Thursday, October 31, 2013


Since it's Halloween, I decided to talk about a comic book horror character.
Simon William Garth was the Garth Manor coffee company CEO living in New Orleans. His ex-gardener captured him so he could be killed by a voodoo cult as part of as a human sacrifice. Because the priest loves Simon, she brought him back, but as a zombie. Zombie (as Garth was dubbed) was controlled by whoever had the Amulet of Bamballan. Layla, the priestess, attempted to find a way to give him internal peace. Despite being a zombie, Simon still had remains of his souls. This allowed him to temporarily regain control when told to kill one of his loved ones and be turned to human for 24 hours in order to attend a wedding. The witch Calypso discovered that Zombie's selflessness gave him more free will than a "normal" zombie.
Zombie reappeared in Marvel Zombies 4. A.R.M.O.R. was testing on Simon Garth when a zombie plague (unrelated to Garth) affected the base. He escaped with the help of Deadpool. Black Talon and Jennifer Kale used Zombie to confine the virus.
Garth has super strength. While he lacks invulerability, he can magically heal from injuries. He is nearly mindless and under the control of weilder of the Amulet of Bamballah. However, he (occasionally) commit acts of free will.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I did a post on the Minutemen along time ago. So, I decided to a post on an individual member.
Mothman / Byron Lewis lived in Connecticut, but moved to New York. He was a millionaire inventor for the aviation industry. He decided to become a superhero out of boredom. Byron built himself his gliding suit. He perfected it after nearly getting himself killed several times. During this time, he became addicted to various drugs, such as morphine, aspirin and liniment, which would ultimately lead into his drinking problem. He became a hero shortly after the Silhouette appeared. Most people were amazed by his suit. Mothman joined the Minutemen. In the 1950s, he was one of the target of House of Un-American Activities Committee due to having left-wing friends. As such, his  life became difficult until (after a long battle) he regained the clearance to be a superhero. The death of his teammate Dollar Bill led him to become an alcoholic. He eventually had a nervous breakdown and was locked in an asylum. However, he was allowed out temporally for a Minutemen reunion.
Like most of the Watchmen superheroes, he has no powers. He trained in combat to help him fight crime. He was also a genius inventor. His suit allows him to glide in the air.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Amazing Three

Clockwise: Oakman (top),
Tanya, Blue Wizard (bottom)
No. These guys aren't supposed to be stand-ins for the Fantastic Four.
The Amazing Three were three teenagers. By saying "Rings of Zorr", they became superheroes. My source could not find an explanation on how they gained this power. Their archenemy was the alien wannabe-conqueror Volger. Like Leopardman, they appeared in Zenith Phase 3. Tanya was decapitated by the Lliogor. Blue Wizard made monuments to the fallen heroes (which also included sister).
  • Blue Wizard / Craig Travers- He was Tanya's brother. He used a magic cane in his superhero form. This gave him various powers such as creating TV out of thin air, turning Oakman into a butterfly, checking for a heat among others. He can survive in space and fly without aid. Despite the latter, he rode on a shield. He may or may not be super strong.
  • Tanya / Sue Travers- She was the sister of Blue Wizard. She could fire lasers, fly and once displayed super speed. In Zenith, she had super strength and durability. She was killed by the Lliogor, who decapitated her.
  • Oakman / Sam Pacey- In his superhuman form, he is a tree-like humanoid. He has super strength and bullet-proof skin. He has the un-tree-like ability to fly.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


