Friday, August 28, 2009

The Brotherhood of Dada

No one is more dangerous than super-powered madmen! Eric Morden was kicked out of the Brotherhood of Evil and the Brain and Monsieur Mallah threatened to kill him if they saw him again. Morden agreed to take place in an experiment for a ex-Nazi scientist. Mordean was turned a "living shade" with the power to drive people insane. He also became insane too. He thought insane people were really sane and "normal" people were insane. Calling himself Mr. Nobody, he formed the Brotherhood of Dada. Mr. Nobody used this team to cause choas.Since Dada was an art movement that had artist made ugly art (as opposed to beautiful art), the name seemed to fit. The original members (pictured here) were:

  • Mr. Nobody- Eric Morden is now two-dimensional and has both insanity and power to drain sanity. He thinks the rest of the universe is mad or at least (in his words) "a drooling idiot with no fashion sense".

  • Frenzy- He is a man able to turn himself into a cyclone, but being a pacifist he is almost worthless. He wears a bizarre, garish outfit with all kind if weird symbols.

  • The Fog- He is a less eccentric member able to turn himself into fog and absorb human and their personalities are trapped as luminescent lights (but if insane people like Crazy Jane [has Multiple Personalty Disorder] are communicate with one another).

  • The Quiz- She wears her long grown and oxygen mask because of her fear of dirt. She has "every power you had not thought of", but you can remove her powers by saying it's name. She show having the ability to make escape-proof spirit jars, turning people into flower-filled toilets, making things large, dematerialization, turning people to glass, copying people's appearance and flight.

  • Sleepwalk- Holly McKenzie has vast superhuman strength when sleeps (she sleep walks). So she takes sleeping pills and wear head-phones that play songs by Barry Manilow. She has two heads painted on her face.

Mr. Nobody used a magic painting to trap Paris in inside it. It frees the 5Th Horseman of the Apocalypse, who could fly, absorb energy, couldn't die and had dimensional manipulation and divine powers. But the Doom Patrol and the brotherhood stop the 5Th Horseman of the Apocalypse and freed Paris, but the Brotherhood members got trapped inside and the members (but Mr. Nobody) CHOOSE to stay in the painting! Mr. Nobody escaped the painting and reformed the team having:

  • Agent !- Despite having exclamation marks all over his body and a bird cage as a chest, he has the power to come as no surprise. So his life goal to find the element of surprise and discovered he had it along, while dying.
  • Alias the Blur- Ilse Krauss is a real narcissist in more ways than one. She fell in love with her reflection in a mirror and when even more mad when she thought it got kidnapped (she got older). While attacking them mirror in rage, she got herself hurt and was sent to the hospitable. Mr. Nobody reactive the evil in the mirror, when a kid broke the mirror in the junkyard, it turned into a monstrous form of Ilse! It had time manipulation and shape-shifting.

  • Love Glove- When Bobby Carmichael saw the Glove Tree in a dream, he lost his arms but his rigth arm was replaced by a floating glove and he could get a super-powered one to replace the left.

  • Number None- He can turn into anything that can get in your way.

  • Toy- She is a mysterious female that's always late. She has a Hannibal Lecter mask - Mr. Potato Head mix look to her face.

The new team tried to get Mr. Nobody President and turn everyone into hippies. However the government sent a superhuman named John Dady to stop them and he killed all of them (expect Toy, who was late for the battle and possibly Number None).


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jack o' Lantern (Daniel Cormack)

Not to be confused with the Marvel Comics' Jack O' Lantern villain. Daniel Cormack had a very unusual origin story. He was a poor Irish farmer that was given a Green Lantern-like ring by a fairy. The ring gave him several Halloween-related powers: flight, flame projection, teleportation, illusion casting, enhanced strength, fog creation. He joined the Global Guardians. However the United Nations stop funding them in favor of the Justice League International. So the team disbanded. He decided to go bad and join the evil dictator Rumaan Harjavti's army. After the Queen Bee killed Rumaan, Jack O' Lantern join her to take over the world. But after being discovered by Doctor Mist, Jack helped reunit the new Global Guardians. He soon died of natural causes.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hero Hotline (Advertisement)

What do you do if Solomon Grundy is on a rampage and Wonder Woman is battling the Cheetah, Superman is saving Pluto, and Batman is dating Catwoman?! Call the Hero Hotline! For a small fee we will sent a hero to save you. Among the heroes that may safe you are the following.
Day shift:
  • Hot Shot- Billy Lefferts can shoot fire balls and give a meaning to the term "hot shot".

