards to escape. Being literally torn apart by this, Mxyzptlk dies. Superman, realizing his broke his code of never killing, used gold kryptonite to remove his powers (this was before gold kryptonite was rectoned into only sapping his powers away for 24 hours). Superman was assumed to have died in the Arctic (where his base is). In present day, Crane leaves and we discover Superman is now a mechanic named Jordan Elliot and married Lois. His son, Jonathan, displayed super powers.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kryptonite Man

Kryptonite Man I as Kryptonite Kid
I have mentioned before different superheroes having the same name. Here is an example of a different villains with the same name.
Prior to Crisis on Infinite On Earth
The first Kryptonite Man was originally Kryptonite Kid. He was a criminal, alien teenage. He flew through a green kryptonite cloud. This gave him the proprieties of Kryptonite. He battled Superman.
The second Kryptonite Man was the ruler of Krypton prior Superman's race existing. His race had put themselves into stasis. When Krypton exploded, he was the only survivor. He gained the ability to eat kryptonite radiation and gain super strength and durability when he did so. However, he became dependent on it. After stealing a ship from aliens called Seeders, he went to Earth to kill Superman (thinking Superman's race destroyed Krypton). However, he was stopped by angry Seeders.
Post-Crisis on Infinite on Earth and Prior to The New 52 
Spies Simyan and Mokkari created a clone of Superman. The clone was called Kryptonite Man despite having no Kryptonite-related powers. This version had all of Superman's powers.
In Superman / Batman, an energy being, of the same name, was created in battle between Captain Atom and Major Force. This being had the power to generate Kryptonite radiation, possess people like a demon and heal its hosts.
Scientist K. Russell Abernathy was doing a Kryptonite-related experiment. When the experiment exploded, the radiation to fused to Abernathy, thus leading to him become the fifth Kryptonite Man. As part to test his theories, he tried to attack Kryptonians. He was defeated and imprisoned. Lex Luthor helped him break out of prison. Later, he attacked Superman, but was stopped by Krypto and Jimmy Olsen.
The New 52
Clay Ramsay was a wife-beater that was thrown into a bay by Superman. Wanting revenge, Clay joined "Project K-Man". Thanks to the project, he gained the ability to see radiation spectrums and fire Kryptonite eye beams. However, a side effect was him losing his ability to be rational and became a berserker maniac. Naturally, he became a super villain that fought Superman.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Mano was a mutant from the planet Angtu in the 30th century. He had an "anti-matter touch", which allowed him to disintegrate substances with his right hand. He was prejudiced against and ultimately blew up his own planet. Due to the fact he cannot breathe in most atmospheres, he got an environment suit (which conveniently obscures his face). Along with four of the universe's worst criminals, he was recruited by the Legion of Super-Heroes to stop the Sun-Eater. He and the other four became the super villain group Fatal Five.
In the Zero Hour reboot, everyone on Angtu (save for Mano) was killed chemical warfare prior to Mano's destroying the planet. He became obsessed with killing Leland McCauley (who provided the chemical weapons). Even after he joined the Fatal Five, he disapproved killing innocent people. He was later seen in prison. Legion was rebooted again thanks to Final Crisis. He was seen as a member of Superboy-Prime's Legion of Super Villains.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The K-Metal from Krypton

The K-Metal from Krypton is an unpublished Superman story made by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. It was rejected because it would have completely alter the status quo of the Superman comic.
Since this event isn't "cannon", I'll refer to the events in present tense.
After Clark Kent does a boring article on a meteor passing Earth, he tries (and fails) to interview  the gangster "Rocks". Later, Clark and Lois go to a museum and meet Daryl Bronson. Rocks tries to rob the museum, but only steals a seemly worthless painting. The meteor turns out to be from Krypton. The meteor (travelling near Earth, but doesn't enter the atmosphere) robs Superman of his powers. Lois visits Bronson only to discover he is working for "Rocks". Clark Kent  sees a professor (who had gained "K-Metal" from another Kryptonian meteor) and discovers K-Metal can sap his powers and give normal people powers similar to his. Clark goes to "Rocks'" house and finds some goons carrying a package. The package contains a ultra-violet light generator that reveals the painting is a map to a gold mine worth millions. A goon knocks out Clark. Bronson kills "Rocks" and kidnap Lois. "Rocks'" goon take Clark to a mine to shoot him. However, Bronson appears and puts Lois in the mine and seals them in by causing a cave-in. The meteor leaves the Earth thus giving Clark his powers. Clark is conflicted since if he saves them he'll reveal he is Superman. Clark decides to reveal his identity and save them. Superman defeats Bronson. Since Lois knows he is Superman, she wants them to become partners, which Superman agrees to. The K-Metal is stolen by an unknown villain.
K-Metal is a fictional metal from Krypton (hence the name). K-Metal is a precursor to kryptonite. K-Metal may be radioactive since it is green and glows. When a kryptonian touches the metal, they lose their powers and become weakened (although not to lethal levels). However, a meteor of it was able to remove Superman's powers despite not touching him. When a human touches the metal, they gain powers similar to that of Superman such as super strength.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Magnus, Robot Fighter

