Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mitch Wacky

Wackyland? Wacky Wonders? This guy must have a huge ego.
I've mentioned characters that are stand-in for other characters (such as Captain Strong and the Guardians of the Globe). However, there have been comic characters based on real-life people. Mitch Wacky is an example of Walt Disney stand-in.
Mitch Wacky was a native from the planet Angor. There, he created theme park Wackyland. Mitch contracted influenza, which Angor lacked a cure for. He reprogrammed Wackyland to run itself while he when into suspended animation. A group of super villains, the Extremists, caused a nuclear holocaust. The theme park rebuild the world and tried to restore it to its former glory. However, it also created robot copies of the Extremists and their heroic archenemies Assemblers. The Extremists copies destroyed the Assemblers and took over. Dreamslayer (a member of the original Extremists) took over the team and convinced them to invade Earth. The Justice League of Europe ended up clashing the robots. The JLE awakened Mitch and cured his influenza. After being alerted about the situation, Mitch deactivated the Extremists robots. Mitch went on several adventures with the JLE. With the help of Kilowog, Mitch built a time machine and tried to the original Extremists. However, he accidentally detonated the bomb himself. Later, Dreamslayer kidnapped him and tried to force Mitch to repair the Extremists robots. Due to a lack sleep, he was only able to rebuild Lord Havok. Exhaustion eventually killed Wacky.