The Antichrist's True Form
"Simply put, this trope is what happens when The Parody is created by people who didn't research what they were parodying. ... Therefore, the "parody" will only bear a superficial resemblance to what is supposedly being parodied." - TvTrope "Shallow Parody"
The Antichrist was given a scar by Tom Riddle (possessed by Oliver Haggo). He was raised by his rude aunt and uncle. However, "Antichrist" was taken to be trained in magic at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had various adventure usually having him fight the villainous wizard Voldemort. He developed a friendly, happy and outgoing personality. He wanted to be an Auror (a dark art-fighting law enforcement officer) when he graduated. However, he discovered several things: Oliver Haddo (possessing Tom Riddle / Voldemort) was the ruler of the wizard society, manipulated the events of the Antichrist's childhood (via Hogwarts) to become the Antichrist and the scar is the "the mark of the Beast". Driven mad by this knowledge, the Antichrist went on a school-shooting-like rampage. He moved into Sirius Black's house (for some reason taking Haddo, who was reduced to a head, along with him). He took anti-psychotic meds and attempted to avert his destiny by never leaving his house. Despite doing nothing for 10 years, Prospero had sent Allan, the now-female Orlando and Mina to kill the Antichrist. During the battle, Antichrist killed Allan via a lightning blast. Orlando sent a signal to Prospero, who contacted God. A personification of God, Mary Poppins, killed Antichrist by turning him into a chalk drawing and then summoned a storm thus washing him away.
Relation to Harry Potter
The Antichrist is supposed to be the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen version of Harry Potter. However as I implied with the quote, the Antichrist is a very shallow parody of Harry Potter. Villains Wiki noted these errors:
  • The comic claims Harry went to Hogwarts many years after "defeating" Voldemort. In the novels, Harry defeated Lord Voldemort on his last year at the school.
  • The comic Professor Horace Slughorn insults Harry. However, Slughorn and Harry were on good terms with each other. 
  • The comic book Voldemort was a Hogwarts teacher. In the novels, he attempted to get a teaching job, but was refused a position by Dumbledore.
  • The comic book Harry has locked himself in his house in 2009. However, the novel Harry is married Ginny and has several kids in 2009.
  • The comic book Voldemort is the 2009 Hogwarts headmaster. In the novel, Professor Mcgonagall had that job.
  • The Antichrist was able to fire lightning bolts without a wand. In the novel, he would need a wand.
The actual concept of Antichrist is protrayed incorrectly. Among the incorrect references are:
  • The "mark of the Beast" described as being the number "666" on the right of someone's forehead. In the comics, it is a scar.
  • The Antichrist is suppose to be a flase prophet. In the comic, he is protrayed as the person charged with starting the apocalypse.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Batman (Earth-43)

The ears are so huge in this version.
What would Batman be like as a vampire? We have the alternate reality Earth-43 version of Batman to answer that!
Batman and Dracula: Red Rain
Batman discovered Dracula was alive and in Gotham. He had the vampire Tanya remove some of his blood thus making him a vampire, but allowed him to retain his humanity. Batman tricked Dracula's minions to attack the Batcave. When Bats destroyed the roof, the vampires were exposed to sunlight thus killing them. However, this was a Pyrrhic victory since Dracula drained the rest of Batman's blood. This turn Batman to a true vampire. Batman assured Alfred that, while Bruce Wayne is dead, Batman will continue to live on endlessly.
The Joker had taken control of the rest of Dracula's minions, who had become near-mindless monsters obsessed getting with their next meal. Batman, a werecat Catwoman, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon and several vampire hunting members of the Gotham PD teamed up to fight the vampires. During the climactic battle with the vampires, Catwoman was killed. Batman (enraged) drained the Joker's blood. Horrified by this deed, he stakes the Joker (to make sure he can't become a vampire) and himself (with the help of Gordon and Alfred).
Crimson Mist
It turns out Alfred and Gordon didn't cut off Batman's head. As such when Gordon removes the stake from his chest, Batman is restored. Why the Joker doesn't come back isn't explained. Driving mad by a longing for blood and his body decaying, he killed his old enemies including the Scarecrow, Amygdala, Black Mask, Riddle, Poison Ivy and so on. Eventually, Killer Croc and Two-Face were the only remaining villains. They team up with Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner Gordon to kill Batman. After finding Bats hiding in the ruins of Wayne Manor, Alfred decided to set up bombs that will force Batman into the sunlight. During the fight, the villains are killed. Alfred allowed Batman to kill him so Batman can have the strength to save Gordon. Batman convinced Gordon to trigger the trap. After Gordon did so, Batman walked into the sunlight thus finally finding peace.
Powers and Abilities
Batman had vampire powers. This includes super strength, immortality (unless killed by one of his weaknesses), flight and the ability to turn into mist. Stabbing him with a stake simply comatose him as oppose to kill him. However, he has the vampire weaknesses: holy water, crosses, garlic and sunlight. When he sustained by blood, he is immune to all the weaknesses except for sunlight. While they have been dulled, he retained the skills he had as Batman.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Captain Miracle