  • Mister Muscle (a.k.a Brother Bicep, Mister Mighty and Flex)- The narcissist Sturgis Butterfield, who is an obsessive weightlifter and bodybuilder.

  • Voice-Over- Andy Greenwald is a superhuman ventriloquist and can mimic voices.

  • Diamondette- Diana Theotocopoulos has the power to make her hand diamond hard.

  • Private Eyes- Thanks to his goggles, private detective Lester Lee has infra-red, microscopic and telescopic vision.

  • Microwavebelle - Belle Jackson is an amateur scientist that invented a belt that gives him flight and microwave powers.

  • Stretch- Tom Longacre has stretchy power from drinking chemical Gingold, but over douse makes it so he has a hard time remaining in a human form (even while resting).

  • Coordinator- Skill gunner, Tex Thompson is former World War 2 hero that has also been called "Mister America" and "Americommando".

Night shift:

  • Thunderhead- Thunderhead is a crew member with unknown powers.

  • Batmyte- He is a bat-like humanoid with orange skin. He has no connection with Bat-Mite.

  • Chlorino- Chlorino is a crew member with unknown powers.

  • Herald- He wears a costume with medieval-herald-reminiscent.

  • Card Queen- She has a "heart" playing card on her chest.

  • Ms. Terrific- She has costume similar to Mr. Terrific.

  • Marie the Psychic Turtle- It's a smart, telepathic turtle.

  • Zeep the Living Sponge- As the name implies, he is a living sponge. Zeep is a campaigner for fair pay and hero rights.

Call 1-800-555-HERO. We operate 24 / 7.



Rex Mason was an Indiana Jones-type guy. One day his girlfriend Sapphire's father Simon told Rex to find the Orb of Ra with Java (Simon started to question Rex's loyalties). Rex found it, but Java (who was in love with Sapphire) K.O him with the orb and trapped him inside. But a meteor that the orb was made out of, turn him into a freakish meta-human able to turn into any part of his body into any element found in the human body. He turned into gas and escaped. Simon discover that Metamorpho (named that by Sapphire) was weaken by the Orb of Ra. This comic series is a good place to learn about the elements. Metamorpho has become the "Ben Grimm" of the D.C. universe.
Showcase: Metamorpho

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brainiac 5

He is the great-great-great grandson of the evil Brainiac! However he is a hero of the 30th century. Querl Dox is an orphaned Coluan with 12Th level intelligence (twice that of every human on Earth) due genetic tampering ("normal" Coluans only have 8th level intelligence), however strangely he is limited to normal human original thought and creativity. He joined the Legion of Super Heroes to atone for his descent's sins. He has built most of the Legion's equipment, computer called Comupto (that became homicidal) and a force field belt (shown here). An android (pretending to be Brainiac 5's father) drove him mad (he was already unstable) and Brainiac 5 tried use the Miracle Machine (has the power of a Green Lantern ring), but Matter-Eater Lad ate it (driving him insane too). They were both sent to a mad house. But Brainy gained his sanity and cure Matter-Eater Lad. Now in days, he is a invaluable member of the team.


Fantastic Four (Pearls Before Swine verison)

I decided to do a post about superheroes in a comic strip: the lesser-known version of the Fantastic Four. This version is a silly and incompetent team of dumb crocs. Each member had a 3-fame origin story. Their base was a box with their team name on it (but it's spelled "the Fanntasteek Four"). They were featured in a 5-strip story-Arch about them. Then later appeared in the Fed. 2 strip. Even later, they tried to save a croc that was kidnapped by the Zebra only for most them to die.
Members were:

  • Paper Jam Boy- Bob can clear paper jams by kicking them (See the Jan. 20 and 23 strips). He has papers glued on his suit. He appeared in his own solo adventure (Jan. 25 strip).
  • Stapler Head- Frank can staple papers. He has a large stapler on his head. (See Jan. 21 strip)
  • Doorstoppo- Frank has an over-size door stop (See Jan. 22 strip).