Basic Premise
The series take place around the year 4000. Humanity has become dependent on robots. Robot police chief H8 (due to being damaged by radiation) wants to become the totalitarian leader of North Am, a continent-sized mega-city that H8 works at.
1A, a robot that has emotions, decided human dependency on robots and H8's plans were a bad idea. As such, he had his human step-son, the titular Magnus, battle rogue robots and humans using robots for evil purposes. 1A raised Magnus in a undersea dome house, where he taught Magnus martial arts. As such, Magnus can break steel via his bare hands. He has a girlfriend named Leeja and a device that allows him robot radio communications.
Most of Magnus, Robot Fighter takes place in the mega-city North Am, which stretches across all of North America. The city has "levels" with the lower levels being for poorer and dumber people (nicknamed "gophs") and the higher ones for richer people and the elite.
Police robots, nicknamed "Pol-Robs", are painted black and white. All robots have a identification numbers painted on them. Most robots are flying torsos with a head and arms.
Japan has 50 billion people. Antarcto is a city in Antarctica. Himalhina is a city in Asia that contains all of China and India.
Gold Key created the series. This series also had non-robot villains such as space pirates and aliens. Leeja Clane was introduced as Magnus' romantic interest and gained limit telepathic powers. This run was influenced by Isaac Asimov (epically the Three Laws of Robotics) and Tarzan (with 1A being a stand-in for the apes).
Valiant Comics took over the series. They tried to remain true to the original series. This series introduced the concept of "Freewills", robots with free will (the previous evil robots were malfunctioning). Despite a lot of freewills being evil, some, such as 1A, weren't. Magnus helped found "Steel Nation", a colony of good freewills, and became disgusted by the elite of North Am. As such, he befriend members of the lower levels. Various heroes from the Valiant universe cameoed time from time. It was revealed Magnus was born in the present, but was sent to the future by Geomancer Geoff McHenry and Solar (another Valiant superhero) gave him to 1A. It is also revealed Magnus has super strength (hence why he can break steel barehanded), which he inherited from his genetic father. He ended up becoming leader of North Am and marrying Leeja. An alternate version of Magnus appears in Deathmate.
Acclaim Comics made a self-parodying and comedic reboot of the series. Magnus became an "insane robot fighter". In addition to his previous powers, he now had the ability to heal himself via his "metallic blood".
Dark Horse announced a new Magnus, Robot Figther Series series.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Nineties antiheroes were extremely popular. However, there was backlash against them for their overly exaggerated art and poor writing. As such, parodies were going to appear sooner or later. Bloodface is a New Zealand comic that parodies nineties antiheroes. Bloodgroup is a team that appears in it.
Bloodface (Top Right)
Bloodface is the main character. He is the leader of the superhero team Bloodgroup. They works out of a satellite, above the Earth, called the Haemoglobe. He is wordy and introspective towards his fellow members.
Bloodcolt (Top Left)
He is a psychopathic member. His response to almost everything is threatening people with guns while screaming "I will shoot him to death!". Bloodface often has to restrain him while often telling him "No, Bloodcolt! Remember you are a Defender of Justice." Bloodcolt has multiple large, multi-barreled guns. 
Wandering Menstrual (Right)
She is the only female member. She is in love with Bloodface, who doesn't know about her feelings toward him. Her secret identity is Bloodface's personal assistant. However, he cannot recoginize WM as his assistant since she wears glasses when in her secret identity. 
Strangeblood (Left)
He is the newest member. They found him on the moon in a deserted house. He is as "mysterious as a Yeti" according to Bloodface. He often speaks in confusing non-sequiters. 
Rhesus the Bloodhound (Bottom Right)
He is a robotic dog. Bloodface ordered him off the internet.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Larfleeze / Agent Orange is the sole member of the Orange Lantern Corp.
Larfleeze is a member of a race of aliens that live over billions of year. He was a slave and was treated in harsh and sadastic manners by his slave owners.  He escaped and joined a guild of theives. They stole a mysterious box from the planet Maltus. After being chased by Manhunters (robots that worked for the Guardians of the Universe before they got Green Lanterns), they find the Orange Power Battery and (due to its influence) killed  each other (save for Lafleeze and Turpa). Since the box contained the fear entity Parallax and the Orange Lantern Power Battery killing anyone aside from Lafleeze and Turpa, the Guardians allowed the two theives to keep the Orange Power Battery and use it without interference if it was in the Vega System (the system it is already in) in exchange for the box. The two agreed to this. Larfleeze killed Turpa. The Controllers tried to captured the Orange Latern Battery, but were slaughtered by Larfleeze.
Green Lantern Stel entered the Vega System (a violation of the agreement the Guardians made) while chasing some villains. Larfleeze declared (via a construct) the agreement null and void only for Guardian Scar to cut him off. Later, the Green Lantern attacked Agent Orange, but failed. However after the intervention of the Blue Lanterns, the Guardians make some sort of negotiation (we don't see it) with him.
In Blackest Night, Agent Orange helped fight off the zombie Black Lanterns. Lex Luthor got an Orange Lantern Ring, but lost it. Enraged by Lex Luthor, Larfleeze turned him over to the authority and Guardian Sayd became Agent Orange's "personal Guardian" due to a previous agreement.
In Brighest Night, Larfleeze terrorized an upper midwestern American town. Hal Jordon, after trying to trick Larfleeze, simply asked how Agent Orange how he trapped the Orange Lantern entity, Ophidian, in his Power Battery. However, Hector Hammond accidentally shallowed the Orange Power Battery causing the Orange Lantern entity to take control over him. Larfleeze revealed Ophidian hates him. Ophidian tried to eat Agent Orange, but failed. Larfleeze chased Hector to Vegas, where he discovered his long-lost parents are alive and miss them (although he has no idea where they are).
Later, Krona attacked the Green Lantern Corp. Here Larfleeze doesn't want to become Agent Orange again. But, his personaility goes back to normal when the ring is actually on his finger. In the New 52, Kyle Rayner found an Orange Lantern Ring. However, it turns out be a trap set up by Larfleeze to distract him as he attacked the Guardians. He got defeated by the New Guardians.
The Orange Lantern Ring is powered by greed. The ring has the standard Lantern Ring powers: flight, creating constructs and aura projection. Unlike those rings, if Larfleeze kills someone with his ring, it creates a construct of that person with powers as if they had a ring like Larfleeze's. Green Lantern constructs are absorbed by the Orange Lantern constructs. However, the orange constructs cannot affect violet and blue light constructs. He has to charge his ring like the other Lantern corps., but his oath to do so is unknown.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Super Young Team