Why does he have an arrow pointing up?
I've have mentioned how using stand-ins for other characters can be a good thing. However, it can also be used badly. This is because there is difference between homage and rip-off. Captain Miracle falls into the latter.
Johnny Dee was an editorial assistant working at the Daily Clarion. He gained his powers from a "magic formula" of Eastern origin. He became a superhero for unknown reasons. Eventually, Captain Miracle teamed up with Tod Allen / Miracle Kid (who had similar powers). Captain Miracle later turned up in Zenith Phase Three and was under the control of Lliogor.
Johnny Dee could transform into the superhero Captain Miracle. He did so when he says "El Karim" (similar to Marvelman's "Kimota"). Captain Miracle has super strength, invulnerability and flight.
Relation to Marvelman
Captain Miracle was created by Marvelman creator Mike Anglo. Captain Miracle's adventures were actually slightly altered and re-lettered Marvelman comics. As such, Captain Miracle is based on Marvelman and Miracle Jnr. is based on Young Marvelman.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Atom Wizard

The Atom Wizards are two public domain superheroes. Both of the superheroes were published by Victory Magazine / Victory Magazine Corp.
Drew Lane
Atomic Wizard I
Drew Lane was the son of the scientist Professor Winthrop Lane, who discovered an unstable element that even a electric jolt would cause it to go into nuclear fission. Devens, his dad's assistant, sold his father's secret. Winthrop used to element to kill himself and the criminals. When Drew discovered a Nazi was planning to take his father's secrets, Drew became the superhero Atomic Wizard to protect it.
Mr. Mars
Our unimpressive-looking hero
Mr. Mars (given name unknown) was non-costumed hero. He had the nickname "Atom Wizard" since he used his knowledge of atomic energy to fight people that abuse science for amoral reasons. Given the fact this character has limited story potential, it's not surprising he made one appearance. In his only appearance, he fought Marcia Maxwell, who used human brain-powered robots.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Leopard from Lime Street

Here's Britain's answer to Spider-Man.
Billy Farmer was thirteen year old aspiring photographer living his sickly Aunt Joan and abusive Uncle Charlie. While taking some picture at zoo for Selbridge Secondary School, he was scratched by a leopard injected with radioactive serum. While Billy was unharmed, he gained superpowers. He decided to try to use his abilities to take a photo of the burglar Cat-Man (no relation to the Batman villain, Fairy Oddparents hero or any other character with that name). Bill decided to wear a leopard costume inspired by pantomime. He took the identity Leopardman and captured Cat-Man. Billy sold the photos to Selbridge Sun newspaper editor Thaddeus Clegg, who was suspicious about "the Beast of Selbridge" (Leopardman) and became a thorn in Billy's side. Billy continued his adventures as Leopardman / Leopardboy / the Leopard from Lime Street / the Beast of Selbridge. His main motivation was to make money by photographing himself as his alter ego. Leopardman became among the comic Buster's longest running strip. Billy later gained new powers due to his body still mutating and a more aggressive attitude. In Zenith "Phase III", Leopardman was among the heroes fighting the Lliogor. Billy traveled to Earth 666, where Mr. Why killed him. Despite this, this isn't an "official" end to The Leopard on Lime Street saga.
Powers and Equipment
Billy has super strength, agility and speed. As mentioned before, his body continued to mutate thus gaining new powers. Among these were night vision (which caused his eyes to turn green), a danger-detecting "leopard-sense" and superhuman reflexes. The mutation seemed to affect his brain since he became more aggressive and prefer near-raw meat.
In addition to his powers, he has several gadgets. He has a grappling hook with a nylon rope. He had a dye and paint-shooting "Leopard-Gun". He also carries a camera.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vault of Obscurity 3

