Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Lake Avengers

The First Apperance of the GLA
Craig Hollis found out he can come back from the dead. So he sends out an ad to form a superhero team. These people became the unofficial Great Lake Avengers. The original members were:
  • Mr. Immortal- Craig Hollis discovered he was immortal (via coming back from the dead) and had superhuman healing (it's unknown if the healing causing the resurrection) mutant. He decided to become a crime-fighter and form a superhero team. He has a lot of courage (to due his powers) causing him to do reckless stunts and be willing to sacrifice himself for the team.

  • Dinah Soar- She is a mysterious bat-like mutant or alien from the Savage Land. She has flight, sonic scream and razor sharped tipped wings (she is possibly ageless). She can't speak English.

  • Big Bertha- Ashley Crawford was a model, that discover she could gain superhuman endurance and strength, but became a female "Blob". She also could control her mass and density. Later (after she joined the team) she would have to regurgitate the excess fat to gain a normal shape. She so joined the GLA to fight evil. Although she had a silly date with Deadpool. It turned he only like her in her BIG form! After telling him she only is like for her slim form, Deadpool show her his face. This causes her leave and barf.

  • Flatman- Val Ventura was a 2-D mutant able to stretch his body. He claims to be a doctor, but when Doorman ask what he a doctor of, Flatman says "stuff". It's later revealed he is homosexual.

  • Doorman- DeMarr Davis was a mutant able to create portals. He is very cynical: he compares the GLA with real Avengers and is embarrassed by his friend, although he cares about them and values every member on the team.
The team has also been called Lightning Rods (after getting a cease-and-desist command by Maria Stark Foundation), after the Tunderbolts. When the team worked for S.H.E.I.L.D., the name S.W.O.R.D was suggested as a name-change by Mr. Immortal, but they change to the Great Lake X-Men (due to all of them being mutants). They rename themselves the Great Lakes Champions, when Flatman wins the Thing's superhero poker game. Now they operate as in Wisconsin as the Great Lakes Initiative.

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