From clockwise: Shy Crazy Lolita Canary, Well-Spoken Sonic Lighting Flash, Most Excellent Superbat, Shiny Happy Aquazon, Shilo Norman (Not a member), Sonny Sumo (Not a member) and Big Atomic Lantern Boy
The Super Young Team is a Japanese superhero team that was formed for unknown reasons. However, they send most of their time hanging out at metahuman clubs and not doing anything heroic. As such, older Japanese superhero see them as trivializing the importance of superheroes. The group helped Shilo Norman and Sonny Sumo escape from the Justifiers (a group of minor villains) via their flying car, Wonder Wagon. As such, Norman taught them to protect themselves from the Anti-Life Equation. SYT were seen at Checkmate headquarter during Final Crisis.
  • Most Excellent Superbat- He is the leader. He wears a red and yellow costume inspired by Superman and Batman. He has various gadgets (including an "energy-based exoskeleton"), martial arts and insane amounts of money. His base, called "Most Serene Sanctuary", has a supercomputer. 
  • Big Atomic Lantern Boy- He is the second-in-command. He has a porthole on his chest that makes his skeleton visible and fires green blasts of various forms of radiation. He wears a green costume.
  • Shiny Happy Aquazon- She can create "hardwater" constructs. She was a member of Big Science Action.
  • Shy Crazy Lolita Canary- She is tiny, girl with wings. She has a sonic scream similar to Black Canary's. 
  • Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash- He wears a helmet and is fast.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dropping the Continuity Bomb

I coined a phrase to describe the annoying tendency of comic companies of erasing their continuity: Dropping the Continuity Bomb. Basically what happens is all past continuity of a fictional universe will become null and void. Usually, this done so all the stories and events can start in modern time.
DC Comics did this with the iconic Crisis on Infinite Earths. Then, they did with Zero Hour: Crisis in Time, then Infinite Crisis and then Flashpoint.
In Alan Moore's Supreme, this happens whenever the current version of Supreme finish their story. Then, that version of Supreme is sent to the alternate dimension Supremacy. After that happens, a new Supreme appears.
Marvel Comics did this to the Avengers, Doctor Doom and Fantastic Four in Heroes Reborn. However, the old continuity was restored. Ultimatum was going to be this, but this plan was abandoned at last minute.
WildStorm Productions rebooted their universe in their WorldStorm event.