Like our last outing with the Vault of Obscurity, this outing will have a theme. In this case, the theme is characters created to die. There are various reasons for these characters such as shock value, plot points (for example, the plot may revolve the investigation of his / her murder) or other reasons.
Battering Ram
Ram (right) with Zeitgeist (left) 
Battering Ram was a member of the X-Force incarnation that would turn into X-Statix. He helped the team fight Qat (a deranged sect of North African tribesmen). Battering Ram attempted to talk to the leader Zeitgeist, whom he nicknamed "Number One", about his team role. However, he was always either interupted or ignored. During an attempt to save the Boys R Us band, Zeitgeist and his cohort the Coach had Ram killed by "terrorists". Before his death, Battering Ram had super durability and strength.
Retro sitting back
"Retro" (his real name hasn't been revealed) was a superhero fanboy. He was idealistic and always asked himself what would he do if he was Superman. He even made a fake origin story where he gained powers from being hit by a ray from the past. He won a contest to join the JLA for a single day. He used the catchphrase "Here comes justice!". The villain Prometheus (who hated forces of justice) got Retro to tell his made-up origin and killed him while he was distracted. Retro was based on a character created by a comic fan for a Wizard magazine contest that DC sponsored.
Black Jack
What does this guy have do
with the card game Twenty-One?
Bolton (a.k.a. Black Jack) was a government agent. He worked for a group called "Black Razor". He was given superpowers to complete missions normal agent couldn't. Despite this, Voodoo (his target) was able to cut off his head and kill him. He could fire black-colored bolts of energy. He also appeared to have super strength and durability.
X-Force issue 116

Friday, October 18, 2013

Red Raven

The Man in Red Himself
It's my 450th post! Years ago, I talked about the Liberty Legion. For this occasion, I decided to talk about the member Red Raven.
A plane crashed into a flying island inhabited by Bird-People / Winged Ones (who later turn out to be members of the Inhumans, a race of descendants from cavemen that the Kree genetically altered). The people on the plane didn't see it due to being covered in fog. The Bird-People decided to raise the lone survivor, a young boy.
He was named "Red Raven" and given fake wings (since the Bird-People are born with wings). When he became an adult, he decided to attempt to learn about "normal" humans. During World War II, he became a superhero and member of the Liberty Legion. However as the war raged on, Raven became disillusioned and returned to the island. The Bird-People (seeing themselves as superior to normal humans) wanted to conqueror humanity with Raven arguing they shouldn't since the normal humans outnumbered them. Red Raven, to save the bird-people, put them and himself in suspended animation via a special gas. They were placed in capsules that sank to the bottom of the ocean. These capsules had a timing device that let them float back and wake up. 
Later, X-Men member Angel discovered the Bird-People. After fighting with Red, Angel returned them to suspended animation. However, an earthquake accidentally freed Red Raven. Despite Namor the Sub-Mariner saving him, Red Raven's reason was warped due to the flawed suspended animation method. Red Raven attempted to Save the Bird-People, kill all of humanity and take over the world. However, he discovered the capsules malfunctioned and all the Bird-People were dead. Depressed, he attempted to kill himself by blowing up the island. However, it turned out he faked the death of the Bird-People, himself and the destruction of the island. Red Raven became more weary of humanity and fought various heroes such as the Defenders and the Order, culminating in an unsuccessful all-out war against humanity. It was revealed ARMOR recruited Red Raven as one its members. He fought some zombies, but became one only to be was killed almost immediately.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Green Ghost

Thanks to Dial B for Blog for this image
Two versions of the Green Ghost appeared in Invincible. They were created to be stand-ins for Green Lantern. The second version was solely created to be killed off with the rest of the Guardians of the Globe.
The first one was only mentioned and seen in flashbacks. He was a member of the Guardians of the Globe and friend of Martian Man. He disappeared (possibly dead or retired). A second Green Ghost appeared. This version was an African American inexperienced with using his powers. He was killed by Omni-Man as part of a preparation for an alien invasion.
The first Green Ghost was shown he could fly and generate a green cloud people could stand on. The second Green Ghost could fly and phase through matter. The second one was green swallowing a green gem to gain his powers. It is implied (but not stated) the first one did so as well and had similar powers. When both of them activated their powers, their bodies were covered by an identical green costume.
Invincible volume 2 "Eight is Enough", volume 3 "Perfect Strangers"