Several strips I can't find the dates for (SorrU)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Man-Bat in Lego Batman: The video game

Man-Bat is the reverse of Batman: he is a bat-human hybrid. Robert Kirkland "Kirk" Langstrom was a bat biologist. He developed a serum that would give humans bat-sonar. He tested it on himself. It worked with a side-effect: he turned into a bat-human hybrid with super strength, hearing and vision with the intelligence of a bat. Batman cure him. Much later, Robert (not have learning his lesson) drank the serum again, but this time got this wife, Francine, to drink it too! She become the "She-Bat". They go on a ramage until Batman cures them. Robert and Francine had a daughter and a bat-like son. 1 year after the Infinite Crisis, Talia al Ghul got the serum from Francine and turned the League of Assassins into man-bats. After Batman's death, Robert (in human form) had nigthmares of killing Francine as Man-Bat. His wife disappears, so Robert left with the serum. After being kidnapped by the "Picth Fever"-like Doctor Phosphorus, Robert learns he no longer needs the serum to transform into Man-Bat and Doctor Phosphorus has his wife. So Robert turned into Man-Bat to save his wife.


Monday, August 17, 2009

The Tick and Arthur's unnamed Group

The Unname Team (Johnny Wingless and Caped Cod not shown)

This a team formed by the Tick and Arthur. They became a team after stopping the Ninjas' evil plot. They were funded by Barry's credit card (Rubber Bucky found it). They got themselves a nice HQ. The members are:

  • The Tick and Arthur- See the Tick Blog.
  • Crazy Blue Rocket and Johnny Wingless- The Blue Rocket was a great flying hero with a sidekick Johnny Wingless. But Johnny Wingless died (all that was left was his tongue) and cause the Blue Rocket to go mad. He started to think he was still in his glory days and Johnny still alive. He carried Johnny's tongue in jar and talked to it. If his illusion is challenged, he goes into a fit of psychosis. He joined the Tick and Arthur's unnamed team. Even the Tick can tell he's mad.
  • Running Guy- Jeff can "Run faster than 10 fast men". He hire the Red Scare (a rental super villain) from Villain Inc. for $5000 in issue 6, so he could get a reputation. But the Tick screwed that up. Despite that he later joined the group.
  • Rubber Ducky- He is Bumbling Bee's elastic boy friend.
  • Bumbling Bee- She has a "hive-gun" that fire honey and bee. But if broken, the Bee will attack anyone near by even other heroes.
  • Portuguese Man-of War- Warren Sr. had a sidekick Jelly Boy (his son). They were the Dynamic Duo of Deartown. But they were defeat by the Chainsaw Vigilante. His ex-wife sue him for the custody of his son and won. He became so depressed, he check himself into a mad house. But that place was destroyed, so he join the Tick and Arthur's group. He has whips with electric barbs.
  • The Caped Cod- He is a jerk that likes to get into fight (with villains preferably), gamble, smoke and drink. He had has 4 wives and sidekicks (all 8 of them left him). He didn't want to join the group, until he learned they had a woman on their team. He is prone to do mean and insensitive things.


Tick Specials: The Complete Works

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Barry Hubris

Barry's original appearance in the Tick issue 12.
Barry Hubris decided to become a "hero" for all the wrong reasons. He couldn't think of his own superhero name so he used the name "The Whirling Scottish Devil" and battle the real Whirling Scottish Devil (the later Red Scare) for the name and won. But he got bored of that later and had other superhero name: "Cheese Wizard", "the Littlest Girl Scout", "Captain 2x4", "the Beachnik" and "the Buttery Lobster". The Mighty Agrippa, Roman God of the Aqueduct revealed Barry never had a original name: he stole his name from other heroes and beat them up for their name. Barry became mentally unstable when Dr. Freakmaker lobotomized Barry's dog / sidekick, the Host. After escaping a mental institution, he became the Tick. Then he battled the real Tick for the name. Unlike the battle with the Whirling Scottish Devil, Barry lost, the Tick got limited access to the Hubris Manor (Barry's mansion) and Barry's former "Tick Cave" and superhero stuff (Tick broke most of it, making him even more unstable). Barry got so mad at the Tick, he got the Evileers (see the Tick blog) to attack the Tick. To get the name "the Tick", he has tried to kill the Tick. He later used his own name "the Louse", but still tried to kill the Tick. Barry has superhuman strength and endurance (that rival the Tick) and an Tick-Shield (it has gas shooters; acid shooters and crushing power that is amplified-electronically), that was built by a mad scientist Prof. Cromedome.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Heroes in the "Tick Universe"

The Tick is not the only hero in the "Tick Universe". Here are some memorable heroes:

  • Paul the Samurai- He is a modern samurai (although he is very clueless about current modern technology). He is completely loyal to the code of the samurai. His arch-enemy is Sagin the Wolf. After the going to the City in the Million Zillion, he discovered he didn't have enough money to go back to Japan. So he became a hero of the City. He also got a job at as a janitor. He learned the shocking truth: Sagin is his BROTHER! Paul got his own spin of series.
  • The Civic-Minded Five- They are a Deertown team. Members are Radio King (he wears an old-fashion radio on his chest and can turn sound into solid objects), Fernslinger (He created by Radio King. From what the Chainsaw Ventilate said he could be shaped like plant before C.V. destroyed him), Feral Boy (acts like an animal and wears torn-up shorts), Mr. Envelope (has a gun that fires envelopes that trap enemies) and Oddman (has wires coming out of his mask). The hero-hating Chainsaw Ventilate thrashed them in the Tick issue 9.
  • Mighty Agrippa, Roman God of the Aqueduct- Agrippa was the last god to join the Roman Pantheon. He was later locked out of the home of the gods and found a note saying they left to "see about starting up something on Venus". He went to Earth and became a superhero. He has super strength, flight and (being god of the Aqueduct) water teleportion. He has an alter ego as a mild-manner plumer Dexter Fisk. His arch-enemy is Thrakkorzog. He later became an agent for the Tri-state Superhero Congress.
  • Caped Wonder- Clark Oppenheimer appear to be a normal reporter. But he is really a superhero born on the planet Ottercreek. Ottercreek was going to blow up so Clark's father Ban-al (the Tick mistaked for Marlon Brando) launch him into space. He got to Earth. He has invulnerability, flight, X-ray vision, super strength and heat-vision (note: only his invulnerability and super strength are shown and the others are only mentioned). However his Achilles' heel is Ottercreekite (a radioactive substance from his home world). He is a jerk to other heroes with "lesser powers" than his, especially the Tick. In the Tick issue 2, the Tick puts 2 and 2 together and learns the "Caped Wonder" is really Clark. The Tick (accidentally) gets a job at Clark's newpaper and though out the issue makes his life miserable. So Clark tries to kill him (but just K.O. him). The Caped Wonder has shown he goes into an uncontrollable, psycho fit of rage if angered.


The Tick Omnibus vol. 1 & 2,_Roman_God_of_the_Aqueduct

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter from Lego Batman: The Video Game

Jervis Tech is truly as mad as a hatter!
Mental Illness
Jervis Tech is highly delusional, paranoid and suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (a mental disorder causing unwanted thoughts, which can lead to obsessions and compuslion). He has psychotic maniac depression, which can cause him to be homicidal. He also thinks of himself more of a child than a man. He also has show schizophrenia and can't tell the different between reality and the Wonderland book. He has also become strangely fascinated in hats (he won't eat anything without a hat on it). Despite all of this he is a technology genius.
Jervis Tech was a small man that tried to rob a yatch club, but Batman stops him. This was his only "Golden Age" appearance. He would reappear looking completely different. But this was revealed to be an impostor. Later the real Mad Hatter came back and said he kill the impostor (later revealed to be untrue). He soon invented the mind-controlling hat, he's famous for. After alot of failed tries to defeat Batman and successful escapes from the Arkham Asylum, he briefly joined the Secret Society of Super Villains. Then he joined the Secret Six. He saved them from the wrath of Dr. Psycho and the Doom Patrol. While battling Vandal Savage, he saved Ragdoll's life. So the S.S., in return, say he's their friend, making him extremely happy. Then he tells them how he feels, only to have Ragdoll push him off a building and seemly to his death. Later it turned out he was alive and vowed to get revenge on the Secret Six. He hid in the "Iceberg Lounge", in hopes the Suicide Squad wouldn't find him. They did and sent him to planet "Salvation". He later killed Ragdoll's sister, in the hopes of killing the S.S, but failed. The Hatter used one of his hats to jump from a bridge into water to escape the Secret Six.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Damage Control

