Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fantastic Four (Pearls Before Swine verison)

I decided to do a post about superheroes in a comic strip: the lesser-known version of the Fantastic Four. This version is a silly and incompetent team of dumb crocs. Each member had a 3-fame origin story. Their base was a box with their team name on it (but it's spelled "the Fanntasteek Four"). They were featured in a 5-strip story-Arch about them. Then later appeared in the Fed. 2 strip. Even later, they tried to save a croc that was kidnapped by the Zebra only for most them to die.
Members were:

  • Paper Jam Boy- Bob can clear paper jams by kicking them (See the Jan. 20 and 23 strips). He has papers glued on his suit. He appeared in his own solo adventure (Jan. 25 strip).
  • Stapler Head- Frank can staple papers. He has a large stapler on his head. (See Jan. 21 strip)
  • Doorstoppo- Frank has an over-size door stop (See Jan. 22 strip).

Several strips I can't find the dates for (SorrU)

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