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mister Fish

"No one laughs at Mr. Fish!"
Mort and his lackies
Mortimer "Mort" George Norris
Mister Fish was originally a normal low-level crook. However in one mission, he was exposed to an isotope that turned him into a humanoid fish. He became the leader of the Maggia (an international crime orgazitation) in his area. One of Fish's lackeys, Shrike, destroyed a truck under the proection of the Luke Cage Power Man and accidently led Luke to Mr. Fish when he attempted to flee. Power Man and Mr. Fish fought each other. This eventually ending with Power Man throwing Mort off a building and Mort being killed when he landed on the pavement.
Bill choking Victor Alvarez
William "Bill" Norris
Bill Norris, Mort's brother, took the mantle of Mr. Fish after he somehow (we don't get an origin story) gained similar mutations. Deadly Nightshade formed the villain group Flashmob, which included Norris. They fought the Victor Alvarez Power Man. Mr. Fish knocked out Power Man, but was knocked out himself by Iron Fish. Bill was taken to the prision Riker's Island. According to Mr. Donovan, Mr. Fish escaped the prision. Later, the Flashmob attacked Manhattan, but were defeated by Misty Knight and her version of Heroes for Hire.
Powers / Abilities
Both Mr. Fishes had the same powers. They had super strength. Given their appearance, they may or may not have aquadatic powers. There is no edvience to support this (except their appearance) or deny it. Mort had "an electric zappy gun" (Marvunapp).
References: (Mort Norris) (Bill Norris)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Critic Corner: Superman vs. the Elite

The DVD cover art
You may remember my recap of the Superman storyline "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?". Since then, it got an animated adaption. How do is it hold up? Let's look.
For those you haven't seen this, here is the plot. A new superhero team Elite appears. Their members, Manchester Black (Robin Atkin Downes as an adult, Grey Delisle as a kid), Menagerie (Melissa Disney), Coldcast (Catero Colbert) and the Hat (Andrew Kishino), are willing to kill and become popular because of it. As such, Superman (George Newbern) attempts to stand for his morals.
Here is the good. Overall, the animation style is decent. The climax (while slightly altered) is decently done and accurate to the climax of the original. The design for the Elite's base of operations is creative. The Elite (except for Manchester) have good designs.
Here is the bad. The movies (aside from the ending) only barely resembles the comic book. The movie removes all ambiguity about the situation by turning the Elite into murderous criminals-turned-antiheroes who kill dogs and world leaders. Despite this, the writers wrote a situation where killing the villain was the only way to solve the situation. However, the Elite are still portrayed as villains when they do so. Superman and Manchester Black (whose look is completely different from the original) have terrible character designs especially Superman's giant chin.
Overall, this is a mediocre adaption of the original work. It simplifies the story to the point of making it terrible. I give it a 1 out of 5.

Friday, October 11, 2013


You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain
...or be both at the same time.
Transformers have been no strangers to comics. The most recent Transformer series, Transformers Animated, had their own comic. Wraith is a character made solely for the comic version of the series.
While going to the University of Michigan, Ray Thatherton became the superhero Wraith... sort of. Instead of actually fighting the villains, he secretly used holograms to scare the villains while he hid in a van only rarely actually fighting. Because no one know about the holograms, he became the favorite superhero of Detroit. He "fought" criminals such as the thugs Jack Boys and super villain Quake-Maker. One day, he was opposed by Angry Archer (a villain from the show). However, Bumblebee and Prowl accidentally upstaged Ray and exposed the fact Wraith hid behind his holograms. Wanting to save his popularity, he decided to frame Bumblebee by having a hologram of Bumblebee attack a crowd of people while he "saved" the day. Unfortunately, the actual Bumblebee showed up. Mad at this, the Wraith attempted to kill Bumblebee by raming a billboard into him. However, Bulkhead and Ratchet stopped him. The now-crazy Wraith attempted to escape, but Optimus Prime captured Wraith. Ray was thrown into a mad house.
Powers and Abilities
Ray lacked any actual fighting skill or powers. However, he had acess to hologram techology. He used this make it seem like he was a Batman-like superhero thus scaring the criminals. Every now and then, he used wheel clamps (to prevent the villains to escape) and knock-out gas.
References: (see "Comic Books" section)

