Saturday, March 2, 2013

Super Young Team

From clockwise: Shy Crazy Lolita Canary, Well-Spoken Sonic Lighting Flash, Most Excellent Superbat, Shiny Happy Aquazon, Shilo Norman (Not a member), Sonny Sumo (Not a member) and Big Atomic Lantern Boy
The Super Young Team is a Japanese superhero team that was formed for unknown reasons. However, they send most of their time hanging out at metahuman clubs and not doing anything heroic. As such, older Japanese superhero see them as trivializing the importance of superheroes. The group helped Shilo Norman and Sonny Sumo escape from the Justifiers (a group of minor villains) via their flying car, Wonder Wagon. As such, Norman taught them to protect themselves from the Anti-Life Equation. SYT were seen at Checkmate headquarter during Final Crisis.
  • Most Excellent Superbat- He is the leader. He wears a red and yellow costume inspired by Superman and Batman. He has various gadgets (including an "energy-based exoskeleton"), martial arts and insane amounts of money. His base, called "Most Serene Sanctuary", has a supercomputer. 
  • Big Atomic Lantern Boy- He is the second-in-command. He has a porthole on his chest that makes his skeleton visible and fires green blasts of various forms of radiation. He wears a green costume.
  • Shiny Happy Aquazon- She can create "hardwater" constructs. She was a member of Big Science Action.
  • Shy Crazy Lolita Canary- She is tiny, girl with wings. She has a sonic scream similar to Black Canary's. 
  • Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash- He wears a helmet and is fast.

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