First issue of the team's mini-series

If Thor smashed a giant robot into a sky-scaper, the Hulk smashed a store or Wolverine destroyed the President's house, who do they call? The Damage Control! Not Ghost Busters. Ann-Marie Hoag formed and was the director of this organization to fix property damage caused by superhero and villain conflicts. The company's stock was originally owned by Tony Stark (Iron Man) and the crime lord Fisk, a.k.a Kingpin (a Daredevil and Spiderman foe), although Tony felt uneasy about Fisk. The team have been in the middle of a break at the Vault, where they confronted Dr. Doom and the Puinsher; and met the Silver Surfer and Galactus. They "fought" with the X-men and the New Warriors. Robin Chapel got Ann-Marie's job. Fisk and Tony gave up their stock (Fisk doubted Robin's skills and Tony didn't want to be associated with Kingpin). Carlton Co. took control over the organization and tried to make it more profitable, but nearly ruined it by making the employees mad. Thanks to Hoag, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage Logistics Directorate) invested in the organization. But this turned out to be a plot by Kingpin, so he could get the org. back cheap. During the Civil War, heroes fought over if it was fair for the government to force the super-powered people to register themselves. Captain America lead a rebellion against these. However people like Spiderman and Iron Man were okay with it. This lead to a "civil war" (hence the name). The team played a small role in this. During this Hoga became the President of the org. The main employees though the history of the team are:

  • Ann-Marie Hoag- The founder and now-owner of the organization. She is an old lady and good friends with then-dictator of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury.
  • Hercules- Yes, the mythology Hercules! Although he only join the team for community service, he became a full employee, when Constrictor got most of his wealth, in lawsuit. He most works in the field of construction and demolition.
  • Eugene 'Gene' Strausser- He was the team's technician, but got fired and became a super villain. He was later rehired by Hoga. To pay for his crimes, he had to work on the team on a work-release basis.
  • Bart Rozum- He is Robin Chapel's personal assistant. He is friend with Robbie Baldwin (a hero able to make rubber-like spheres).
  • Robin Chapel- She is traffic manger. At first she had a rivalry with John Porter (John had a position Robin tried out for). But they became friends and started dating in the team's 4Th series. She is very ambitious and capable. But she is friendly under her business-like exterior. Recently she was rehired as the CEO of Damage Control.
  • John Porter- He is the account executive. He worked in "Superhero insurance", independently, but was offered a job by Anna-Marie. At first, he had a rivalry with Robin, now dating. He can find peaceful, useful solutions to the most complicated of problems.
  • Albert Cleary- He is the team's comptroller. He is a genius at financing. He has the uncanny abilities to never wrinkle his suit; and to remain calm and cool headed even when giving bills to Doc Ock. He was once offered a job by Dr. Doom. He turned it down and surprisingly Doom respected that.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Lake Avengers

The First Apperance of the GLA
Craig Hollis found out he can come back from the dead. So he sends out an ad to form a superhero team. These people became the unofficial Great Lake Avengers. The original members were:
  • Mr. Immortal- Craig Hollis discovered he was immortal (via coming back from the dead) and had superhuman healing (it's unknown if the healing causing the resurrection) mutant. He decided to become a crime-fighter and form a superhero team. He has a lot of courage (to due his powers) causing him to do reckless stunts and be willing to sacrifice himself for the team.

  • Dinah Soar- She is a mysterious bat-like mutant or alien from the Savage Land. She has flight, sonic scream and razor sharped tipped wings (she is possibly ageless). She can't speak English.

  • Big Bertha- Ashley Crawford was a model, that discover she could gain superhuman endurance and strength, but became a female "Blob". She also could control her mass and density. Later (after she joined the team) she would have to regurgitate the excess fat to gain a normal shape. She so joined the GLA to fight evil. Although she had a silly date with Deadpool. It turned he only like her in her BIG form! After telling him she only is like for her slim form, Deadpool show her his face. This causes her leave and barf.

  • Flatman- Val Ventura was a 2-D mutant able to stretch his body. He claims to be a doctor, but when Doorman ask what he a doctor of, Flatman says "stuff". It's later revealed he is homosexual.

  • Doorman- DeMarr Davis was a mutant able to create portals. He is very cynical: he compares the GLA with real Avengers and is embarrassed by his friend, although he cares about them and values every member on the team.
The team has also been called Lightning Rods (after getting a cease-and-desist command by Maria Stark Foundation), after the Tunderbolts. When the team worked for S.H.E.I.L.D., the name S.W.O.R.D was suggested as a name-change by Mr. Immortal, but they change to the Great Lake X-Men (due to all of them being mutants). They rename themselves the Great Lakes Champions, when Flatman wins the Thing's superhero poker game. Now they operate as in Wisconsin as the Great Lakes Initiative.