Thursday, October 10, 2013


This is real.
While Disney comics have been phased out of America, Disney Comics are still being made other countries (especially in Europe). One of the odder example was Paperinik, an Italy comic that has Donald Duck as a superhero.
In the original story, Donald Duck accidentally received ownership of an abandoned villa called the "Vila Rosa", which was meant for his cousin Gladstone. Donald and Gladsone didn't care enough to fix the mistake. While touring the villa, Don discovered the diary and suit of the 19th-20th century gentlemen thief / vigilante Fantomius. Donald learned of Fantomius' method of hiding his alter ego: pretending to a harmless loser by day and getting revenge at night. Angered by Gladstone (who is more privileged than Donald) mocking him, Donald became the gentleman thief Paperinik using Fantomius' modus operandi. He stole $1,000,000 from Scrooge McDuck and framed Gladstone. Despite Gladstone managed to recover the money thus pleasing Scrooge, Donald felt filled and declared he only just began.
Originally, Paperinik was an antihero similar to Fantômas (whom Fantomius is clearly based on) and Diabolik (who he is probably named after). Paperinik completed illegal crimes to get revenge on society for his grievances (usually involving his uncle, Scrooge). To achieve this, he used gadgets Gyro Gearloose gave him.
Realizing the making one of the iconic Disney heroes a villain wasn't a good idea, the writers started to change this. As such, he became a more Batman-like hero. He used gadgets and nonlethal weapons. In face, he even had his own version of the Bat-Signal. Gyro Gearloose became his most important ally. These stories tended to be more light-hearted than the vengeful originals. There were several failed attempts to revamp the series.
Paperinik had different names in different counties. These include Superpato (Brazil), Superdonald and Fantomerik (Dutch with the first being the current name), Stål-Kalle (Sweden), Taikaviitta (Finland), Super Paja / Super Donald (Yugoslavia), Φάντομ Ντακ / Phantom Duck (Greece), Fantonald (Norway), Superduck (UK), PK (Italy and an USA video game), Superkwęk / Super Quack (Poland), Duck Avenger (USA), Fantomiald (France), Patomás (Spain), Phantomias (Germany), Stálöndin (Iceland) and Stålanden (Denmark). Stålanden may or may not be actually translatable into English (Translate Google gave me odd results (such as "[S]teel Other", "the [S]teel [W]ar" and other nonsensical things).

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Clockwise: Surrender Monkey (left), the Wall, Oxford Blue,
Hernrietta (not a member), Blind Ali and Miz Tree
Remember, the post I did on Surrender Monkey? I originally wanted to do a post on Euro-Trash (whom he was a member of), but couldn't find a good enough source. I have now.
The European pop star Hernrietta Hunter came back from the dead. The governments of Europe were thinking about if they should attempt to kill her or not. Dicky and Reggie, two European agents actomh indepently, convinced Spike Freeman to assemble a team of mutants to capture and then kill Hunter. The team, Euro Trash, captured her, but Hunter convinced them to hold her ransom. This gave X-Statix enough time to teleport into the room they were in and kill all the members except Surrender Monkey, Dicky and Reggie. Reggie was captured by X-Statix. When he was questioned about who gave him his order, he said "Forgive me, Dicky...".
  • Dicky and Reggie- They are "[European] government agents" (no countries specified) that formed the team. They may or may not have killed Henrietta the first time. They hired Spike Freedman to form the team. Reggie was killed by an assassin and Dicky's fate is unknown.
  • The Wall- Günter Gross was a German mutant. His powers activated when the Berlin Wall fell on him. He had a wall-like body with super strength and durability. Anarchist blew him into pieces.
  • Blind Ali- Ali Al-Zubaidi was an Iraqi mutant. He lost his sight during a bombing raid, but his powers, super senses, kicked in. El Guapo's skateboard decapitated Ali. 
  • Oxford Blue- Preston Allen was crushed to death by Phat. He had blue skin and two digits on his hands and foots. He was crushed to death by Phat.
  • Surrender Monkey- Brad Bentley was a CIA member posing as a Frenchman in order to help gain public support for the Iraq War. However, he went rogue and became a French superhero. His "power" is to know when to quit.
  • Miz Tree- Makiko Morioka was Japanese mutant. She has a plant-like body that can she stretch. The Anarchist used his powers to set her on fire.
I would like to point out that, despite "Euro-Trash" being the team, neither Blind Ali or Miz Tree are natives of Europe.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cobalt Man

