Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Clockwise: Surrender Monkey (left), the Wall, Oxford Blue,
Hernrietta (not a member), Blind Ali and Miz Tree
Remember, the post I did on Surrender Monkey? I originally wanted to do a post on Euro-Trash (whom he was a member of), but couldn't find a good enough source. I have now.
The European pop star Hernrietta Hunter came back from the dead. The governments of Europe were thinking about if they should attempt to kill her or not. Dicky and Reggie, two European agents actomh indepently, convinced Spike Freeman to assemble a team of mutants to capture and then kill Hunter. The team, Euro Trash, captured her, but Hunter convinced them to hold her ransom. This gave X-Statix enough time to teleport into the room they were in and kill all the members except Surrender Monkey, Dicky and Reggie. Reggie was captured by X-Statix. When he was questioned about who gave him his order, he said "Forgive me, Dicky...".
  • Dicky and Reggie- They are "[European] government agents" (no countries specified) that formed the team. They may or may not have killed Henrietta the first time. They hired Spike Freedman to form the team. Reggie was killed by an assassin and Dicky's fate is unknown.
  • The Wall- G√ľnter Gross was a German mutant. His powers activated when the Berlin Wall fell on him. He had a wall-like body with super strength and durability. Anarchist blew him into pieces.
  • Blind Ali- Ali Al-Zubaidi was an Iraqi mutant. He lost his sight during a bombing raid, but his powers, super senses, kicked in. El Guapo's skateboard decapitated Ali. 
  • Oxford Blue- Preston Allen was crushed to death by Phat. He had blue skin and two digits on his hands and foots. He was crushed to death by Phat.
  • Surrender Monkey- Brad Bentley was a CIA member posing as a Frenchman in order to help gain public support for the Iraq War. However, he went rogue and became a French superhero. His "power" is to know when to quit.
  • Miz Tree- Makiko Morioka was Japanese mutant. She has a plant-like body that can she stretch. The Anarchist used his powers to set her on fire.
I would like to point out that, despite "Euro-Trash" being the team, neither Blind Ali or Miz Tree are natives of Europe.

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