Ralph Roberts was studying the effects of nuclear radiation (especially when it involved cobalt) so he could make a suit of power armor to rival Iron Man's. After finishing the suit, he got a concussion, which caused him to go crazy and become obsessed with stopping Iron. However, the X-Men stopped him and his suit (which it turned out to be unstable) exploded. Egghead brainwashed Ralph into joining the Emissaries of Evil. Robert seemingly died in a nuclear explosion. However, he later appeared as part of a villain group fighting the New Warriors. The villain Nitro blew himself up and killed the villains (including Ralph) and 600 innocent people. Later, there was a team working for Norman Osborn called "the Cobalt Men", whose members wore cheap knock-offs of the original armor.
Powers and Abilities
He used to be a college athlete at football. He was also skilled pole-vaulter. He was also genius when it came to nuclear physics and inventing. The original suit gave him super strength, flight and super durability. It also had "recoil beams" capable of annihilating vehicles with one blast. The second version also had an oxygen tank for travel in space. Both versions are made of a cobalt-alloy (hence his name).

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hornet (left), Viking, Soldier, Monster (behind Soldier and Robot), Robot
You may remember that DC Comics made an Avengers homage called "Champions of Angor". They actual have another one (along with elements of the Ulimates): Maximums!
The Maximums and their timeline were created by the Joker and Mister Mxyzptlk. They are a government-sponsored team. While they were fighting Axis of Evil, they met versions of Superman and Batman created by the Joker and Mxy to frame them for the death of Skyscraper. The Maximum went into the main DC universe and captured the "real" Superman and Batman. After they are imprisoned in Alcatraz, Batman and Superman escaped. Despite another battle between the two groups, Robot believed that Superman and Batman may be not guilty. The Joker unleashed Kryptonite Man to kill Superman, who imprisoned Kryptonite Man in Robot's outside armor. Joker had the Maximums fight various versions of Batman and Superman. It turned out Darkseid manipulated these events so he and Bat-Mite could be freed. Enraged about being manipulated, Mr. Mxyzptlk removed the Maximums from existence.
  • Soldier (Captain America)- He is the leader of the Maximums. He is a uncompromising and military-minded leader. He was described as a "super-soldier". His son was Lucky.
  • Viking (Thor)- He is the son of Ice Giants. He wields a powerful axe (capable of hurting Superman) created by Ywir out of black ice.
  • Monster (Hulk)- Becky is a small girl that turns into the super durable and strong, male Monster. He has weakness to electric shocks.
  • Hornet (Wasp)- Jamie is Skyscraper's vengeful insect-like wife. She can shrink, fly and fire stinging blasts.
  • Robot (Iron Man)- Despite people assuming he is a man in a power suit, he is actually a living robot.
  • Skyscraper (Giant Man)- He could grow up to 25 stories high. A version of Superman killed him. 
  • Wolfen (Wolverine / Beast)- He is a canine-like member prone to berserker rages.
  • Bug (Spider Man)- He is a wisecracking superhero that has four arms.
  • Bowman (Hawkeye)- He is a deceased archer. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Br'er Rabbit

Br'er Bear (left), Br'er Fox, Br'er Rabbit
and the infamous tar baby (right)
Background History
Br'er Rabbit ("Br'er" is a "brother" with a heavy southern American accent) originally appeared the controversial Uncle Remus, a series of African folktales being hosted by the titular former slave (it was controversial due to the fact a white guy wrote the collection). Walt Disney made the equally controversial Song of the South which was based on the stories. Despite Song of the South being old shame for the Disney corporation, there were comics based on it.
The Actual Comic
It was produced in various European countries (such as Scandinavia and the Netherlands), where the film is virtually unknown. Despite featuring Uncle Remus (the narrator in the film), he was the only host and eventually disappeared. The comics followed the same basic formula as the animated segments of the film: Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox attempt to capture or eat Br'er Rabbit. Being a quick on his feet, Br'er Rabbit outsmarts the (relatively) idiotic Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox. Only the characters in the animated segments of the movie appeared in the comic. It is still part of a Disney comic book that is produced weekly. Also, a comic strip, Uncle Remus and His Tales of Br'er Rabbit lasted for several years and was collected in a trade by Dell.

Friday, October 4, 2013


Magpie was a museum curator driven mad by being surrounded with beautiful and valuable things she loved but couldn't own. She became a jewel thief that stole jewels with bird names and then replaced the jewels with replicas (that were booby trapped). The reason from her name is due to folklore saying magpie are attracted to shiny objects. Batman tracked and defeated Magpie thus somehow impressing Superman. Magpie disappeared  but was revealed she was in the Arkham Asylum and was Poison Ivy's cellmate. Tally Man II, Ventriloquist, Scarface and Orca killed Magpie. During Blackest Night, she became a Black Lantern and attacked a grocery store.
The most notable thing about Magpie is her outlandish appearance. She has a "tri-hawk/mullet hair style" (which is actually a wig). She has a silver and red costume. She wears sunglasses, long gloves, earrings and fishnet stockings.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vault of Obscurity 2

I've brought back the Vault of Obscurity, where I talk about a several characters who have too little to talk about for one post so I lump them together. This entry has a theme: homages to DC Comics characters.
Stalker (Martian Manhunter)
This is the only picture I could find.
Stalker was member of Henry Bendix's Stormwatch (a JLA homage). Herny erased the members' memories (including Stalker's). As such, the only thing we know about his backstory is that Stalker is a half-Daemonite (a type of alien). During the team's first mission, all of the team (except for Apollo and Midnighter) were killed. Year later, the Authority fought zombie clones of the team including Stalker clones. However, they were killed by the authority. He had powers similar to Martian Manhunter. He could turn invisible and could shape shift, but had to obey the law of conservation of mass when using the latter.
Andy "Airbag" Soames (Bouncing Boy)
Before he was turned into HDP
Andy was a married man. However, he cheated on his wife. He was one of the people suspected to be the Libra Killer. However, this turned out incorrect. He discovered had the AIDS-stand in S.T.O.R.M.S. (Sexually Transmitted Organic Rapid Mutation Syndrome), which transforms its host into a monster, and he got the diease from a woman he cheated with. Five years after the original series, his S.T.O.R.M.S. turned him into the monstrous Hell Ditch Pilgrim. He attempted to conqueror the multiverse, but Toybox stopped and gave him "eternal peace". Before he had S.T.O.R.M.S., Andy could inflate his body. However, he also did this unintentionally when scared.
Nosferata (Batman)
Not even Adam West wore such a bright costume. 
Purple Hayes' parents were murdered when she was a child. As such, she became immersed in criminology. As an adult, he became the vigilante "Nosferata the She-Bat". She-Hulk and Hayes' womanservant Freda helped her defeat the insane Jack Serious, her parent's murders. She helped the She Hulk againist Adrenazon and was seen at a "Time Infraction Trial". Despite being obessive-compulsive, the She-Bat has trained herself in various field such as chemistry, hand-to-hand combat and disguise. She has a cape that allows her to fly and Nosferatarangs. She owns a car, the Nosferauto, and headquater under her mansion called "the Nosferattic".
Various issues of Top 10 volume 1